Friday 18 March 2016

Appleton Pinup Girl Catch Up!

I know it’s been quiet on the blog and I wanted to give you a roundup of what’s been going on. It’s been a whirlwind few months. There was me thinking life wouldn’t change just because of pregnancy was progressing but how wrong I was!

In between my many doctors, midwife, consultant, hospital appointments and antennal classes I have been on a week’s holiday to Greece with my mum and sister for some much needed down time. It’s certainly true pregnant women get hotter than normal and boy was I hot on holiday! But I still managed to see and do a lot whilst I was away and I think my body thanked me for the warmth and fresh air. We stayed in Parga town which was beautiful. The people were friendly and the hotel was in a great location, gorgeous beaches, boat trips, all sorts! I will certainly be going back with my baby!

Then there has been the new arrival preparation which included decorating the downstairs toilet which is now a toilet/utility room/baby changer, decorating the kitchen and nursery. All include DIY jobs, shelves, new cupboards etc. I’ve had some fantastic vintage hand painted furniture for the room too! So much preparation for a tiny little person. It really is crazy how much stuff such a small person needs/ends up with.

My partner decided to take me away for the long August bank holiday weekend. He had been planning away and I knew nothing about the trip, all very secretive. All I knew was to pack a bag and that’s it! We got in the car and hit the road and all I could do was make guesses as to where we were heading. We had a very early start and had a fun road trip and ended up in Cornwall by 9am! First stop was at the beautiful Caerhays beach near Porthluney castle. The sun was shining which made a change from back home as it was a wet weekend back there. The scenery was gorgeous. We took a walk along the beach, looked for shells and paddled in the water. He sat me down on one of the rock and to my complete surprise after 12 years 8 months he proposed!! I was gobsmacked! Total shell shocked! Of course I said yes!! He presented me with a box for one of my favourite jewellers  Bloody Mary Metal and said we were off there as they are based close by to get some ideas for custom ring options. After more fun on the beach and ice cream we headed over to Bloody Mary Metal where we discussed ideas. Whilst I was there I spotted a ring I loved, I knew it wouldn’t be my forever engagement ring but it was something I could wear for the time being until I make a final decision on what I wanted made for me. We purchased the ring and went on to Saint Mawes for a look around and went for a late lunch before heading to our 5* farmhouse accommodation for the weekend. We spent the rest of the weekend exploring the area. As a surprise we went to Minions village which I loved, he knows how much I love Minions! We took a long walk across Liskeard moors to the Cheesering (not as easy as you think heavily pregnant), we had afternoon tea in the village, drove through many pretty villages, we stopped at Holywell bay for a long evening walk, saw a beautiful sunset and saw the same sunset again in Newquay where we had a celebration meal looking over the beach looking at the beautiful sunset by candle light. We went to Boscastle and the witches’ museum and had the best chips ever in the truck ever before hitting the road home! A total packed weekend with great weather, great scenery, great company, oh and a wedding to plan!!

In October I had my pregnancy photo shoot which I have already told you all about which was super fun and I have come away with some wonderful photos to cherish forever. The same day as that shoot I went to a Halloween Masquerade ball at Oakley Hall Hotel with the girls. Super fun posh evening being all dressed up.

November….at midnight on the 21st November whilst watching Vikings chilling out on the sofa I started having pains, pains that got stronger, pains that got longer….

I went into labour, waters broke, this was it!

I went through a pretty tough birth. The pain was unbearable. I had practiced hypnobirthing and put this in to action whilst going through my contractions. Everyone has a different experience, mine was incredibly painful. Like a trooper I had no pain relief at all, dealt with 9 hours of pure hell before being kept in hospital. I went in around 4am but was only 2cm dilated so I was sent home. I went back at 9am, I told them I was ready and once they checked they confirmed I was 10cm and ready to go! I pushed for 3 ½ more hours before they had to use ventouse for delivery to get my baby out. I used gas and air only during the pushing process as it’s the only thing that doesn’t touch the baby. My personal thoughts were I’d rather have the pain than have medicine pumped into him. This being said by the time I was 10cm I was in so much agony! I was very happy for the gas and air for sure! I was calm though; hypnobirthing really did help and make a difference. At 12.40pm on Saturday 21st November 2015 I gave birth to my son Leif Logan Pugsley. He weighed in at 7lbs 4oz and was everything I could possibly hope for. I am so proud of how I handled the birth and how strong I was to get him here safely. He is beautiful, as are all babies to their mothers but I really do think he is a handsome little boy!

The first few months of motherhood have been challenging for sure. My back and hip problems that I had during pregnancy didn’t go once I had given birth unfortunately. I had many stitches from a very difficult birth which caused me numerous problems and infections. The first month of sleep deprivation was so tough. It really is a form of torture, less than 2 hours a night is a killer night after night. I had problems breast feeding, a crying baby and my body was in bits. It was a very tough time hence the lack of posts.

 Now things are so much better. When people say how from 3 months things look so much better they are not wrong. Although when you’re told this, 3 months feels so far away but it does come around so quickly! I feel a lot better in myself. Leif has been sleeping through the night from 2 months old. We are lucky he is such a good baby! Now we have routine and various things in the diary keeping us busy. We started getting out and about early and Leif has already done so much. He is going to a regular baby group, waterbabies, walks, days out etc. It’s good for us both to have lots to do to keep busy and a good routine. I feel more like myself now, just this weight to loose then I’ll be happy!

I have booked four burlesque  shows this year to run. One has already happened which was a charity event valentines ball held at Oakley Hall which was an absolute blast and raised lots of money for local great causes. The other three shows are my events held at The Tea Bar in Basingstoke with cracking line ups which I will post about. I am getting out seeing friends more, booked burlesque shows to attend as an audience member and generally slowly getting back to my old self.

So for now it’s all about time with my baby, weight loss, burlesque, pinup fashion, geeky nerdy goodness, blogging, wedding planning and enjoying 2016!


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