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An Interview with Cosplayer Onceuponanellie

Wicked Lady
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I am thrilled to introduce you to UK Cosplayer and Disney Devotee @onceuponanellieEllie has an absolute array of cosplays under her belt, and also runs two other Instagram accounts; @elliebounding & @elliecollectspins

Elliebounding is an adorable page filled with fashionable outfits that you can get away with wearing to Disney parks! Ellie posts side by sides of Disney Characters with matching outfits that can be thrown together to get past Disney’s Park rules of not being allowed to wear costumes!

Elliecollectspins is an account dedicated to their pin collection! 

I wanted to interview Ellie not only for the fact she has a whole page dedicated to Disney bounding, but also after discovering her awesome Riverdale cosplays! As CW’s Riverdale is sadly coming to an end this year, I wanted to reminisce about the previous seasons and included a fun quick-fire round of questions in this interview, to discuss this iconic adaptation of The Archie Comics!

So, without further ado, here is my interview with Once Upon An Nellie! 

Anna Frozen
Photo by @laurathephot

When did you first start cosplaying?
I did my first casual cosplay in 2012 and then properly started in 2013!

How have your cosplay skills progressed since you first started cosplaying?
I'm not great at making things but I think I have gotten better at putting cosplays together e.g., with clothes from charity shops/online.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about joining the community?
I would say do it! I think starting with a more casual look is a good way to ease yourself in if you're nervous. Look at your favourite characters and who you would want to portray and go from there!

Who has been your favourite character to cosplay so far?
Princess Anna from Frozen is my go-to comfort cosplay. I have 4 different outfits for her so can choose depending on weather etc!

Betty Cooper
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You have a whole Instagram page dedicated to Disney Fashion 
(@elliebounding) What do Disney Fashion mean to you and how do you come up with your outfit choices to match the characters!?
Disneybounding originally started as a way to get around the costume rules at Disney parks (adults aren't allowed to wear costumes except for at Halloween parties) I have been a part of the community for a few years, and it was a really big saving grace during lockdown. I personally like when there are challenges with themes as I find it easier to come up with looks that way. The most recent challenge I took part in was the bounding with pride for pride month where every day was a different colour.

You have many awesome Anime cosplays under your belt too! What is your favourite Anime show/movie?
I have to say Sailor Moon! I got into anime quite late in life, but Sailor Moon was my first and I have a lot of love for it!

You also run an Instagram for your current pin collection! How long have you been collecting pins and where do you normally purchase them from?
I have been collecting pins for many years now! My dad is a big collector and I think that influenced me a lot ha-ha! I get them from a range of different places online (e.g., Etsy or the Disney store) but I do prefer to buy them in person which I do at comic cons.

TY Lee
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I LOVE Riverdale and saw you have cosplayed Riverdale characters in the 
past, so I thought it would be fun to play a little quick-fire game based on the popular Netflix show!

  • Favourite season?
    Season one for the nostalgia or three for the wildness!

I totally agree! Season one was so spooky and mysterious I loved it so much! Although I have to say, season 7 is super fun with all the 50’s aesthetic!

  • The best musical episode?
    A Night to Remember (Carrie)

Ooooh! That’s a great episode, Cheryl absolutely nails it as Carrie! I think mine must be the Heathers Musical Episode though! I love the songs and costumes.

  • Team Bughead or Barchie?
    Bughead forever 

100% agree! I think Betty Jughead have a lot more chemistry in real life and as their characters!

  • Favourite ‘SHIP?
    Bughead for this too!

I think I agree…But I did love Cheryl Toni together too.

  • Who was the most perfectly cast actor in your eyes?
    I think Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl. I don’t think anyone else could do her justice! 

Absolutely! She is ICONIC as Cheryl! I think they are all pretty perfectly cast to be honest…But I think Lili Reinhart as Betty is my favourite casting, she really is an amazing actress!

  • Your Milkshake order at POP’s would be?

Gooood choice! I actually have visited the diner which was the inspiration for POP’s! (Rocko’s 24-hour diner, based in Vancouver!) I tried the Cookies & Cream and Birthday Cake Milkshakes! :p

  • Have you been satisfied with the final season? (NO SPOILERS PLEASE)
    The finale hasn’t happened yet, but the latest episode (7x12) was very wholesome. 

I am so behind! But as I type this, I am currently on Episode 2 of Season 7! I am a little sad its nearly over!

I LOVE your Luna Lovegood cosplay! What Hogwarts House are you in?
Thank you, even though I cosplay a Ravenclaw, I'm actually a Hufflepuff! 

If you could live in any fictional universe, which one would you pick and why?
This is tough! I think it would have to be Harry Potter because I'd love to be able to do magic. 

You’ve been to many conventions! Which ones did you enjoy the most and where will people normally find you at a con?
It really depends on what I want out of the convention! For the social and cosplay aspect, I think MCM and MegaCon are the best for that. If I want guests, then Monopoly conventions and Telford for sure!

What cosplays do you have planned for the rest of the year and which conventions will we see you at next?
I'm hoping to have my Bridgerton cosplay finished  but other than that, I don't currently have any new cosplays planned and will be going back to some old favourites! My next convention is MegaCon Manchester at the end of July and then I have a few more for the rest of the year! (Comic Con Wales, Comic Con Liverpool, Telford and MCM Birmingham) 

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Thank you so much for reading and big thanks to Ellie for agreeing to take part in this interview!

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