Tuesday 14 July 2015


It’s no secret I am a curvy girl with big knockers and big hips. Since I started developing at a very young age I have always loved underwear sets. This love became more and more expensive and difficult to shop for as my bust size increased. At the grand age I am now I have struggled to find a perfect set. Friends and family members I know who are smaller in size than myself can walk into almost any clothes store, supermarket, website and buy a beautiful set that fits well for a very cheap price. Every time I need a new bra it becomes a really painful and expensive process. I literally don’t know where to look as everywhere I have tried so far has let me down. I managed to find one store (Bravissimo) and thought all my problems would be answered, however it doesn’t matter how many times I am fitted to find me what I think is the perfect set, I have the long running problem that the wire comes through, seeming to buckle under the pressure of my heavy knockers. After 7+ bras doing this there is only so many times you can think it’s the wrong style, choice mistake from the staff, incorrect fitting etc before you have to look elsewhere for something more suitable.

The idea of shopping for underwear online actually scared me. I have no problem shopping for items online however every time I have needed to shop for underwear I can be in the changing room trying on numerous bras for hours before finding one to fit and sizing on different brands can come up differently. This put me off buying online as I didn’t want the hassle of having to return each incorrect one and the time wasted ordering many different styles, sizes etc to finally find a perfect fit.

I want to introduce you to a company I have come across recently, Clara-Olivia. Clara-Olivia provide lingerie and swimwear for B-K cup women. Clara-Olivia has been trading online since June 2006 and they currently stock Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi and Miraclesuit. Clara Olivia got in contact and after discussion sent me *Fantasie Lois underwired side support bra D-J cup £29 with matching Fantasie Lois Shorts £16.50.

Image taken from Clara-Olivia website
Image taken from Clara-Olivia website

I ordered a 34J bra and XL shorts from Clara-Olivia. They arrived very promptly and well packaged. I was really excited to open them. The shorts were a perfect fit. They are very comfortable, stretchy material and they have a cute bow detail on the front and a cute loop at the back of the shorts. They wash up well (I always hand wash my underwear sets and especially bras). The bra itself was too big for me, I needed 34HH in this style. I contacted Clara-Olivia and they responded over email very promptly and sent me a returns bag in the post to return bra and sent a new size straight away. This made me feel reassured that when buying online it doesn’t have to be a difficult or time consuming process and feel confident with the company.

For me personally the bra was an ok fit physically but not perfect for me. The good things for the bra on me is that the straps are comfortable and the bra fit well on the loosest setting which I personally like as bras can stretch over time so after a lot of wear I can move to the middle setting. The bra is comfortable to wear and the cup is the right size.

The difference on me compared to the photo is the side support panel actually makes the shape of the breast more pointed. Although I love the idea of bullet bras with my love of vintage styling, on a 34HH it really didn’t do me justice. I have big round boobs so this didn’t really work. Rather than creating a smooth breast the material of the cup made 2 shapes between the front material and the side support. There is a weird shape on the side from the support panel which seems to flatten out my boob. It’s like there is a cone shape and then a sudden change of angle in the area that holds the side of the boob/side support.

The top edge of the full coverage cup can be a little snug for me. The cup is very full and can be tight across the top lace. Like other reviews it creates a little gap at the edges where the bra strap meets the cup too which was the biggest issue with the size above I went for which is why I had to exchange.

The bra however is comfortable and gorgeous in style. I would wear around the house and with certain outfits but I wouldn’t wear this out on special occasion or with tight fitting outfits due to the shape it gives. The design is lovely but due to the fit it doesn’t give me that sexy, confident feeling. I would order from Clara-Olivia and try different brands and styles. They offer swimwear, shape wear and lingerie including sets, sports bras, t-shirt bras, strapless bras and excitingly even nursing bras! I found them to be helpful, professional and the right kind of online business I have been looking for. Take a look at their website and see for yourself.

May the hunt continue for that perfect bra!


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