Wednesday 14 January 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

Better late than never at all!!

Having put this post together later than usual I have been able to have a real think about what starting a new year really means for me. Personally yes it was good to wave goodbye to last year. Yes there were bad times, I am still grateful for the new friends made, the good experiences I have had and the learning curve the bad may have taught me. Now I could write a list of things I won’t do that I should and call them resolutions however there’s point in committing to things you won’t stick to! Life has a way of ruining best laid plans and sometimes things change.

I know that in the next year, I would like to try to find and take the good from situations and be a positive person. I know I bring a lot of stress to myself and need to find a way to look after me, relax, and try to not put so much pressure on myself all of the time. I would like to continue to have more new, fun experiences and focus on learning. I’d like to travel, to continue to learn various dance forms I am participating in, model, write more, read more, cook more, bake more, and be outdoors more. There are lots of things I would like to do, some I am sure I will, and some I may not.

I entered this is year with a bang…crash and wallop! Literally. On New Year’s Eve I was shopping late in the day on the hunt for a new coat as I had been for a while. I finally made a made a few purchases and feeling happy with my efforts went to make the journey home. In the car park, almost at my car, I slipped on the wet path and fell, really hard. I fell down and hit the deck hard hurting my leg and ankle badly. I also fell into a puddle and was covered in mud, my shopping bad had gone flying and they too were covered in mud. My phone fell out of my handbag along with my keys and parking ticket and the phone slid under a car around two cars away from where I was. My knees, elbows and ankles were quite bruised and battered and my pride was somewhere in the muddy puddle. A nearby couple saw and helped me to my feet and collected my things for me which I was grateful for. When they gave me my phone the screen was smashed to pieces and one of those pieces went in my hand so I was also covered in my own blood. I hobbled to my car and drove thinking a number of things, pain, ouch, idiot and more. I wasn’t in the mood for partying after that so I stayed home alone for News Years Eve in my onesie in front of the TV.

I entered the new battered, bruised, shook up and alone and I could have been miserable, but I wasn’t. I am clumsy, I always have been, and probably always will be. Bruises will fade; eventually I’ll stop walking with a limp, and I might find my pride when the puddle dries up. I got some great clothes shopping, watched a few great things that night and was looking for the positives as it could always be worse. A lot could happen in 2015, I need to make it happen. It’s my own personal responsibility to be a positive person, learn what I want to learn, to go places I want to go, to put myself out there and try to meet new people and make friends.

My blog has been very slow over the festive period. Being sick and full over flu over the last week has been not the best start for 2015 but on the positive has given me a bit of time from my bed to catch up on a few posts that have been waiting to be published. I hope you enjoy the future posts that are coming your way!

Happy 2015 Everyone! Here’s to being positive and happy no matter what happens!


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