Sunday 4 September 2016

Interview with Jess from Snikt and Bamf

Social media is fantastic and is a platform for learning. I have come across so many people and businesses particularly through Instagram. I came across Snikt and Bamf and I recently had the chance to meet Jess the owner of the company at Guildford Comic Con (post to follow).

Established in 2014 by Jessica Leese, Snikt and Bamf's main aim was to make wearable and fashionable nerdy jewellery for geeky ladies (and sometimes geeky guys) to express their love of comics, movies, books and games in a less obvious way. A subtle hint to others within the same fandom.

Since starting out the brand now has a worldwide customer base and has become many fellow nerds go to accessory shop.

Geek fashion is huge! Geek jewellery can be worn without the need to be wearing geek clothing, it can be a fab nerdy unique addition to give an outfit and edge and show some personality. I have found geek jewellery becoming more and more popular among pinup girls and really works well with the style. Also a lot of pinup chicks are total nerds underneath the red lippy and victory rolls! We pin ups and rockabilly gals love films, tv, comics and more!

I myself love to wear broaches, wear necklaces and stud earrings. I also love homeware and love the odd geeky thing creeping into every room where possible! I’m a massive fan of head wear too!

Jess has a really unique style of jewellery which I instantly recognised when I saw her stand whilst browsing at the comic con. Her collections are great and ever changing, theres something for everyone. If you love bold statement pieces to represent your favourite fandoms then Snikt and Bamf are for you!

Check out my interview with Jess below for the low-down on this wonderful geeky business…

Photo provided by Snikt and Bamf

Photo provided by
Snikt and Bamf
How did Snikt and Bamf come about?

Snikt and Bamf first came about shortly after I finished studying jewellery and silver-smithing at university in Birmingham, After I graduated from my BA I started work in an auction house for a while and it soon became apparent to me that the world of high end jewellery really wasn't my style. I started to think about how I could meld my jewellery skills into something fun and unique, It didn't take me long to decide on going down a geeky route. I wanted to make fun, colourful pieces of jewellery for other nerdy women like myself.

Tell us about the name Snikt and Bamf…

The name Snikt and Bamf came about because I wanted something a little bit obscure and geeky that would give people a sort of Ah Ha moment when they realise where it's from. It was inspired by the X-Men comics as Snikt is the noise Wolverines claws make and Bamf is the noise Nightcrawler makes when he transports himself, and as anyone who knows the comics will know that Wolverine and Nightcrawler are good friends.

Photo provided by
Snikt and Bamf
What are your personal fandoms?

Personally I love DC comics especially Batgirl, Birds of prey, and Cat woman. I’m all about the femme fatales. Other than that I love Star Wars, Doctor who, anything Marvel, and Lord of the rings. I also love a huge amount or cartoons and games but probably too many to list. 

Tell us about your collaboration with Pinup Girl Clothing?

I started to stock Pinup Girl Clothing last year and it's been fantastic as it allows our American customers easier access to our pieces. The collaboration came about just before Suicide Squad came out. They asked me if I could make them some exclusive Harley and Joker pieces for their suicide squad collection. As you can imagine for a small company like myself this was quite a big deal. I sent them a few samples before we decided on the final product which is now available on their website.

Photo provided by
Snikt and Bamf
Who can we see wearing your pieces?

You can see my pieces of a lot of cosplayers, convention goers, as well as a lot of lovely ladies on Instagram including plastic jewellery collector/blogger @kim0006 who has quite alot of Snikt and Bamf jewellery including some custom pieces made especially for her. 

What are your most popular items? 

My most popular item by far has to be the clever girl necklace, followed closely by the Harley Quinn, Cat Woman, and Poison Ivy portrait brooches.

What are your current collections? 

Photo provided by
Snikt and Bamf
I tend to make a new collection every month or so, Right now it's labyrinth inspired collection. As always though in permanent range there is something for almost every fandom.

What collections are in the pipeline? 

The next collection I’m working on is a Pok√©mon collection, I am also looking forward to doing some dark crystal, never ending story, and harry potter collections.

Do you have any personal favourites? 

My Favourite piece is the Clever Girl necklace or the Dark Phoenix necklace as they were some of the first pieces I made.

Do you take commissions?

I do indeed! I love making commission pieces for people; it’s nice to have a new challenge or perhaps a look into a fandom that i hadn't been into before. I've found a lot of new shows and books thanks to commissions.

Photo of Jess from Snikt and Bamf
Do you make cosplay props/pieces? 

I Cosplay myself, so if I can use my laser cutter to make cosplay props I do it. I often make props for friends such as transparent gambit style cards or replicas of jewellery or accessories that certain game characters wear.

I understand you are a keen cosplayer, can you tell us about your cosplay history?

I've always loved dressing up ever since I was little, when I discovered that there was a whole group of people who do this on a regular basis my mind was blown. I often dress up for the bigger shows while on my stall, sometimes we're too busy for me to wander about in them but it's still fun.

Do you have any costume tips or tricks to share?

My main tip is to stay hydrated its easy when I’m on the stall for me to get a drink, but I have a lot of cosplayer friends who I see walking around all day in massive costumes and not drinking or eating. It's at that point I have to play convention mom and make them sit down and have a drink. Other than that go out and have fun, the cosplay community is full of amazing people I have made so many good friends through cosplay.

Photo provided by Snikt and Bamf
What events can people find out at throughout the year?

All of my events are listed on my website but the main 3 of 2016 are MCM London at the end of October, MCM Birmingham at the end of November, and the Clothes Show at the start of December

What are your favourite events to attend?

My favourite events are the comic conventions i do especially MCM London, it has such a great atmosphere, everyone is so happy to be there.

What can expect from you in the future?

You can expect loads more geekery from us, including jewellery, homeware, and maybe even some large scale decorative pieces for your walls.

Photo provided by Snikt and Bamf
I would like to thank Jess for her time with this interview. Make sure you check out her work here and look out for her at the events she is attending for the rest of this year.


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