Sunday 15 September 2013

Appleton Pin Up Girl's Burly Boutique

Some of you may have noticed a new page on the website called ‘Appleton Pin Up Girl’s Burly Boutique’. I want to explain for you all exactly what that is all about.

I myself love to collect burlesque memorabilia. Here are a few of my favourite things I own below:

  •         A blouse from Dita Von Teese’s personal collection with signed authenticity certificate
  •         Signed photo, magazine and perfume bottle from Dita Von Teese
  •         An old book of burlesque owned by Gwendoline Lamour
  •         The first fascinator ever owned by Chrys Columbine
  •         Signed programme from An Evening of Burlesque
  •         Show girl knickers worn for a photo-shoot
  •         Signed photographs from Khandie Khisses, Dita Von Teese and Chrys Columbine

I have made my purchases online and in person and continue to pick up things of interest to me.

I thought how great it would be if people had one place they can go to buy things from each other. It’s hard to find everyone’s eBay accounts and 'for sale' items however if people made this public in one place it would be far easier for people to get involved.

This is not just for people who collect memorabilia like I do but also for performers who may be looking to sell old items, performers looking for new items, models selling old clothing, shoes etc, fans who are selling their own collection on, people who may want to give away old items for free even. It hit me that I can provide a place where all my readers, fans and followers can go to do this.

Here is just a few ideas of things you could put up for sale or even offer for free if you were intending on getting rid of:

  •          Showgirl costumes
  •          Shoes
  •          Props
  •          Accessories
  •          Pasties
  •          Tassels
  •          Essentials like glue, tape, spirit gum, rhinestones, bags, eyelashes etc
  •          Pin up/vintage/rockabilly wardrobe
  •          Make up/stage makeup
  •          Hair accessories, wigs, hair pieces etc
  •          Vintage items
  •          Photographs
  •          Signed items
  •          Tickets for shows

So far the page has reached 60 members. I am hoping to have a very full group with lots of member and sales activity. Please join and remember to invite your friends too. All you need to do is join the group, put you goodies up for sale with pictures, description and price. Please include method of payment accepted (eg paypal etc), and really you should work on a first responded first sold to basis.  Please comment once sold so people are aware not to keep trying for an item. You can put links to eBay pages too if you are selling something on there. Just to remember this is to benefit everyone who is looking for an item and selling an item…not a page for self-promotion etc so please be mindful and if you are unsure feel free to message me to ask before posting.

Who will be the first person to put their goodies up for sale?!

Not only that I am in talks with top performers about setting up a West End pop up ‘Appleton Pin Up Girl’s Burly Boutique’ where people can have their own stalls, meet the sellers, see the items in person, even enjoy a performance too. Details to be announced once fully confirmed. 

Please contact me on for details on having your own stall and to be put on the stall holder’s reservation list.

Happy Selling/Buying! J


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