Writer: Lunar
Pronouns: She/Her

Lunar is a small streamer and big time geek in one petite package! She can be found either gaming online or browsing merch and collectibles - her favourites are Loungefly, Funko Pops, Nendoroids/figures and almost anything Disney or Halloween related.

Her top fandoms include Harry Potter (clock the Narcissa hair!), Disney, Sailor Moon, Zelda, Game of Thrones and Twilight.

Instagram: @lunarlx_

Writer: Max
Pronouns: He/Him

Berlin based actor, met the Editor Skye Fawkes in the UK back in 2017 where they connected through cosplay. 
Passionate Ravenclaw, Team Captain America, House Lannister and Thranduil enthusiast would describe him the best. 

Seen as Loki,  Thranduil or Mungojerrie at Comic Cons in London and various German cities he always keeps himself updated when it comes to new games, TV shows, movies, theatre plays and musicals. 


Writer: Jordan
Pronouns: He/Him

Living in Staffordshire, UK with his family, Jordan has been into cosplay for over 6 years cosplaying characters such as; Winter Soldier, Magneto, Kylo Ren, Zemo, Jigsaw, Deadpool etc with his main one being winter soldier. (He also currently has a few "work in progress" cosplays going right now as well). Jordan has been attending Comic Con conventions for even longer than he's been cosplaying and he loves all things geeky. 

His favourite fandoms are Marvel, Star Wars and DC. He loves collecting all things Marvel such as; Pop Vinyls, Hot Toys and Marvel props. As well as that, he is also into 3d printing and he has made a few cosplay props along the way! 

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