Wednesday 14 January 2015

My First Corset: What Katie Did

The Vamp Corset from What Katie Did
Photo by Joust Photography
In the world of pin up girls, burlesque and all things vintage, corsets are a long standing must have. I personally have never worn a corset before and I have been dying to have one of my own. I decided to take a trip into London to none other than What Katie Did’s flagship store with my good friend Lianna Haynes to try some on for the very first time.

Corsets are becoming more and more popular. Celebrities are bringing corsets into the modern world. The craze of waist training is getting bigger and bigger, again supported and made more acceptable by the masses due to celebrity involvement. Having never worn a proper corset before  I knew I needed to go to the experts and get a proper fitting, advice and choose the perfect style for my own body shape and what I want to achieve. I wanted to find the perfect underbust corset for me.  decided on an underbust corset style as the main thing I wanted to achieve was to bring my waist in smaller. I have a large bust and I don’t want to flatten it in a corset, I wanted to be curvaceous looking to really show off my own body shape.

The store itself is beautiful and set out really well. Any ladies who haven’t been set yourself aside a day and head down there. You will have a blast looking through the market stalls; there are plenty of shops and quirky places to stop to eat (after of course…you got corsets to try on!)

I was greeted by Rachel and Sadie who helped me and Lianna in store with our fittings. I explained how I wanted an underbust corset to show off my hourglass figure. I know I have a very curvy shape with big boobs, big bum and smaller waist which I thought could be accentuated and made more obvious with a corset. I love the classic Marilyn Monroe 1940’s/1950’s style and how curves were popular and made a real feature to show off. The ladies being experienced chose 3 styles they thought would suit me. I was measured up to a 28” corset and for the first time tried some on.

The Morticia 

The first corset I tried on was the famous Morticia. This is well known as a best seller and I’ve seen this worn by many people. It looked great and was comfortable. This surprised me as I assumed anything that could pull your waist in and give such a defined shape would be difficult to wear but it’s really not like people might think. It gave a nice shape and felt good on.

Morticia Corset
The Vamp

The second corset was the new Vamp corset. This gave an instant wow factor. It’s very similar to the Morticia but a little shorter and I feel helps to give a more dramatic effect for me. My friend and both members of staff all gave the stares and looks you hope for and said how great they thought it looked. I felt most confident wearing this. I took snaps of all of them and looking back decided that based of the reaction I got, how I felt and what I can see I feel this is the one for me….until the next of course!

The Vamp Corset
The Baby

The third was the Baby corset. This is much smaller than the others with only 3 clasps at the front. This one can be laced yourself much easier due to its size and no doubt worn more frequently as its more like a very sturdy waist belt but that offers a much more dramatic effect. The Baby pulls you in tightly in the middle but as it doesn’t come up too high it’s much easier to sit, drive, move and bend in. This will help to enhance those killer curves in a wiggle dress or give the extra little bit of clinching you may want in a circle dress etc without feeling too restricted. I feel this would be a very easy corset to wear as outerwear too. This is definitely the next corset from What Katie Did I want to get.

Baby Corset
I settled on the Vamp corset and I am very happy with it. I’ve had some images taken wearing it over the top of a dress. I have decided on my next corset from What Katie Did, I’d love to get the Baby next.

It was so good to have the ladies on hand to help lace me in and recommend the best styles for my own body shape. Rachel showed me how to unlace the corset and how to put it on correctly and care for the corset to ensure it doesn’t bend out of shape. 

Check out advice from What Katie Did here:

Vamp Corset Photo by Joust
When I tried the corset on in the store it made me see how easy it is to wear a corset as part of your daily outfit. The corset can easily be worn as outerwear and help enhance your curves. Here is the latest Masterclass from What Katie Did about wearing your corset as outerwear: 

I am a huge fan of wiggle dresses that show off an hour glass figure and I usually pair these with waist belts to really show off the shape. When pairing a Baby or Vamp corset with a dress in the same way it can make a dramatic difference giving a wasp waist and defined shape. When I arrived at the store I was wearing a dress I found comfortable for travel, I had a long journey and feeling very unglamorous and windswept I didn’t feel like my usual self. Once the corset was on it made a massive difference to how I felt. I suddenly saw the outfit differently. I suddenly thought with the right hair/make up and accessories I could wear this out on a night out or to glam up a day time outfit and feel really confident about it.

A lot of the time I hear people talking about corsets and asking ‘where do your organs go?’, ‘it looks so painful’, ‘doesn’t it hurt?’, ‘it looks so uncomfortable’, ‘why would you do that?’….sound familiar to anyone??

Vamp Corset Photo by Joust 
Well I now know as a corset wearer how crazy these things are! No it doesn’t hurt! No it’s not as uncomfortable as people think! It actually gives you very good posture. It’s showing off your own figure to its best.

Now I have seen what my corset can do and I've learnt what I can wear it with it has made me think about my experiences modelling. I looked back at certain photos and thought 'if only I had my corset when I was having these taken'. I know what a difference it could have made. When I've been looking for future dresses I want to buy I have been looking at them with the idea in mind I would wear a corset with it. Now owning a corset I have looked a photo shoots different, shopping and clothing differently and certainly having my corset as a part of this. 

I really enjoyed my experience and I would recommend to anyone thinking about making their first purchase to head to the store and get the personal help you need. Corsets are not just something to wear when attending a burlesque show or for fancy dress, they are very much an item in your wardrobe you can wear a lot of the time. I feel they can be worn very easily as outerwear and really suit the pinup/retro styling and dresses I very much love and they also work great with skirts and tops too. Try it; you might be pleasantly surprised with how they look and how you feel.


Wearing my Vamp Corset
from What Katie Did 

Dress from Abandon Ship Apparel
Selfie wearing my Vamp Corset
to my last burlesque show