Tuesday 23 January 2024


Guess Who's Back?! Back Again! 

That's right folks, we're baaaaaack! It's been a crazy few months for the DCN team! We're back for 2024 with a bang! 

I myself have moved across the world with my family from England to living remotely on a gulf island in Canada with all the changes and challenges that brings! We have had the holiday period with all the busy times, and of course the usual sickness at this time of year. Also a new addition I haven't experienced in quite this way before...snow! A huge amount of snowfall and the challenges this brings. Its been quite the time of it all. The other writers have had a well earned break and too have had the holidays, sickness and weather changes to contend with. 

However its January 2024, a fresh year full of opportunity and were ready to go! Our site encompasses so many things and we will continue to bring variety to our popular culture website. In addition to cosplayer interviews and convention reviews there will be other news, reviews and much more. 

We also will be focusing on our social media presence across Instagram, TikTok and our new YouTube channel so stay tuned for more content over there! Thank you all for your patience over this quite period and rest assured we are back in action! 

Thanks for following!

DCN Team

Rebel in the Chaos Cosplay     

     Editor and Head Writer

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