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Interview with Katy Perry/Wonder Woman Lookalike Suzy O'Neill

Photos provided by Suzy
A mother-of-one who was called ‘frog-face’ by school bullies is now earning a living as a top Katy Perry  and Wonder Woman lookalike.

Suzy O'Neill, 26, had always been bullied for her big eyes and full lips - but after shedding a lot of weight, she realised she was a dead ringer for the pop princess. The two look so alike that even Suzy’s boyfriend Paul can't tell them apart - and has mistaken pictures of the LA-based diva for his own girlfriend.

Now Suzy is working as a professional celebrity double after being snapped up by one of the country's best lookalike agencies.

'I hated covering my size 16 body in baggy clothes, so I was determined to lose weight and wear the slinky dresses that I loved'
Suzy, from Maidstone, Kent, said: 'I'd always had grief over the way I looked, when I was in school people used to say I looked like a frog.
'After I had my little boy David, now seven, I put on loads of weight, and I didn't really ever have time to bother with my appearance.'

She continued: 'But when I broke up with my partner I decided it was time for a new me.’
'I dyed my hair black, and started making more of an effort with my make-up.’
'I hated covering my size 16 body in baggy clothes, so I was determined to lose weight and wear the slinky dresses that I loved.'

Suzy started putting photos of her new look on social media, which gave her confidence an immediate boost: 'I uploaded pictures of my weight loss and dramatic new image on Instagram, and I got loads of strangers sending me messages telling me that I looked like Katy Perry.

'I do think it’s funny when people do a second take when I walk past - they're probably trying to figure out what Katy Perry is doing in Kent'
Suzy said: 'At first, I really couldn’t see it myself, but when I started slipping into size 10 dresses, I began to notice it more - and thought why not use it to my advantage!'

Suzy was signed by Susan Scott Lookalikes - and now makes her living pretending to be Katy.
But being a dead ringer for pop's hottest girl has its downside - and Suzy has been harassed on nights out with her friends - and even yelled at by Russel Brand fans, after the pair’s split.
She said: 'I do think it’s funny when people do a second take when I walk past - they're probably trying to figure out what Katy Perry is doing in Kent.'

She continued: 'A bloke stopped me in a bar once and asked if he could buy me a drink - when I said no thanks, he yelled at me: "No wonder Russell Brand dumped you!"
'Even my boyfriend Paul sometimes struggles. He'll see new photos of Katy on the internet and say: "When did you do this shoot?"
'I love watching what Katy’s up to and mirroring her look for work. I’ve got loads of outfits similar to her, and I’ve even got a blue wig like the one she wore in the California Gurls video.
'I feel as though my new image has helped me find the real me again. I’m a fun-loving girl and I want that to come across in my work.'

In this interview you will learn more about the person behind Katy and what it takes to be Katy Perry every day!

Photos provided by Suzy
I think your whole transformation is very inspiring. You look amazing; your figure is fantastic, hair always looks well maintained, great make up and quirky outfits. You must be so happy with how far you have come.

It's been a long road to get where I am, I’m not perfect but then who is?!
How did you lose the weight that you have lost that started your Katy Perry journey?
I lost about five stone I lost the weight by making my meals small and walking every day. Also going to the gym as much as I could.

Photo provided by Suzy
 before the transformation

Photo provided by Suzy
before the transformation


Photo provided by Suzy 
before & after the transformation
What was it that helped you to get your confidence back for yourself?  

It was meeting my partner Paul he brought the spark back that I that that I had been missing.

Is being a lookalike now your full time job?

Yes being a Katy Perry and Wonder Woman lookalike is my full-time job and I and I love it so much!

What kind of jobs do you get asked to do?

I get asked to do all sorts of things from singing gigs, birthdays to TV and newspaper adverts etc.

Do you do a tribute act (singing & dancing) as Katy Perry or more public appearances and photos?

I do all sorts of things in this job but singing makes me really nervous. 

Do you have to travel much with your work?

I have to travel a lot to get to my Katy Perry gigs. It does get easier over time but I am a very nervous traveller, especially in London. I have had to get a passport in case anything comes up abroad which I hope it does!!

Being seen so publically as ‘Katy Perry’ I’m sure has both good and bad points. What are the best things about being ‘Katy Perry’?

I think the best thing is meeting the kids, it makes me so happy to see their faces light up, it's the best thing ever.

Photos provided by Suzy
It has been documented you have experienced internet trolls, bullying, remarks and nasty comments in public, what impact has the downside had for you?

There were days when I did not want to get out of bed as being called fat every day when you have already gone from a size 16 to a size 10 was hurtful but I fought to myself no matter what I do someone will not like me and I want to love myself and always be myself. 
Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Wonder woman since I was a kid I loved her hair strength and her beautiful face.

What do you like to do with your time off from being ‘Katy Perry’?

I love football, Man United all the way! I love music and films and hanging out with my son.

What type of gigs do you enjoy performing at the most and why?

I like the ones of children so much fun to step into the world and be okay for an hour with no judgement no stress, they’re the best jobs. 

Photos provided by Suzy
You are on stage and being photographed a lot of the time. Looking after yourself must play a big part in your life. What are you favourite beauty products and why?

My favourite make up is:
Barry M  it lip liners all of them are fantastic
Soap and Glory eye shadows are the best
Estee Lauder foundation because it's the only one I can find that does my skin type as I am so pale and the coverage is fantastic
Nanshy make up brushes are the best brushes I have ever used 

Do you have a set beauty routine?

I don't really have one. I always take my make-up off as leaving it on gives you product build up and blocked pores. Looking after your skin is main priority as it is the biggest organ in your body, you should take care of it. 

What is your diet like?

I make sure I don't over eat and go to the gym I only treat myself now and again. 

My diet consists of not eating anything too high in carbohydrates. I love pasta so I have brown pasta, I also have brown rice. I have a lot of vegetables that I steam. I don’t fry anything if I can help it. Everything that can be fried can also be grilled or steamed. I do treat myself; I love ice cream and chocolate. I only allow myself little amounts so I don’t overdo it. I also drink 2 lts of water a day.

Photos provided by Suzy
What is your exercise routine like?

I go to the gym at least three times a week for an hour or more. If you cannot get to the gym then you can exercise at home. Crunches are amazing for the waist and toning your core muscles. Running up and down the stairs is helpful also.  

What are your must have pieces of make-up?

Benefit brow palette and Soap and Glory eyeliner are the two products I could not live without. 

What is your favourite perfume?

Killer Queen by Katy Perry.

Do you style your hair yourself?

Most of the time I do it myself, I am best at pin up hair. If the client is looking for a certain look they will bring someone in.

Where are your favourite places to shop both online and in store?

I really do like shopping at second hand shops as they tend to have a lot of vintage stuff. My favourite shop is House of Fraser as they have a collection of all sorts of beautiful things plus they sell size 2 shoes! Yes I have children’s feet! I’ve got to say Miss Selfridges as well as they do some beautiful sequin dresses and playsuits that are to die for. Online has got to be good old Asos!

Photos provided by Suzy
What is your approach to fashion?

Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful even if it's a ball gown to Tesco's, you may get a few looks but who cares if you feel fabulous sexy!

How do you go about making/creating your costumes?

I have an amazing woman that makes these outfits for me she is extremely talented and gifted if you want to look for her on Facebook homepage is called FrockaSaurus.

How much maintenance does it take to become your alter ego? 

We have very similar styles when we have of lounging around doing nothing with maintenance. I do go for a hell of a lot of make-up. On stage make up is very different to the make-up you wear every day. I go through a hell of a lot of eyelashes and my outfits are all made by hand. I could be quite expensive as I can go through a lot of tights and certain underwear that won’t show under certain outfits. I have to buy a lot of shoes. I had to buy ponytails and hair extensions that are different colours so it does take a lot of time and maintenance and a bit of money but it’s worth it and so much fun.

Do you change your look/style/hair etc when Katy does?

I try to keep up as much as I can with Katy Perry. We have very similar styles. Its great to be quirky so it's actually quite fun dipping into her wardrobe and try to find on the high street version.

What else is coming up for you?
Photos provided by Suzy

I have some shows coming up and I will be performing at Fool and Angel in East Grinstead as Katy Perry. I also have some 1940’s pin up shoots coming up and I am working for a clothing line at the moment.

What advice would you give to a woman reading this interested in getting into this industry of pin up modelling or becoming a lookalike?

I would say to believe in yourself and people will take your confidence on board. If you believe in you then others will also believe in you. You should always walk with your head held high ladies!

What advice would you give to a woman lacking in confidence?

Remember to love yourself no matter what. Only if you love yourself will you be truly happy.

Suzy has also made a special video to say hi to all the Appleton Pin Up Girl readers!

I would like to thank Suzy for her time with this interview! Stay tuned for more!


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