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Interview with Top UK Cosplayer Clouded Kitty

Photo provided by Sarah Page
For my next cosplayer interview I would like to introduce you to cosplayer Sarah Page otherwise known as Clouded Kitty. I found Sarah online and absolutely love her work. She has been cosplaying since 2015 and made a name for herself with her stunning Harley Quinn and pirate cosplays. She has been a cosplay guest at several conventions, runs a entertainments agency called ‘Tru Entertainments’ and a store ‘Captain’s Cabin’ with her partner.  
I have found Sarah to be extremely friendly, down to earth and accepting of all cosplayers. She has given help and advice and is very genuine. She is very passionate about cosplay and the fandoms that interest her and very creative with how she portrays her favourite characters. 
Check out my interview with Clouded Kitty below!

Photo by Lee Henshaw provided by Sarah Page
How did you get into cosplay?

I’ve always liked dressing up and being creative. I wanted to go to Comic Con for ages and finally persuaded a friend to go with me! i attended my first Comic Con which was London film and Comic Con back in August 2015 and from then on I was hooked!
Which characters have you done? 
Photo provided by Sarah Page

Harley Quinn (Arkham city, bombshell, classic and suicide squad), Catwoman, fem Joker, fem Thor, Jessica Rabbit, Elsa from Frozen, Angelica Teach (Pirates of the Caribbean), Jack Sparrow and generic pirate cosplays.
Do you have a favourite costume?

My favourite has got to be classic Harley Quinn, Harley will always be my first love! 
Do you act in costume or purely look like the character?

I do try to act as my characters as much as possible. 
Do you make/buy/commission your costumes?

A mixture really, I prop build so as much as possible I like to make my own costumes or custom up stuff but I have bought some pieces just for ease! 
Where do you tend to shop for cosplay costumes and accessories?

Depending what I require I shop all over for the right item! 
Do you have any costume tips/tricks to share? 

Always have fun and never take yourself seriously! If you lose the love for what you enjoy doing then it’s not worth doing anymore! If your building stuff practise makes perfect don't stress just keep trying and never be afraid to ask others for help! 

Photo provided by Sarah Page
It’s no secret you are a DC lover. Who is your favourite comic book character?

It has to be Harley Quinn! She’s beautiful, quirky and just the right amount of crazy! I absolutely adore her! 
How do you feel about people cosplaying as characters of the opposite gender?

As long as you’re having fun who cares! I love to see peoples creations and how they transform themselves into different characters! I myself have done male characters before. 
I myself have felt self-conscious about dressing as certain characters due to the fact I’m short and more than curvy. A lot of characters seem to be tall and slender (especially superheroes). Do you feel cosplayers should pick characters they look like/have the same body shape as? 

Not at all!!! If you love that character no one can tell you what you should or shouldn't be! I have had negativity in the past over some of my characters but I hold my head high and never listen to people that want to knock down you confidence. I like it so I do it, simple :) they can always not look if they are that offended lol!

Body positivity is a very hot topic in cosplay at the moment. There seems to be pressure to be a certain shape/weight/look to pull off certain characters. There can be a lot of negativity in terms of trolling within groups based on people’s appearance. How have you found the cosplay community personally? 

Photo provided
by Sarah Page

I have found in the cosplay community there is a small amount of judgemental people that want to knock others down instead of build them up.  They cannot see that their comments can actually be very hurtful and really effect people mentally. As a community of people who all enjoy the same thing I believe we should promote positivity amongst one and other. Recently I have had someone tell me I am to skinny and have no curves so I shouldn't be cosplaying Jessica Rabbit. Personally I have suffered with body image for years and I believe this kind of behaviour is disgusting and uncalled for. Nobody has the right to judge anyone else no matter if your short, tall, skinny, curvy or plus sized. To those people who have been affected by nasty comments all I can say is this: you are beautiful as you are and any negativity is a reflection of how vile that person is and not a reflection of you. Hold your head up high and continue doing what you enjoy and rocking the characters you love! There are so many lovely people in the community that far out way the nasty ones! 
Talking of hot topics in cosplay have you found the community change for you and your partner with you success in cosplay increasing?

Yes definitely, cosplay is getting more and more popular and mainstream now! 

Photo provided by Sarah Page
There seems to be the notion that when you have costumes at a certain standard, perfect your acting and character you become a top level of cosplayer above others and get invited to conventions, invited to judge competitions, asked to have stands at events, have people pay for photographs etc. What’s your view on the various standards of cosplayer?

I don't believe anyone if better than anyone else, whether you have a costume off the shelf or have made if your self it makes you no better than anyone else. Yes it’s nice if you get invited to a Comic Con as a guest now and again but personally I don't agree with the whole having a stand and paying for photos. I have been asked in the past and always turned it down I have no interest in being big-headed. As I always say I'm just a person in a costume why would I ask people to pay for a photo! I enjoy being at Comic Cons, interacting with people and having a laugh with friends. I do it because I enjoy it not for a popularity contest or a money making scheme. 

Then there is the next stage on from this where you are a professional entertainer…tell us about your entertainment business?

Again there is no such thing as a "professional cosplayer". We tend to use the term "movie accurate" in regards to our business. My partner and I run an entertainment agency called Tru Entertainments.  We hire out movie accurate characters for corporate events, parties, birthdays etc and pride ourselves on our characters looking and acting the part but by no means does this make you a "professional". We are just lucky enough to be able to do what we enjoy as a job!

Have you done any charity work as a cosplayer? 

Photo provided by Sarah Page

Oh yes this is something I really enjoy. Both me and my partner have done plenty of charity work and done various hospital visits and regularly help raise money alongside The Derbyshire Air Ambulance. It’s nice to bring a smile to someone’s face, cheer up their day and help raise money for good causes too!

As a dab hand at attending conventions and events do you have any advice/do and don’ts to share?

Throw yourself into cosplay and always treat others how you would like to be treated yourself :)  always be nice to everyone. Remember some people have only just gotten into cosplay and a kind word can go along way and help them build confidence! Many of us, just like I have anxiety issues etc so ALWAYS be kind :) 
How do you feel about character adaptations of a costume rather than making a carbon copy of what’s in print/film etc?

I like everything I'm a big geek!  I do love to see peoples takes on characters and their creativity with characters, it’s quite amazing what people come up with. 
What is the best and worst piece of cosplay advice you’ve received?

Best: just be yourself
Worst: people telling you not to talk to certain people or groups as they have issue with them, cosplay politics! Never get involved!

Photo provided by Sarah Page
What has been one of the coolest things to come from cosplaying?

For me the coolest thing I have got from cosplaying is finally feeling like I fit in somewhere, it has helped me personally in so many ways confidence wise and I have made so many awesome friends! Plus I met my fiancĂ©e doing cosplay so for me it’s been a life changer! 
What other cosplayers do you admire?

I admire many! The sheer amount of effort and hard work people put into their costumes and portrayal of characters amazes me! 
What’s the geekiest thing you own?

Probably my sideshow collectables Harley Quinn doll and my hot toys jack Nicholson joker.... they are my pride and joy and my favourite thing out of my entire geeky collection! 
What about the geekiest thing you would like to own?

I would love more joker/Harley hot toys, the detail in them is outstanding!

Talking of geeky memorabilia and fan products…tell us about Captains Cabin…

The Captains Cabin is my partner and mines shop, we run this alongside our entertainment and lookalike agency Tru Entertainments. We sell movie/comic collectables and also make build props and cosplay costumes! Great excuse to be surrounded by so many different geeky things!

Do you have any advice for people looking to do cosplay photoshoots?

Always be safe when arranging photoshoots, make sure you go for a good photographer and take someone with you to shoots, safety is key! You can do shoots on a time for print basis, so you give the photographer your time for a copy of pictures which is a great way of getting some awesome images you can use on your cosplay page! 
Photo provided by Sarah Page
For people wanting to get into cosplay, what advice would you give them?

Never be afraid to ask for help and advice from others. If you’re afraid to go to Comic Cons alone then join some of the Facebook groups to get to know people :) there’s plenty of cosplayers out there happy to help you out :)

Which conventions/events do you have planned to attend this year?

Definitely MCM Manchester and Birmingham and our own pirate event Matlock bath pirate mutiny which we host yearly in Matlock bath, Derbyshire. 
What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year?

Just another year filled with things I love costuming and cosplay and seeing all my fabulous friends!

I would like to thank Sarah with her time for this interview. You can follow Sarah on Facebook here

Stay tuned for many more interviews coming soon!


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  1. A great read and have personally met the lady in question and she was very chatty and beautiful cosplayer and look forward to seeing her future projects