Wednesday 19 November 2014

My Day with Verve Rockabilly Studios

Photo by Veronika at Verve Rockabilly Studios

I was contacted by Veronika from Verve Rockabilly Studios and offered an experience to have a makeover and photo shoot in her London studio. Veronika is a rockabilly chic with a passion for pin up style, tattoos and taking awesome fashion and pin up photos. Having moved to the UK from The Czech Republic ten years ago, Veronika has accumulated a considerable amount of credible experience in industries that are largely focused and built around the use of photography. She has some incredible achievements to her name and is becoming a very well know name in the industry.

I travelled to Veronika’s studio in Finchley where I was greeted by Veronika and her assistant. The studio is adorable and has everything you would expect. Racks of clothes and shoes to choose from, a gorgeous dressing table filled with hair and make-up products, comfy seats, props, and more. All decorated with a vintage touch.

First stop was hair and make-up which was all done by Veronika herself. My hair was curled and pinned into place. My make-up was applied to transform me into a pin up with red lips, a sweep of black eyeliner, false eyelashes and even a beauty spot. Whilst my hair and make-up was being applied Veronikas assistant offered me food and drink and she even helped me drink holding my cup and straw to ensure my make-up would stay perfect. We chatted and laughed and during the process I felt very pampered.

Next we chose what outfits I would wear and I got changed behind the screen and my hair was unpinned and styled into place, accessories added before heading over to the back drop to start shooting. Throughout I had all the help you could wish for with choosing the right look, help with my zips and at one stage I even had the photographer and assistant on each foot doing my buckles up on the shoes I wore. I really was being waited on hand and foot. I opted for one of my own classic black dresses and a Hell Bunny Vera red polka dot dress from Veronikas collection of outfits.

I had no clue what I was doing; I was very much reliant on direction from Veronika as to what to do. This was very different to the previous shoot as I was alone, just me and the camera, no other models. Veronika gave me instruction and eventually I started to ease and feel more comfortable. I know I’m very awkward and I have very low confidence so the whole experience was very overwhelming for me but in a good way.

Overall my experience of a makeover at the studios was great. I felt really looked after, pampered, I had great company and came away with images I am happy with. It’s helped give me a little more confidence and on reflection helped me realise what I can do to improve and become happier with myself. I enjoy modelling and I know I am my own worst critic and I am working on my own self-confidence in many ways. I would recommend a makeover shoot to anyone who would like to feel special and have some fun.

I would like to thank Veronika and her wonderful assistant for a fantastic day. Learn more about the lady behind the lens in my interview with her below!

Behind the scenes with me & Veronika!

Behind the scenes selfie by me!

Photo by Veronika at
Verve Rockabilly Studios

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?

As far as I remember, the first time I started to be interested in photography was when I was very little and I was following my mum into our bathroom where she was developing images, it was a magical time for me :) 

How did you get into photography?

I use to work in modelling agency as a model booker, so I was always around photography, starting as a stylist in a studio then taking one image here and there. I don't really remember when exactly I started as it was a very slow process.

Have you always photographed pin up style shoots or have you worked in other areas as well?

I have started in fashion, but pin up was always something that I wanted to focus on...this life style is simply very close to my heart.

How has your business changed and developed over the years?

I have to say that it is still in developing process as I can see every day that there is still something that I have to change or do differently, so my clients are 100% satisfied. Probably the biggest change in my business is, that I do not need to rent/share studio with other photographers, I have my own studio now, it is tiny, but I love it and cherish it every day :)  

What do you love most about photography?

Freedom, there are rules to be broken in photography and that is something that is very close to me :) 

Photo by Veronika at 
Verve Rockabilly Studios

What achievement with photography are you most proud of?

Every time my client leaves my studio with a smile on their face and also when I get a message from them that they feel much more confident about themselves. Those moments are priceless for me. 

Where have you had your work published?

I have been published in couple of magazines so far, for example in Vintage Life, OK Magazine, Tattoed Time Bomb Magazine etc. 

Your studio in Finchley is adorable and equipped with everything you could possibly need. The last shoot at the studio is happening on 6th December. Where will you be found after this time?

Thank you very much for calling my studio adorable :) 

Yes, my Finchley studio reached its end due to me relocating home. So far, I am looking round South London area, but will let everyone know on my Facebook page when I find the right place :) I can promise that.

Do you do location shoots as well as studio?

I do, when there is an editorial project for a particular company, I tent to shoot at different locations to get some story into my images. 

Photo by Veronika at 
Verve Rockabilly Studios
It’s fairly easy for people to get what they would consider good photographs these days as digital camera specifications are increasing, editing software is easily available, even camera apps for mobile phone such as Instagram have  taken off. What do you think sets apart the professional photographer from the amateur snapper?

That is an extremely difficult question to answer, firstly we all like different styles, so you can never say what's good and what's not. Secondly, there is lots of photographers these days that are shooting for living (therefore they call themselves professional) and I think that a 5 year old would take some of their images better and on the other side, you can have amateur who is taking images with heart and their stuff is absolutely amazing. 

So I am sometimes confused myself who or what is professional and what is just a hobby...

What type of photo-shoots do you enjoy the most?
Pin up and alternative with tattooed models, definitely!! 
What type of photography do you have the biggest demand for?
Thankfully pin up, as my studio is a pin up makeover, 80% of my clients are coming just because of it and I am extremely glad for that :)
Who has been your favourite model to work with?

I really don't want to be rude, as every single model is great to work with, but if I'll be talking about pin up modelling, definitely a TV chef Tonia Buxton, we just clicked on every level and each time she comes to my studio, we always create some glamour and fun images :) Thanks Tonia :)  

Photo by Veronika at 
Verve Rockabilly Studios
What have you found makes a great model?
Forgetting that you have a lens pointing at you, being natural is the key ;)
What advice would you offer to models looking to build a portfolio?

Do a research about the industry and photographers that they are considering to work with, re-thing if they will really like doing it and have the time for it, as good portfolios cost time and money and we should never waste those two :) 

Are you teamed up with a hair and make-up artist for your shoots?

When the studio is busy, I do hire make-up artists, but mostly I do everything myself. I like being a busy bee :)

Why should someone choose you for their photography needs?

Because I am adorable? :) No, people should always choose a photographer that does stuff that they are comfortable with and that is my priority, I never push anyone to anything that they do not want to do and also I try to shoot till we are both happy with the result. 

Photo by Veronika at
Verve Rockabilly Studios

I do not shoot only for the financial reward, I shoot because I love it and happy and returning customers are more for me.

What events do you have coming up?

Another shoot dedicated for OK Magazine and also shoot for hair salon BaseCuts Portobello, really looking forward to those :)

What do you like to do with your down time?

What is down time? I haven't had anything like this for past two years or so :) when I am not in the studio, I am behind my computer :) 

What does the future hold?

Moving house with my biggest fan and supporter ( my better other half ) and getting more 'down' time with him, re-opening my studio and teaming up with Slovakian OK Magazine full time hopefully :)   
Photo by Veronika at Verve Rockabilly Studios
Backstage Selfie!
Backstage Selfie!

I would like to thank Veronika for her time with the photo shoot and this interview.  Don't forget you can book your shoot with Veronika by getting in touch via her website or via her Facebook page.

I hope you have enjoyed.



  1. You look stunning, I certainly hope that you'll be doing more shoots in the future, and if London wasn't so far away from me I'd definitely consider a visit to Veronika's studio

    1. Awwwww, that's so sweet of you Taylor, hope you have a chance to come down one day xxx