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Interview with Sandy Glaze from Sin in Linen & Product Review

I have a very exciting interview for you all. I have interviewed the inspiring Sandy Glaze, owner of Sin in Linen.

Sandy started this pin-up inspired Bedding and Home Textiles company in 2004 in Seattle; a city with a large burlesque community. In fact, their calendars have featured burlesque performers for the past 8 years.

Sandy grew up with rockabilly, pin-ups and tattoo art and she brings that into the production of Sin in Linen bedding and kitchen items. Her Vintage Pinup design is offered in sheet sets, duvet covers, comforters, pillowcases, shams and shower curtains. Take a look here:

I was very kindly sent two wonderful products from Sin in Linen, the Geisha Moon Tattoo duvet cover and the Tattoo Kitchen Linen set. I love the idea of home ware to suit my style although it’s very hard to find. Like most other pin up loving vintage girls in Britain I got my hands on a duvet set for my spare bedroom from none other than Asda which is the white set with pastel pin up girls all over it. This very cute but as sets are so hard to find it’s not one of a kind by any means. I’ve seen it posted on Facebook and Instagram many times by my friends. When your browse the pages of the Sin in Linen website you will fall in love with the designs and the various types of home ware that’s available. It means you can have something to suit you, but that’s not so common, great quality and wherever you are in the world you can get your hands on them as Sin in Linen ship internationally.

The first product is the Geisha Moon Tattoo duvet cover. This is very much a mysterious, opulent Asian inspired tattoo print duvet cover. It’s dark and decadent smoky gold lines of a dream-like Geisha, peacocks, and Koi fish in a flowing black background give a stunning effect. The first thing I did when I received this was to put it straight in the wash to see how it would come out. I washed as per the instructions with my normal detergents and it came out perfectly. After an iron I put the cover on the bed and slept in it. The feel of the cotton sateen is perfect. It feels more luxurious than cotton alone but not a slippery as satin. Its great quality and hasn’t creased being on the bed. It has great impact and looks brilliant. I would recommend you check the sizes if purchasing from around the globe as in the UK I have a king size bed so of course went for a king size cover but it was actually a bit big for my bed so just double check the measurements to be sure what you need.

  •  Luxuriously printed on 300 thread count
  • 100% cotton sateen.

Excuse the lack of glamorous pillow cases as I just have the cover to show but as you can see it looks fabulous. As you can see my cat Sasquatch certainly liked it, and he matches the set too!!

Oh and who has modelled for this wonderful brand in none other than this gorgeous duvet set...only Masuimi Max!!

Masuimi Max modelling for Sin in Linen on Geisha Tattoo Duvet Set

The second product is the Tattoo Kitchen Linen set. As you all know I love to cook and bake so for me this is an ideal product that will get a lot of use. The design is adorable with pirates and mermaids and pin-up girls all in traditional tattoo style. The apron has a great fit and is comfortable to wear. Everything is machine washable too which is a huge plus. The sets make a great present for any keen cook or baker. I’ll be wearing this on Christmas day doing the cooking! The pot holder is very comfortable and the tea towel is a good size and helps to add that bit of glam to doing the dishes. If you’re going to be in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove and cleaning the pans, do it in style!

  •       100% Cotton 
  •       Includes 1 apron, oven mitt, potholder and dish towel 
  •       Machine washable

I would personally recommend the products from Sin in Linen and will no doubt add to what I now have with more of their wonderful range.

Disclaimer: Sin in Linen sent me the Geisha Moon Tattoo duvet cover and the Tattoo Kitchen Linen set; besides receiving these items I have not and will not get any further compensation from Sin in Linen.  Regardless of this, all opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

Now it’s your turn to get up close and personal with Sandy, for an exclusive Q&A session!

Sandy Glaze
Tell us how Sin in Linen got started....

Sin in Linen was conceived 10 years ago when I was looking for a new comforter. I realized that there was a gap in the home textiles market that represented my generation and sense of style. I decided to embark on starting a business that would offer bedding with printed pinup girls and the tagline “Try Something New in Bed”.

Executive Assistant Sarah from Sin in Linen
Tell us a little about Sandy Glaze…

I was born and raised in Hawaii then moved to Hermosa Beach in Southern California. I have always loved the ocean and embraced the surf and skate culture in Southern California.  Getting swept up into the brewing South Bay punk scene at a young age was perfect breeding grounds for inspiring the freedom of expression that was always in my spirit. At 18, I began touring with the Meat Puppets after I moved in with my boyfriend who was their guitar player/singer/songwriter. For 8 years from 1988-1996 I traveled extensively with the band through the US and Europe and saw first hand as the landscape of popular music changed with the spotlight being shined on the alternative music I held near and dear to my heart. These were exciting times that saw the DIY movement become increasingly commercial. With enough traveling under my belt to hold back the wanderlust for a bit, I moved to the San Juan Islands in Washington State and soaked in a renewed love for nature and community. Then in 2000 I moved to Seattle and a few years later banded together with a group of women who built the foundation of the Rat City Rollergirl roller derby league. At that same time I conceived of and began the groundwork for Sin in Linen by traveling to India to learn about cotton weaving, printing and finishing. In 2004, Sin in Linen's first print hit the market and the rest of the story is history as they say. Today I live in the lively Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle with my husband and our dog and cat, Penny and Grizelda. 

How do you go about designing the various home ware items?

Sandy Glaze
The process varies depending on the inspiration and application. We have licensed images, collaborated with design houses and most recently I've been enjoying collaborations with tattoo artists and friends.

What is your favourite piece from Sin in Linen?

Geisha Garden but I’ll always have a soft spot for our first pinup print Viv and our Wallflower is a classic.

Will you be expanding your range?
Yup, we'll be adding pajamas and t-shirts and more throw blankets soon. Sign up for our Pillow Talk mailing list to see what we are up to!
What is a customer going to get from a Sin in Linen purchase?
Sin in Linen brings culture and a conversation piece to your home and an outlet for freedom of expression beyond solid basics and pastel florals. And it’s not just the designs that will turn you on, the bedding is incredibly soft and comfortable.
Tell us about the pin up calendars…
The Pinup calendars started as Christmas gifts for our suppliers and customers. They were such a hit that we kept making them. The 2015 calendar will be featuring the Atomic Bombshells for their 10th year anniversary! So many of my friends and inspiration have come from the world of burlesque and I'm thrilled to showcase these beautiful women in our calendars. We like to share who inspires us and tell their stories.

Iris Glaze from Sin in Linen as Miss December
Who would you love to have model for you?
Dita Von Teese
Where do you love to shop?
Antique Malls and Vintage shops
Who do you turn to for inspiration: Both business and personal?
Mother Nature. Creatively no one does it better and She knows how to take care of business in that there's no stopping her when She puts her mind to something.
Who would you love to have as a customer?
If BIBA London were still open, that would be my dream customer to be carrying Sin in Linen.
So what can we expect to come from you next?

More collaborations, more embroidered and embellished pieces, jewel tones, historical and global references, animal prints and witchy art deco motifs. Also you can expect MidCentury Modern designs. We’re really excited about these and will be introducing new patterns in the spring.

Take a look at Sandy’s beautiful creations in her online shop!

Not to mention following on Facebook and Twitter!

I would like to thank Sandy for her time with this interview and for sharing with you all. I will introduce you to more fabulous companies in the future!


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