Thursday 9 September 2021

We're Back!


We're Back!

Once again, we are officially back after a very long break! So where have we been?! Like the rest of the nation, we have been muddling our way through the Covid 19 pandemic. Between the various lockdowns, self-isolation periods, work life changing, social life disappearing, family bereavement, having covid and all the usual challenges life brings, we decided to put things on hold.

Whilst covid has impacted us all it has affected everyone so differently. In the cosplay world this is no different. For some, the time at home through lockdown and isolations has encouraged people to push on with their costuming and crafting making cosplays ready for events. For others the creative drive disappeared, and everything stopped.

The lack of social connection has been the biggest impact for a lot of people. The lack of social gatherings, events, conventions, movie releases, pubs, restaurants etc effected the mental health and wellbeing for so many.

With events starting to come back, places reopening again and the fear factor starting to drop thanks to vaccines cosplays will finally be able to be worn in public once more!

We’re here for social lives being a thing again, we’re here for the cosplays and the fun to come back again.

We will be running a Cosplay and Covid regular feature to give different perspectives of how covid has affected cosplayers.

For now, we are back with more event coverage, interviews, reviews, showcases, news and more brought to you all by a new team of writers.

Stay tuned!

Skye Fawkes
Editor In Chief and Head Writer

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