Thursday 1 March 2018

Welcome to the Daily Cosplaynet

The end of an era is here. Today I saw goodbye to Appleton Pinup Girl and hello to the Daily Cosplaynet. March 2018 is the start of my new website which is a geek hub for cosplay, conventions, and all things nerdy.

I owe a lot to Appleton Pinup Girl so here is some background about the journey and what’s to come.

December 2012 Appleton Pinup Girl was created. This blog was a glamourous hub dedicated to all things vintage including burlesque, cabaret, performer interviews,fashion and much more. 

I am a huge fan of burlesque and wanted to share this passion. I have shared a whole host of interviews with top international burlesque stars such as Immodesty Blaize, Catherine D'Lish and Perle Noire to name but a few. The interviews have proved to be a big hit, even being shared on Facebook by the legendary Dita Von Teese and top model Bernie Dexter.
I have managed to interview some great people in this area including Cameron Silver, vintage fashion expert. He is the owner of Decades store in Hollywood and the man behind many A-List Hollywood celebrity red carpet looks. Lydia Rose Bright celebrity fashion designer, owner of Bella Sorella store and TOWIE star. Laura Byrnes, designer, professional photographer and owner of Pinup Girl Clothing. Betty Hobcraft from Betty Blues Loungerie. She is the designer and director of UK produced luxury lounge wear company. Not to mention some fabulous pin up models including Cherry Dollface and Romanie Smith. 

I really wanted my blog to be versatile. I have many things I enjoy and want to share with the world. Over the years my interests have changed. Life situations have an impact and hobbies and interests evolve. As much as I still love all the things from before I have always been a geek at heart and made the decision to start focusing more on my other interests, my fandoms, attending conventions and exploring the wonderful world of cosplay. This passion took over and I well and truly caught the cosplay bug. 

For me cosplay is similar in many ways to burlesque. Cosplay literally means "costume play". Dressing up and pretending to be fictional characters (usually sci-fi, comic book, popular culture, or anime characters). In burlesque the performers wear costumes, take on a persona and perform, much like cosplay.

Cosplays are made for many reasons. They are a creative and fun hobby. It can be very challenging to recreate a 2 dimensional art form into 3D. Many cosplays don't seem physically possible to create yet somehow they are. Cosplayers like to show appreciation and honor their favourite characters by coplaying them. There is a huge sense of pride when you bring a costume together using a variety of skills. Typical 'fancy dress' costumes just don't cut it and aren't the same. Cosplay takes some serious skills in all areas. It is something you can enjoy at all levels. 

There are so many reasons why cosplays are worn. One key area is self expression. Often the character that is chosen to be cosplayed mirrors the person wearing the cosplay. They are someone they admire for whatever reason. The persons personality may well be like the character and they feel a connection because of this.  This isn't always the case of course. Many people cosplay characters completely opposite to themselves to gain a whole new persona. They get an opportunity to look, feel and act totally different. Another reason is to show support and/or interest in a particular film/TV show/comic/anime/manga/videogame etc.  The biggest reason of all is to have fun! To make friends and get into the spirit of the event. 

So here we are, March 2018 Appleton Pinup Girl has come to an end and the launch of the Daily Cosplaynet has commenced. 

I would like to thank everyone who has been interviewed, featured, involved or read the posts of Appleton Pinup Girl. Thanks for all the support and your continued support with the new site.

Welcome to the new site! The Daily Cosplaynet is the cosplay world's alternative voice bringing our famous interviews, tutorials, reviews, convention and event coverage and more. 

I hope that you enjoy the site, reviews, tutorials, interviews, convention coverage and everything else it has to offer. I have a huge passion for my blog; it gives me many sleepless nights but so much enjoyment.

Written by: Editor Skye Fawkes

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