Monday 9 September 2013

Khandie Khisses - Burlesque Body Diaries

A new addition to Appleton Pin Up Girl is Burlesque Body Diaries. In these posts performers will share their lifestyle choices that ultimately what gives them their own unique burlesque body. This will cover everything from diet, exercise routines, what is behind their choices, how they balance everything, their results and more. First up, Khandie Khisses!!!

Khandie has challenged media stereotypes with her voluptuous figure. Sometimes heartbreak can drag a person into a bad place; however this was actually the driver to bring Khandie through to happiness and such strength. After a horrible and publicly crushing break up Khandie decided to focus on herself. She moved out of her home, found a new job and put her life back on track. Her own health and well-being became a big part of this. She took control of her diet and increased her exercise and they weight started to come off. Although Khandie was always happy being “plus size”, she is much happier, more confident and ultimately healthier having lost the weight and still maintains her curves.

Khandie has lost 6 inches from her backside, 4 inches from her chest and 4 inches from her waist. She is now a size 12/14 from an 18. It took her 3 months and now she is working hard to maintain her weight loss.
Khandie has shared her food diary with me. Keeping a food diary is a great way to help you think twice before eating as you know whatever you east must go down on paper, in black and white for you to see. It also allows you to reflect on what you have had during the course of the week and allow you to make improvements should you see anything you feel you could do better.






Mondays I usually start at the office for 8am but try to squeeze in a run before work to at least beat the Monday blues.
Morning pilates.

Exercise can be boxing or another run.

Morning Bootcamp Workout.
Friday sees the start of my manic performing weekend so I tend not to eat an evening meal.

Banana, soy yoghurt and apple juice.
Smoothie with oat flakes (gluten free)
Soy porridge (gluten free) with fresh berries.
Rice Krispies with soy milk
Soy porridge and honey.

Super food salad or chunky soup. Ham and lentil is a current favourite,
Chargrilled salmon and steamed rice.
Gluten free sandwich normally something rather naughty diet wise like cheese and pickle.
Chunky soup and gluten free bread.
Steamed salmon with brown rice and vegetables.

Gluten free pasta and home made meatballs.
Sweet potato and chicken skewers
Fillet steak and sweet potato chips.
Homemade tiger prawn curry with brown rice.
On the go so tends to be nothing or olives, nuts, sushi.


“The weekend is never typical. I perform a lot on weekends particularly so it is hard to maintain the healthy eating. I don’t resort to late night junk food fests unless I am really craving it. Even then I don’t eat the burger buns due to my wheat intolerance. I tend to eat a lot of fruit and sushi. Soups help and if I crave something moreish. EAT do really lovely gluten free sandwiches or I will have bangers n mash.”

Snacks and Drinks

“I snack on rice cakes but indulge in the chocolate coated ones from Itsu, Pret A Manger or the supermarket. They are usually gluten free and fairly low calorie. Plus they give me the chocolate fix and sugar cravings are kept at bay. I am also a mean olive muncher. I adore them. They are fantastic snack items. I hold my hands up and admit I drink too much coffee. Soya lattes are my down fall. I am however attempting to counter balance each coffee with green tea, water or coconut water. I have found times when I think I am hungry I am actually thirsty. If I want to be naughty regarding sweets, popcorn and liquorice laces are my munchies of choice. I can’t help it. I don’t deny myself but I don’t overdo it either.”


Khandie fits regular exercise into her routine by way of running, pilates, boxing and boot camp.

As you will see, for Khandie this is a lifestyle change, not a fad diet, not a quick fix, just honest real hard work and commitment. Hopefully her food diary, hard work and stunning results can inspire you to make a change or continue on your own healthy path. 

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