Wednesday 16 February 2022

Interview with Nayru Cosplay

Doctor Strange 
Picture by @projectshowcase

For our first cosplayer interview of 2022 I would like to introduce you all to my little sister and writer for the Daily Cosplaynet, Nayru Cosplay (pronouns she/her). 

Nayru Cosplay is a nerd through and through. Ever since we were small she was always gaming, very studious, nose always in a book and literally was the real life Hermione Granger, big frizzy hair included! Since those days she may have lost the big frizzy hair but she can still be found with her nose in a book, gaming and now has even more nerdy fandoms and interests including cosplay. She has appeared at MCM London as a guest speaker and attends conventions up and down the country throughout the year. Nayru is also a huge advocate for body positivity amongst the cosplay community

Nayru Cosplay is an Instagram sensation! Make sure to go and check out her Instagram
 @nayru_cosplay to check out more of her great work!

When did you start cosplaying?
Picture by @hannahlouphotos

The first cosplay I did was Lara Croft back in 2017! Looking back it wasn’t as good as my cosplays now, and I improved that cosplay since then!

How did you get into cosplay?
By being a nerd! I’ve been a huge nerd my whole life always been into gaming and was one of those kids queueing up at midnight for Harry Potter book launches; I’d wanted to cosplay and go to conventions for a while but I wasn’t really sure how to start or have someone to go with. Then one day I just started doing it and once I started I was hooked!

Which characters have you cosplayed?
Now that’s a question! I think I’ve done over 50 cosplays! I’ll just list some of them – Merida, Galadriel, Tifa Lockheart, Loki, Doctor Strange, Ram from Re:Zero, Nezuko, Misty, Toga Himiko. There’s too many to list!

Do you have a favourite costume? 
I always struggle picking a favourite! I have so many I love and I’m always doing new ones so it’s always changing!

Do you act in costume or purely look like the character? 
I certainly pose in character, I make sure my poses and facial expressions suit the character; and will “act” in character if I’m making a cosplay video. Just going around con though not shooting I’m just me!

Harley Quinn
Picture by @cosplaybypedro
Do you make/buy/commission your costumes? 
I have made some props/accessories in the past. My Nuka Cola Girl tanks, Merida bow and arrows, Princess Bubblegum crown. I just don’t really have the patience for it though and I don’t actually find that aspect enjoyable personally, my favourite part of cosplaying is actually being in the cosplay so I tend to buy or commission now!

What skills have you learnt cosplaying?
I think you have to learn to be resourceful! Thinking of ways you can do things, how to make fixes to things that break or aren’t working, learning to reuse parts of cosplays for different characters to save money.

Where do you tend to shop for cosplay costumes and accessories?
I have a few places I use! I’ve just started getting Genshin cosplays, Uwowo cosplay and Kasou Wig are my favourites for Genshin. Othe places are Wig Is Fashion, Miccostumes, Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy. Depends on the cosplay really!

Do you have any costume tips/tricks to share? 
Use wigs/outfit pieces for multiple characters where possible as it will save money. Try and think seasonally when choosing convention cosplays – choose things that are warmer or that you could layer under for winter and cooler ones for summer conventions! A silicone wig grip is your best friend. 

Picture by @ninetythirdstreet
What are your personal fandoms?
I have so many favourite fandoms! My top 3 are probably Zelda, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I also love Genshin Impact, Fallout, Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry, Marvel, and anime like Re:Zer ad, My Hero Academia. And of course Disney!

Body positivity is a very hot topic in cosplay at the moment. There seems to be pressure to be a certain shape/weight/look to pull off certain characters. There can be a lot of negativity in terms of trolling within groups based on people’s appearance. How have you found the cosplay community personally?

The cosplay community themselves are actually usually very supportive and positive about anyone cosplaying whatever they want regardless of their size, shape, race, gender etc. True cosplayers know that none of this actually matters in cosplay. I have actually hosted a panel at MCM London in the past talking about body confidence in cosplay and discussing these issues. Trolls online are usually actually not people in the community, people who just like to troll anyone; but the community itself will be supportive. It can be hard and put people off of even starting cosplaying if they fear that they will get troll comments online, and it could happen. I’ve certainly had it and had plenty of fat jokes as a “plus size” cosplayer. But the support I get FAR outweighs the negative. And you have to try and remember it’s not personal. The people who troll will find anyone to try and troll, find anything to pick at as they get their kicks from getting a rise out of people while they hide behind the anonymity of their screens. They would never dare walk up to you and say it to your face. And that says far more about them than it does about you – do you even care about the opinion of someone like that?

Have you done any charity work as a cosplayer?
Not yet but it’s definitely something I would like to do! 

Picture by @wadewilson
How do you feel about character adaptations of a costume rather than making a carbon copy of what’s in print/film etc?
I’m absolutely into this! I’ve done genderbend cosplays such as my President Loki which was done as a femme style instead and I’ve done lots of cosplays where I’ve changed it to make it a more unique version. Doing screen accurate ones is fun but being creative with them and making something new that other people aren’t doing is also fun!

What is the best and worst piece of cosplay advice you’ve received?
I can’t actually think of any specific advice I’ve received! I feel like I’ve mostly worked things out as I went along!

As a dab hand at attending conventions and events do you have any advice/do and don’ts to share?
Don’t wear shoes you can’t manage in! It’s ok to forgo accuracy if it means you can actually walk around all day. Eight hours in crazy heels if you can’t really do that will take its toll. Do stop for breaks and make sure you eat and drink properly! Especially longer conventions that are 3 days will be a struggle if you don’t do that. Wear warmer cosplays at winter cons and cooler ones at summer cons. Bring basic make up for touch ups, wig glue if you have a glued down wig, safety pins in case of any mishaps!

Picture by @wadewilson
What has been one of the best things to come from cosplaying?
Definitely the friends I’ve made! I met my best friends through cosplay and conventions and I have some amazing friends thanks to it!

What other cosplayers do you admire? Obviously Jessica Nigri is a queen. There’s a cosplayer I follow Seeuxiaorou who is amazing! Sayathefox, Leon Chiro. There’s so many I follow!

Do you have any advice for people looking to do cosplay photoshoots? 
Conventions are a great way to meet photographers. Posting in con groups on facebook and cosplay groups will help you find photographers. Try and make sure your location suits the character! Practice your poses and facial expressions, use reference photos if you need to.

What do you like to do when you’re not cosplaying?

I love gaming, at the moment I’m hooked on Genshin! I also watch anime and other shows etc, I’m often on Playstation Party with friends.

For people wanting to get into cosplay, what advice would you give them?
Go for it! Pick a character that’s fairly easy to do as your first one to ease you into it, and pick a character you love because that will help motivate you!

What are your future cosplay plans?
I’m currently working on Raiden Shogun, Ganyu, Lisa and Ayaka from Genshin Impact as well as finalising a Princess Zelda cosplay!

Toga Himiko
Picture by @xantheboudoir

Which conventions/events do you have planned to attend this year?
Definitely MCM London! I’m also going to Secret Con next month, and I’m *hoping* to go to Anime Expo in the states!

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year?
Getting to cosplay with my friends! It’s the best part of cosplay and conventions for me!

Thank you to Nayru for taking the time to do this interview for us! Stay tuned for more cosplayer interviews coming soon! 

Skye Fawkes

Editor In Chief and Head Writer

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