Sunday 21 August 2016

Interview with Laura Nixon for Nixon Point Costumes

Pictures provided by Nixon Point Costumes
For the next installment in my burlesque/cabaret costume series I would like to introduce you to Laura Nixon the woman behind NIXON POINT COSTUMES. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already heard of her, not only is Laura well known on the circuit for her costume work but she is also a top Marilyn Monroe impersonator too. Laura has performed for top clients, parties, cabaret shows and more. Being a performer and working on stage as none other than Marilyn Monroe, the style icon to the world,  Laura knows all about transformation and the importance of great costume and style. A woman of many talents Laura’s costume work can be seen worn by many performers and she comes extremely highly recommended. This is why I want to showcase to you top recommended stage costume designers and creators that you can trust and learn about them and their work in more detail to give you the opportunity to be inspired.

NIXON POINT COSTUMES is a one stop shop for all your costume and stage wear needs from dresses, coats, cloaks, nipple tassels and headdresses. Everything is custom made to order and the prices are unbeatable. NIXON POINT is the fastest, cheapest and the best! 

Lucky for me I have been able to interview Laura and here is what she had to say…

Pictures provided by Nixon Point Costumes

Pictures provided by
Nixon Point Costumes
What is your background in garment construction and/or design and/or ornamentation? How long have you been costuming for?

I learnt to sew when I was about 11-12. I’ve always made my own stage costumes. I have no training. I have learnt through years and years of trial and error. 

How did you become involved in burlesque/stage costuming?

A very dear friend of mine Violet Blaze asked me to make her a dress. I did and other people saw it, wanted one and it just grew and grew. I always wear my own costumes. So Im a walking advert for Nixon Point. 

What are some of the challenges of burlesque/stage costuming?

The biggest challenge is dealing with people who don’t know what they want or find it difficult to communicate what they want. Or People who send me a photo of a couture £50,000 dress and say "I want this". when they have a budget of £50. Those occasions can be very challenging. lol.
making costumes is the easy bit.  
Describe some of your favourite projects?

Anything that pushes my abilities. I like a challenge.
I love big shapes and bold colours.
Joe Black's Galaxy dress. Alfie Ordinary's rainbow suit. 
Which performers can we see wearing some of your work?

Pictures provided by Nixon Point Costumes
Too many to name all of them. These are a few:
Violet blaze,
Joe Black,
Lydia L'Scabies Mills
Brazen bijoux,
Athena beauvoir

Nina LaBelle,
Crystal King,
Dixie Dread,
Alfie Ordinary
Dawn Gracie

I make between 2 and 6 costumes a week so there are literally hundreds of performers I’ve made things for. I sometime forget what I’ve made and am only reminded of it when I see it on stage. 
Who would you love to make a costume for?

The Cast of Absolutely Fabulous (the second film. lol)
I’m lucky enough to make costumes for many people I like and admire
Have you always had a design in your head that you would like to fulfil?

Pictures provided by
Nixon Point Costumes

Yes, its soon to be my wedding dress. I get married in October

What aspect of costume making do you enjoy the most?

Sounds cheesy, but I love all of it. I love everything about my work. 

If a new performer was looking to get a costume commissioned/constructed, what should they consider?

They need to be 100% on what they want the costume to look like and do. Have a realistic budget and try to draw pictures of it so the maker fully understands.

What difference would a new performer find from off the rack to commissioned pieces?

It will fit properly, look amazing and do it job properly. Costumes are clothes with a job to do. A high end costume will do its job perfectly and be extremely easy to perform with. 

All costumiers tend to have a style of costume/way of making or presenting their work. Can you describe what you think makes an obvious Laura Nixon piece?

Pictures provided by Nixon Point Costumes
I have a few little trademarks. All my dresses have a Nixon Point Sleeve (when possible).
I make other people’s designs so my work is very varied. My main focus is dresses and coats. I adore fur and velvet and I like people to look as tall as possible. 

Those that know my work will know it from 10 miles away. I’m very proud of that. 

Do you do courses at all from pastie making, general repairs, how to embellish/crystal, etc or do you save you skills for your own work?

I don’t do courses. I haven’t the time. I do pass on skills whenever possible though

What would you consider important performer must have items?

A robust suitcase. A sense of style and proper dancing shoes. If you’re focused on how much your feet hurt you’re not fully focused on what you are doing, and that is a crime. 

How long on average does it take to make a costume?

Pictures provided by
Nixon Point Costumes

Between 1 and 3 weeks

What are you most asked for/popular items?

Dresses that come off in one go. 

How should a performer care for their costumes?

OK, first of all everything and I mean EVERYTHING needs to be kept in separate cloth bags (shoe bags or pillow cases). This stops snagging and damage whilst in transport.
Dresses should always be hung up whenever possible.
Make up, wigs and costumes should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. You wouldn’t believe the state some performers let themselves get into. 
What are your long term plans for Nixon Point costumes?

Within the next year I will be expanding my studio and taking on an assistant. The work load is unending and at times overwhelming. I won’t be able to continue alone for long. At the rate things are going I will be in this line of work for the rest of my life. I’m very happy about that. 

Pictures provided by Nixon Point Costumes
I would like to thank Laura for her time with this interview. Be sure to check out her work on her Facebook page.
Stay tuned for more coming soon!


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