Thursday 29 September 2016

Interview with US Cosplayer Maid of Might

Photo by AotC 
For my next cosplayer interview I would like to introduce you to US cosplayer extraordinaire Maid of Might. I came across Maid of Might’s cosplays and fell in love with her work. I love taking inspiration and motivation from other cosplayers all over the world. For me I like personable and interesting personalities, skill and imagination, passion and hard work and this lady is another shining example. 

Here’s an intro from the lady herself…

'My name is Jessica and I am a cosplayer, comic book fan and all around geek. I have been going to the same comic book store since I was five years old and have grown up loving the colorful characters who are the inspiration for my cosplay journey! Bringing your favorite characters and inspirations to life is an unbelievable feeling and every print purchase helps me to continue this experience.
My title "Maid of Might" is a nod to my favorite hero, Supergirl. My comic store family gave me the nickname Supergirl when I first walked through the door in Kindergarten and my love for Kara grew alongside me. She was my very first cosplay in 2010 and is still very much my favorite character. I keep my name Maid of Might as a constant reminder of where I come from and why I cosplay.
I truly hope my journey inspires many others to follow their passions and do what they love.'
Take a read below to be inspired!

Photo by Saffels Photography
Tell us how you got involved in cosplay…

I grew up in my local comic shop, fell in love with the characters and wanted to bring them to life in my own way! 

What do you love about cosplay?
Photo by William D. Lee

I love being able to be creative and to be accepted by a community of people who is just as nerdy as you are! 

Are there any downsides you have come across?

Not yet, I stick to what I love and it keeps me passionate!

Tell us who your first cosplay character was and what drew you to them?

Supergirl. Ever since I was a little girl my nickname was Supergirl and I grew up with her stories. My cosplay title "Maid of Might" is a nod to her and reminds me constantly where I came from.

What other characters have you dressed as and why?

I have cosplayed A LOT of different characters and I chose each and every one of them because I have a connection to them. 

Where do you get your cosplay inspirations from?

Comic books mostly but also movies and sometimes my own imagination.

Do you create your cosplays from scratch; do you cobble them together from existing pieces, commission, or do all of the above?

My cosplays involve a little bit of everything. I make most of them myself but also rely on thrift stores and commissions to assist me with thinks that I can't make or don't have the time to. 

Photo by Themed Shots
Who would you recommend for help with costume creation?

It depends what you are looking for! There is a plethora of helpful sites and people who commission various pieces of costumes. 

What’s been your most difficult costume so far?

My Rapunzel Boba Fett mash-up. I had to learn quite a few new skills and spent hours hand painting every design on my armor! 

Who is your favourite comic book character?

Supergirl will forever be my original favorite but Spider Gwen is also creeping up there!

What is the best and worst piece of cosplay advice you’ve received?

Do what you love! I don't think I've gotten any bad advice. 

What has been one of the coolest things to come from cosplaying?

Definitely the amazing friendships I have made! Getting love and acceptance from an entire community of people is astounding, I am beyond grateful! 

What other cosplayers do you look up to?
Photo by Martin Wong

I have some amazingly talented friends who I love and admire! 

What’s the geekiest thing you own?

Probably my comic collection. I have been collecting comic books religiously since middle school and own about 8000 to my name and counting!! 

What about the geekiest thing you would like to own?

More comics basically. I'd love to own some more gold and silver age books but those come with a hefty price tag

For people wanting to get into cosplay, what advice would you give them?

Stay true to what you love and you will never lose your passion. 

Besides cosplaying, what else do you get up to?

I am a student actually. School, cosplay and comics probably take up most of my time! 

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year?

I am always looking forward to my next cosplay and next convention! 

I would like to thank Jessica for her time with this interview. You can check out Made of Might here on Facebook. Stay tuned for more cosplayer interviews coming soon.


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