Thursday 12 November 2015

The Curiositea Room Baby Shower

As it’s been very quiet on the blog I will be as promised going back in time updating you all on the past events that have taken place to fill you all in.

I had a baby shower back in September at a local vintage style tea room called The Curiositea Room which is based inside the vintage shop ‘Pride and Joy ‘in the village of Sherborne St John.  I came across the venue by the power of Facebook and it really was the ideal location for the shower. Typically baby showers are an American tradition however they are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. If I was to have a shower I wanted it to be a classy affair, typically British with tea and cake and very much a vintage style and feel to the day.

The venue put on a fantastic spread including sandwiches and catered for everyone including vegetarians and vegans. There were of course plenty of different cakes including a large rocking horse cake, cupcakes, scones and more. All cakes were themed in blue for a boy.

I gathered various decorations including handmade paper bunting, ‘It’s a Boy’ vintage style bunting, pompoms, various types of table confetti, napkins, balloons, mini rubber ducks etc. My mother made these gorgeous paper blue shoes which we filled with tissue paper, a mini gingerbread man with a dummy decoration and a blue icing hat and a blue nail polish inside as little favours for the guests. I also had vintage style book marks hand made as favours for the guests by one of my friends.  I have reused the bunting by hanging this from the shelves in the nursery as another reminder from the day.
Because you can never have enough cake, especially on special occasions I had my friend Rachael of ‘Rachy Cakes’ make me a Minion baby cake. I love the Minions and the first time I felt definite movements that weren’t just little flutters was when I went to watch the Minions movie at the cinema which he seemed to love kicking around like mad. My work colleagues have called my baby ‘Bob’ from the beginning of my pregnancy relating to the Minion Bob. The cake was fantastic, really well made and very impressive.

As much as baby showers are an American tradition I was doing things a little differently and I decided I didn’t want the standard baby shower games. I personally couldn’t see how games relating to baby poo and nappies etc were something fun to do. Life will heavily revolve around nappy changing etc once he is here; it’s not something I wanted to think about when spending quality time with friends before his arrival. I had been struggling with name ideas for my little boy so I thought it would be fun to let everyone help me by giving their suggestions. I had a name suggestion box with baby grow shaped name tags and an instruction card made by a local crafter to match the colour theme of his nursery and the shower decorations. This was fun to do and amusing to read everyone’s suggestions.

I wanted to be able to take something away from the shower for the nursery however as I hadn’t chosen a name a lot of things that could be done seemed to all require a name to be chosen. Not only this but a lot of craft activities seem common and I wanted something more original. I decided to enlist the help of my mother who in my opinion is a fantastic artist to paint me an autumnal tree. The idea behind this was to cut out of paper autumnal coloured leaves which we could all write our names and a personalised message for the baby and stick this on the tree and then put our finger print on the page. I have kept this at my house and will continue getting friends and family on their visits to contribute. Once the tree is full I will have a leaf shaped plaque made to cover the bottom of the page with this name, DOB etc and have the pictured framed and hung in the nursery.

It was lovely to have time to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a long time whilst I had the chance. It’s a good opportunity to relax, enjoy tasty food, chat and laugh with friends in beautiful surroundings. It was lovely to be able to walk around the store afterwards looking at the beautiful vintage goodies available. It was literally a miracle I didn’t buy anything! I know I will be heading back there to both the store and tea room and I’m looking forward to taking my little boy when he arrives.

Stay tuned for more catch up posts to come!


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