Saturday 24 August 2013

Chrys Columbine’s Chrystal Cabaret Premier 1st September London Hippodrome

I have the pleasure of sharing with you the launch of top burlesque performer and good friend Chrys Columbine's latest show Chrystal Cabaret that premiers on Sunday 1st September at Hippodrome Leicester Square, London.

As you are all aware I don’t recommend anything whether it be product, service, business, show, etc unless I personally believe in it, like it and have a personal interest. Of course everyone is entitled to make their own minds up and decide for themselves! I have seen Chrys perform many times now and I thoroughly recommend seeing her in action. I am a huge burlesque fan as you know and I have seen many shows take place. The Hippodrome is a brilliant venue, very easy to find and right in the heart of London’s West End. This is a very exciting show to see.

Chrys has a great line up for the audience, hosted by Bouncy Hunter, including Lady Catalina, Joe Morose, Leah Debrincat, Aurelie Bernard and of course Chrys Columbine.

For more details please see the flyer below! I hope for those who decide to check it out have a brilliant time! J


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