Wednesday 13 April 2016

Interview with V’s Anchor Studio

As you know I have previously posted about Verve Rockabilly Studios who are now taking over photography in the burlesque scene. Since we last spoke to Veronika, the lady behind the camera, she has re-branded to V's Anchor Studio and I have caught up with her to find out how things have progressed. Take a read below of my interview with Veronika and get yourself your own special deal just for my readers to take advantage of. As you have all seen I myself have worked with Veronika and cant recommend her highly enough. See her work below for yourself!  

Model: Didi Derriere
Photo: V's Anchor Studio

Photo: V's Anchor Studio
Tell us about your re-branding to V’s Anchor Studio…

I have moved my studio from North London down to South East London and I just felt like it’s a new begining, therefore I wanted to give my whole studio a new coat :) 

Since I last came to visit you have moved studio, where is your new studio and what’s it like there?
I am at the moment in Hither Green area and I absolutely love it in here. My studio is in a huge warehouse that is rented only by artists, so the atmosphere is just brilliant.  

This year you launched a 2016 calendar with Didi Derriere, tell us about this exciting venture…

Model: Didi Derriere
V's Anchor Studio
First time I met Didi, I knew that we are going to do something huge together one day. We simply clicked and each time she is at my studio, we create better and better images. So I could not just keep them for myself, but had to allow others to adore them month by month :) 

Since we last spoke you have photographed more and more burlesque performers and pin up babes, who have you worked with?

I did, didn't I? :) I am starting to feel like a proper burlesque mama these days :) 

I have shot all Miss Pin Ups UK by now and I am already looking forward to shoot Miss Pin Up UK 2016 as I have become an official photographer for Miss Pin Up UK. 

I have also shot lots of burlesque troupes like Folly Mixtures, dolls from Cheekettes and House of Burlesque. 

I can't forget about my incredible shoot for queen of vintage underwear ‘What Katie Did’ this year. 

What would you say to anyone in this arena who would be keen on getting professional images done?

First thing is to do a research, there is unfortunately lots of photographers that are after something else than looking after you in professional way, which is very sad, but it is a reality. 

So do your RESEARCH before you book yourself for a photoshoot. 

Model: Lianna Haynes
Photo: V's Anchor Studio
Since we last spoke have you had any more of your work published?

I have :) yay 

My images has been published in Vintage Life, thanks to another incredible doll I have been working with; vintage singer Lianna Haynes. Also in Slovakian OK Magazine and couple more blogs. 

Something exciting happened this year…you got engaged!! Congratulations! I also got engaged recently! Spill all the details!!!

Yay me :) I will be Mrs Marx very soon :) 

Well, I don't really want to spill many beans as all is kind of a secret, but I can tell you all that I am very excited about my wedding dress that is being made at this minute cause it is a replica of one of Dita von Teese's dresses :) 

Now, you gotta wait till June for some pix from my big day!

What all girls get excited about…show us the ring!

Oh, I was so proud at my other half, he really knows me well. I never like having same things like others, so I got an incredible vintage ring with a black diamond surrounded by little white diamonds.......basically a ring of my dreams :) 

Lucky lucky girl I am :)   

Model: Jolie Papillon
Photo: V's Anchor Studio

When’s the wedding planned for?
16.6.16 at 16.00 :) 

What kind of wedding do you have planned?
It is a vintage wedding with some burlesque surprise, what else would you expect from me :)  

What has been your inspiration for your wedding?

Retro style, I have been creating all my decoration myself since I got engaged, so vintage craft was a winner!!!! 

What are you enjoying most about your wedding planning process?

Crafting, I love creating original things and I when I see the results, I am more happy about them rather than when I buy stuff.

I understand you are the official photographer for the Miss Pinup UK 2016 Competition, can you tell us about this collaboration?

It is very exciting thing for me, I will be shooting every doll that wins and also do shoots for promo stuff. 

Model: Didi Derriere
V's Anchor Studio
What was your biggest achievement for 2015?

Buying a house (feeling so grown up :)), moving my studio down to South East, doing lots of exciting collaborations. I mean, every little thing I do that makes people smile is a huge achievement for me.  

What other events do you have coming up this year?

If I'd tell you, I'd have to kill you ;) 

There is lots of things that I am planning this year, but I can only tell you that there is a book planned, another calendar and lots of other exciting shoots ;) 

What current deals do you have going on people should snap up fast?

Model: Didi Derriere
V's Anchor Studio
At the moment, there is no deal at the moment, but I am very happy to create a special one just for your readers ;)

Vintage makeover photoshoot worth £450
* make up
* hair style
* photography session

* 6 edited images 
* contact sheet

Just email Veronika and quote Appleton Pinup Girl Deal to get this wonderful offer!

What does the future hold?

You'll have to wait and see ;) xxx

I would like to thank Veronika for his time for this interview.  

I hope you have enjoyed, more updates coming soon!

Model: Didi Derriere
V's Anchor Studio

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