Monday 13 September 2021

Loungefly Halloween 2021


With Halloween just around the corner, I’m sure we are all searching for the perfect spooky accessory. Loungefly being a huge name and collectible, let’s take a look at their October releases available at Get Ready Comics and GeekCore in the UK.

First up we have this Disney all over print with Minnie and Mickey Mouse both featuring in the form of pumpkins, ghosts and bats, a bit of a nod towards previous designs of face bags in the same style, with a candycorn detail around the metal tag and handles.

This mini backpack comes with the ever-handy feature of an ear holder and matching ears (also sold separately), perfect for any Disney ear collector or enthusiast. You can also purchase the matching wallet that is in the longer zip style, a personal favourite of mine from Loungefly.

Here we have the Minnie Mouse Ghost Cosplay backpack and matching ears. This one matches the previous Mickey Mouse Ghost Cosplay backpack and features a very cute Halloween themed bow. Just like the previous bag, Minnie also glows in the dark!

You can also get the matching ears featuring smaller glow in the dark Minnie ghosts.

No surprise here for any existing Loungefly collectors, but of course it would not be a Loungefly release without a Stitch bag. This time we have vampire Stitch and a matching wallet, whose wings open out!

I’m sure this bag is the perfect addition for any Stitch fans this time of year.

Moving on to non-Disney bags, with an option for those who prefer a handbag/crossbody style, we have the Beetlejuice bags. The first one being Beetlejuice Dantes Inferno backpack with the iconic black and white pinstripes making the base with a Pop! Style Beetlejuice up front.

The crossbody however favours an all over print of Beetlejuice and Lydia in various outfits in the well-known Pop! Style, with sandworms snaking around. With a long strap included this bag is flexible for styling and ready for spooky season!

Last up for all the classic horror fans we have a Frankenstein and Bride Cosplay bag making these spooky characters quite the cute accessory. The lightning bolt zip adding extra detail and the metal tag on the side to avoid interrupting the bags design.

We also have a Chucky bag coming this October with the dungaree design. At this moment we have the digital image however this bag looks to be a colorful option for any Chucky fans.


**All images belong to Get Ready Comics and GeekCore**

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