Saturday 20 October 2018

From Leia With Love

I started a project with my friend and fellow writer Holly called 'From Leia, With Love'. Myself and my husband want to pay forward the kindness and generosity we were shown in the days following our tragic loss and do what we can to help others in the same awful situation. We set up the project the day after Leia's funeral. I want to share with you all what the project aims to do. 

One part of the project is to support families by providing angel gowns, clothing and blankets for still born babies at all gestation. Clothing for babies so small cannot be purchased in shops, they are handmade. These are usually Christening style gowns made from wedding dresses, knitted hats and boots, memory envelopes, wraps and blankets. We are hoping to make packs in different sizes to include these items ranging from very small to full term babies. These packs are to be given to hospitals and be made available to order. These will help the parents and babies who are going through this awful situation. We never realised how many we would need and how helpful they would be. Its not something you ever think of at all until you there in the thick of it. 

Another part of the project is to offer keepsakes to help make memories with your baby. In the hospital we were offered a memory box which contained many items that helped us during this time. We also want to offer keep sake items similar to what we were offered to help others in the way these helped us. Making memories with your baby is so important as its your only opportunity to do so. 

We have other areas of the project in discussion which we want to develop. We want to be able to offer support and general advice and information for families going through this pain. 

We are in the beginnings of the project and already have over 200 likes on our Facebook page, 14 dresses donated in our possession and many more promised dresses on the way. We have secured sewing space locally for sew socials to take place. We have Facebook groups for knitters and sewers to get involved in making the items and plans in place to push the project and our ambition for the project forward.

This project is close to all our hearts and is all in Leia's memory. I will post updates of the progression with this project. If you wish to donate a dress to be used please send a message to the Facebook page or email us at

Written by: Skye Fawkes Cosplay - Editor Daily Cosplaynet 
                 Jolly Holly Cosplay - Writer Daily Cosplaynet

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