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Interview with the Sensational Burlesque Performer Sukki Singapora!

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Another weekend treat for you all! This week I have had to chance to interview the rather sensational Sukki Singapora. Yet another great performer who has kindly shared her up and coming burlesque news, beauty secrets, tips and tricks for you. I hope you all enjoy!

Sukki Singapora rose to stardom when she stormed the Burlesque industry in 2011 with her debut performance at a Las Vegas styled comedy theatre in the North of the UK. Since then she has become one of the most talked-about and in-demand Burlesque artists in the world, with an international fanbase of over 450 thousand Facebook visitors per day.
rowned "one of the Most beautiful women in Burlesque" (Female First) and "Ambassador of Burlesque for Singapore" (Chwennyland), Sukki gained phenomenal global recognition by being the World's first Professional Burlesque Performer from Singapore, capturing the imagination and heart of the nation. Her work as a role model for Asian women and men in the Arts saw her nominated for London's Asian Women of Achievement Awards in 2013, during which she was praised by former UK PM's leading lady, Cherie Blair and BBC correspondent Reeta Chakrabarti. Her outstanding achievements lead to a Royal Invitation to Buckingham Palace, firmly securing her position as one of the most phenomenal Burlesque Artists of our time.
Global Burlesque Superstar, booked for world-class shows and corporate events, her previous clients have included: JAGUAR, THE STRAITS TIMES, RAZOR TV SINGAPORE, THE INDEPENDENT, RBS, TIME OUT NEW YORK, UK CELEBRITY JASON MANFORD, BROADWAY SAN FRANCISCO, OLYMPUS (ad campaign with award-winning photographer Damian McGillicuddy)... and many more.
ukki is known for her lavish and elaborate performances and costumes, which she intertwines with a unique Bollywood-influenced style. Her gowns and corsets are encrusted with thousands of Swarovski Crystals, antique lace and extravagant jewellery which adorns her breath-taking silhouette.

My Boudoir and MUA by Sarah Elliott

How did you get into the burlesque industry?
As a child of mixed race growing up between Singapore and the UK, I always felt a sense of being 'different.' I found that Vintage Fashion was an outlet for this: a way of dressing differently and expressing my creativity. It was though this that I learned about Burlesque Stars such as Barbara Yung and Kalani Kokonuts - Vintage fashion always seems to run alongside burlesque - and with a childhood of ballet, I was compelled to give it a go. It's been quite a journey since that moment!

How did the name Sukki Singapora come about?

I'd like to tell you a fantastical tale, but in truth, it's my first name and my country - nothing more than that! The spelling sometimes causes raising of eyebrows, as many people believe that it should be Singapura, but it's a purposeful nuance.
You have performed in a huge amount of places. Do you still get nervous about going on stage?

Of course! I don't think I'll ever stop experiencing that nervous excitement. It's that energy which forms the creative catalyst to my every performance. The moment you lose that is the moment you stop loving what you do, and I'll never stop loving performing. I think the main difference is that when I first started performing, the nerves would be all I could think about, and now it's mostly the thrill and anticipation.

Who is your favourite burlesque performer to watch?

I've always been a fan of the older, founding performers who reclaimed the genre, especially in Asia. I think if I had a chance to watch just one performer in the world, it would probably be Rose Chan, although she is now no longer with us.

What did you do to earn a living before you started burlesque?

I worked in IT for the British Cycling Olympic Team - rather different! I liken it to a Clark Kent experience, by day I was working in the office in a male-dominated environment, and by night I transformed into a showgirl and took to the stage!

My Boudoir and MUA by Sarah Elliott

What do you like to do with your time off from Sukki Singapora?

I'm always Sukki Singapora! But at home I swap corsets for cats and time with my partner. I like to chill out as much as possible between shows.

You are on stage and being photographed a lot of the time. Looking after yourself must play a big part in your life. What are you favourite beauty products and why?

I go through phases with products, as I find performing in different climates needs different cosmetics…however my favourite essentials are L'OrĂ©al foundations - which are great for olive skin tones, Tattoo Me Semi Permanent eyeliner by 17 (because it simply doesn't budge) and every shade imaginable of the classic red lipstick.

Do you have a set beauty routine?

For me it's all about keeping your skin fresh and well looked-after between shows or photo-shoots. I am rarely without makeup, which means first thing in the morning and last thing at night I always wash, cleanse and moisturise my skin. I like Clinique's Repairwear creams and also Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for my whole body.

Who is your beauty idol?

If I could combine Angelina Jolie with Aishwarya Rai I think that would be pretty close. Both are exceptionally beautiful women, and know exactly what works for them.

On that note how do you keep yourself in shape for your performances?

I combine a mixture of strict diet (healthy, high protein foods) with cardio, crunches and dance rehearsals. I try to work out intensively for around half an hour to an hour a day. At the weekends I allow myself one cheat day to eat my favourite foods.

What is your diet like?

I'd say I keep to a strict diet 70% of the time. Dietary discipline is extremely important to me, so I try to keep to routine - although that can often be a challenge when on tour.
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What are your must have pieces of make up?


Eyeliner... I rarely go out without them.

Do you style your own hair yourself?

Yes! Occasionally I have a team for specific photo-shoots, but on the most part I always enjoy styling my own hair. I leave my colouring to my personal hairdresser, Siobhan Taylor, however. She's been doing my roots and colour since I started in Burlesque.

Do you have any hair tips to share to get your glamorous look?

Avoid heat styling as much as possible as it really does damage your hair. Back in the early days I used to crimp my hair every day to create my individual style. Now I favour waves, which I achieve my simply plaiting and pinning my hair overnight, and teasing out before shows.

Everyone no matter what shape or size wants to feel confident and happy about themselves. What advice would you have to feel glamorous and boost your own confidence?

For me it's important to be comfortable with your own body. It's not about what shape, size or gender you are. It's about being yourself. Beauty resonates from within.

What is your favourite perfume?

I have several I really love, my current favourites are Penhaligon's Artemisia and Dior's Pure Poison.

What is your approach to fashion?

Be free to express yourself. It's my approach to life as well.

Where are your favourite places to shop, both for burlesque goodies and for yourself?

My favourite place to shop for Burlesque pieces has to be Kiku Boutique of Manchester (UK) for everything else, American vintage boutiques are most certainly some of the best I've ever perused.

What are your biggest inspirations and why?

My fans.
Pursuing Burlesque as an Asian woman and from the background I'm from has always been so difficult. At times it's been heart-breaking, yet at every step of the way my fans, followers and supporters have always been there for me. When I see the difference I'm making to them, and other women and men in my position, there's nothing more inspiring than that. I feel humbled and fortunate to have the most incredible supporters in the world.

What advice would you give to a girl (or guy) reading this interested in getting into this industry?

I may have said it before but I think it's the most important thing to consider: Everyone starts somewhere, even your greatest inspirations.

What else is coming up for you?

It's been an emotional time coming, but this month I'm returning home to Singapore for the first time in 5 years to shoot with a phenomenal creative team, and to be reunited with my Singapore fans. In September I've been invited to Buckingham Palace for tea for my work on freedom of expression within Burlesque, for which I am so honoured. Following that I'm performing in Malaysia, Germany and L.A. with China on the cards for 2014 - so pretty busy! I am grateful for every moment and every journey.

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  1. Excellent interview, as always. I love how you get to the interesting points that most interviews don't cover, especially their routines. :)