Thursday 17 July 2014

Interview with Gerry Roxby owner of Glamour Bunny Clothing

Gerry Roxby (Centre light blue dress) with her models and make up artist.
Second left in the cherry play suit is Gerry's daughter, Penny.
I have a very exciting interview for you all. I have interviewed the inspiring Gerry Roxby, owner of Glamour Bunny Clothing. You may recognise some of her wonderful creations being worn by celebrities including icon Dita Von Teese (who has previously shared this blog on Facebook!).

Glamour Bunny was created in response to the growing interest in retro styling. Although this is still very much a niche market, the simple sophisticated design of it's dresses allows them to sit comfortably alongside modern fashions without looking out of place.

Now it’s your turn to get up close and personal with Gerry, for an exclusive Q&A session!

Gerry Roxby

Katy Dress Pineapple 
Tell us how Glamour Bunny got started....

With an educational background in design and a tendency to customise almost every new dress I bought it was just a matter of time before I started to make my own clothing. Going into full production on my own designs in such a big way wasn't exactly planned. It was more like a runaway train I was happy to stay on.  When you take your patterns to a factory or when you buy fabric there are minimums involved.  Most factories don't want to know unless you're doing a big run.  This is how my little idea to make a few great dresses turned into big business.  I decided it was worth the risk and ran with it.

What is your favourite piece from Glamour Bunny?

It's difficult to choose a favourite piece from the Glamour Bunny collections.  I don't design anything I wouldn't wear myself so I like them all.  I tend to be drawn to bright colours so if I was forced to choose I'd have to go with the Pineapple Print Playsuit or Dress. It's fun and comfortable to wear.

What is a customer going to get from a Glamour Bunny purchase?

Glamour Bunny doesn't just churn out a load of clothing to make up the numbers in a collection.  I'm a creative person first and business woman second.  My designs are a sort of artistic expression and if I'm not happy with them I don't want them to be seen until I am.  We can work on the pattern for just one dress for 6 months tweaking the tension on a neckline or across the bust.  If it isn't working it doesn't get released.  If that means it has to wait for the next season, then that's what we do.  Quality is important and I think when a customer first puts on their Glamour Bunny dress, they love the way it feels, not just the way it looks.  We do all our fittings on a live model so she can tell us if a garment is restrictive under the arms or tight across the bust.  Getting the tailoring right is important.

Dita Von Teese wearing Glamour Bunny Dress
Tell us about the Gerry Roxby Collection…

Although most of the time I'm in what I call a 'Glamour Bunny' type of mood which is fun and colourful, I sometimes drift into a more sophisticated vintage area when I'm designing.  I decided to create another label to separate these pieces and give them a separate identity.

Have you had some celebrities wearing your clothes? What names would we recognise?

As a rule, I don't tend to send dresses to celebrities unless I really think they'd look great in them.  Dita Von Teese has worn a couple of our dresses which was fabulous as she always looks fantastic.  Coronation Street star, Catherine Tyldesley who plays 'Eva' has worn a couple of our dresses, Vicki Gunvalson (The Real Housewives of Orange County), Hannah Tointon (Eastenders), Cerise Van Houten (Game of Thrones), Amy Childs (Only Way is Essex), Zanillya (singer), contestents on 'The Voice', Take Me Out and a few presenters on Dutch TV. 

Who would you love to have model for you?

I definitely go for a specific body type. The hourglass shape in any size is always my favourite. I was Thrilled when 'Gia Genevieve' agreed to model for us.  She's a fabulous U.S. model with a retro look.  I'd love to have her model for us again.  I'd also love to see Kim Kardashian / West in our clothing. She'd look knockout in our stuff.

You have just launched an exciting new venture with Frankii & Gerry's Retro Studio. How did this come about?

I was beginning to outgrow my previous premises and started to look for something bigger.  When I found our new place, Frankii suggested that I use some of the space as a photographic studio for my clothing and also rent out the studio space to other photographers when I wasn't using it.  Before long, a basic idea developed into 'why not have a retro set to shoot in' and then a few more.  I don't often let a good idea pass me by.  Together, Frankii and I decided to join forces with her working as the resident photographer and me designing and building sets. 

Talk Us Through The Experience You Can Expect From A Frankii & Gerry's Retro Photo Shoot…

We offer a lot of services.  There's the basic studio hire, set hire, re-touching services, product photography, invisible mannequin photography and all that but the most exciting is the
makeovers.  Makeovers are the most fun.  Either an individual can come in or a group.  We have a make up artist and hair stylist who can do both modern or retro styles.  There's always a great buzz in the studio with all the girls so there's a kind of party atmosphere.  We also photograph men but we've only had one so far.  He looked really great in the 60's lounge.

How Would You Describe Your Own Style

In one word, fun!  I don't like to restrict myself to just one look so I can go from 50's in the morning to 70's in the evening.  That's the great thing about clothes. It's an artistic experience where you can create something beautiful with an outfit.  I feel very happy when I think I've put a great look together.

Constance Teal Pink
Who is your style icon?

Lady Ga Ga.  Not because I particularly like anything she wears. I think most of her outfits look a bit uncomfortable and sometimes disturbing. What I admire about her is that with many of her ensembles she's creating a walking piece of art.  

Who is your favourite designer?

I like 'Floozie by Frost French' lingerie.  It's very me.  There are lots of great colours, ribbons, frills and most of all, they have a good range of sizes.

Where do you love to shop?

I love Vintage Fairs.  I get pretty bored in High Street stores and don't really go shopping unless I need to.  At Vintage fairs there's always the chance of finding some long lost treasure.  I love the quality of some of the older stuff.  Production today is often cheap and fast but in past decades there was a real pride in quality.  This is what I like to find when I go to a Vintage fair.

Who do you turn to for inspiration: Both Business and Style?

Capri Pants Shift Red Glamour Bunny
I have to admit. I'm really not much of a business woman.  Luckily, I have an almost OCD side to my personality which means I'm good at keeping things in order so that the day to day functional side of the business ticks along quite well.  I should probably find myself some sort of mentor to improve my business skills.  As far as inspiration for style, it would have to be Marilyn Monroe.  She had a great figure and she knew how to make the most of it.

Who would you love to have as a customer?

Katy Perry.  I'd love to dress her up.  She looks like a fun girl and she has a fabulous figure.

So what can we expect to come from you next?

I have so many ideas but I need a couple of clones to manage them all. While we were building the new studio sets we commissioned a few pieces of furniture. I'd love to do that too.  It may be a while before that happens though!

Take a look at Gerry’s beautiful creations in her online shop!  

Not to mention following on Facebook!

I would like to thank Gerry for her time with this interview and for sharing with you all. I will introduce you to more fabulous companies in the future!


Tina Gold Pinup Dress Glamour Bunny

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