Thursday 11 June 2015


I have some news to share with you all…

I’m pregnant!

That’s right people; I am a pregnant pin up! I had no idea how to tell the world and I thought let’s get straight to it! I am in my 17th week now and due in November. This news may not be so new to you if you follow Appleton Pin Up Girl on Facebook as I announced it there a couple of days ago which is why you should follow on social media for live updates too!
All is well and I have had my scan and as you can see all is looking good!!

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Some of the side effects have been tough to manage. I’ve felt very sick a lot of the time which is still ongoing. I have been exhausted every day, not just tired and worn out, but full blown exhaustion from when I wake up until I go to bed which again is still ongoing. Other side effects such as headaches, sore boobs, aches and pains, a month long urine infection that took 2 sets of antibiotics to clear, stomach cramps from hell to name but a few! Alongside these lovely symptoms I have had constant bleeding which had got worse to a point where I had many GP phone calls and was admitted to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit 4 times for early scans. Due to a previous miscarriage and suffering the way I had been I have been extremely anxious, scared and worried every single day. It’s actually been a very stressful time having all the effects physically on my body as well as my mind. Now after my last scan I am starting to feel more positive and finally able to start enjoying the experience.

In all honesty this was never planned however I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve spent the last couple of months being petrified, worried and anxious, scared, you name it! I’ve been with my partner for over 12 years now, through the good times and bad. We own a house together and have 2 crazy cats. Marriage and babies always felt like that thing adults do…one day I will have to realise that as this year I will be celebrating my 29th birthday…I am an adult! It’s something I never really imagined or expected to happen but as I say, I am very happy about the prospect of starting a new chapter in life. I have always been good with children; I have a lot of patience and a calming nature and gained a chance to put that into play working at a nursery last year. My mother has worked with children since I was tiny and I feel we are very similar in that respect. I still can’t get over the idea I will have one of my own by the end of this year.

Every year we approach New Year’s Eve and open ourselves to have a new start and see what the next year will bring. So far having holidays booked, festivals, good times with friends and family, day trips, long weekends away, house re-vamp, oh and a baby are all a pretty good start to the clean break I wanted! This Christmas should be a pretty special one for sure. Christmas is my favourite ‘holiday’ as Americans would say. November – January is for sure my favourite time of year as its just so exciting in the build up to Christmas. I love seasons and it always feels very wintery at that time, I love seeing all the decorations, twinkling lights on the trees, everything is covered in glitter too which is just perfect! To add the birth of my baby, mine and my partner’s birthdays, our anniversary and Christmas will make for a very exciting time indeed!

The beginning of this year I was unwell with flu and sickness bug all of January, I finally started to feel slightly more normal again in February and then by mid-February…BAM….life changing craziness started! Ever since then I have had a lot of physical and mental change to deal with. This might help to show why the blog has been quiet so far this year. In fact it’s not just the blog that has been slow. Normally by this time of year I would have attended a lot of burlesque shows, run a lot of shows, had photoshoots, lots of nights out in London, been out partying, lots of writing, all sorts. I feel a bit of a shadow of my former self as I have been so quiet. Heading out of the rough of the first trimester I intend to keep this year going as initially intended. I have been to my first burlesque show of the year with others booked in. I have recently started socialising more and been to a festival and a gig in London. I have plenty to look forward to; burlesque shows, a girl’s family holiday booked, days out, all sorts. I will be attempting to write more, blog more, wear the red lippy more and feel more human again. 

No matter how fat, ugly, spotty, unattractive I have felt I have ensured I have my hair well kept, my nails are done and I make an effort even when I don’t feel like it. In fact recently I went to a nail bar for a manicure and pedicure as a treat to myself. I was in the chair with my feet in the water and the nail technician asked me ‘you fat or you pregnant?’ I understood there’s a language barrier with the technicians at that particular salon; however it was very offensive and worded very poorly. It certainly doesn’t do much for your confidence when you already don’t feel like your usual self, your body is changing beyond your control (and I am maintaining my weight at Slimming World) and your emotions are high. I left feeling low when I should have felt great after a pamper. I pulled myself up and embraced how I am and I’m feeling very positive. The side effects are on their way down and I know I take care of myself which is the main thing.

I decided to get my pregnancy out in the open after getting the all clear from the doctors and I feel to be in a better place. Only limited people have known before now due to all the problems I have been going through. It’s a real blessing and I consider myself lucky to be in the position I am in.
Don’t worry I don’t intend to turn this into a baby blog just because I am pregnant! I will give an update on my 20 week scan in July and throughout but it won’t be taking over for sure!

Thank you all for your support and understanding during this quiet period. Things can only get better and I fully intend to keep things moving!


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