Monday 29 September 2014

Interview with Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson! 
You have just learnt more about Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan in the last interview. As you know season 8 of Geordie Shore has finished, which I know personally I am very sad about as I just love it! Marnie has been a huge focus this season being caught between Gaz and Aaron which we hope to learn more about come season 9.
Geordie Shore's series 7 & 8 new girl Marnie Simpson reveals she is an avid wearer of coloured cosmetic contact lenses. In fact, she is a natural brown-eyed-girl but likes to experiment with different eye colours to achieve different looks (image of her with blue eyes).

She has teamed up with to have her own choices of colours, including pure blue, sea green and misty grey. The important factor for Marnie is that they look 100% nautral:
Marnie's admits: 
"It is so important for me to only have lenses which look 100% natural in my range. There's no point in having striking eyes if everyone can see they're clearly not real. 

"It took me so long to find the right contact lenses! I was so frustrated wearing really uncomfortable, irritating, expensive and unnatural looking lenses and so when I found the perfect lenses with I was so happy.

"I would often get complimented for my lovely pure blue eyes, and would just smile and agree. No one would be able to tell.

"I worked hard with the design team and everything on the site I'm very proud of. 

"We also worked hard to get the shape and makeup of the lenses correct so that they're extremely comfortable to wear in the eye, as in the past I've worn lenses that really irritated."

Marnie's range includes: 

* Sea Green
* Light Hazel
* Mistry Grey
* Pure Blue
* Pure Violet

With a 1 year life after first use, Marnie's lenses are amazing value from just £12.99 with free delivery. 

This is your chance to learn more about Marnie and her ever changing eyes!

How have you found your experience this time around? 

I’ve really enjoyed myself this time, last series was a bit of a tough one. I’ve got on with the girls a lot more and feel more part of the GS family

Caribbean Blue Lenses 
Now you have left the Geordie Shore house do you think you’ll be seeing the Geordie Shore boys?

I see a few of the cast members on nights out or on PAs. We all keep in touch.

One thing you may have noticed is Marnie’s eye colours as they regularly change with the help of ‘MyCosmeticLenses’. Marnie has released her own colour range with this brand. What made you decide to release your own range?

I’ve always been a regular wearer of coloured cosmetic lenses and I’ve tried so many different kinds so I know how hard it is to find ones that actually do change your eye colour and are comfortable in the eye. I wanted to have my own range that I know work well for me so others can try changing their looks.

Why did you choose MyCosmeticLenses?

They were super comfortable and ones I actually wear. They last for a year and come in so many different colours. They were the best ones I’ve tried.

How involved in the creation of the range have you been?

I was involved from the beginning trying out all different types of lenses and finding the ones best suited and comfortable. Then I chose a range of colours I like to wear myself.

Chocolate Lenses 
How long have you been wearing cosmetic contact lenses for?

For a couple of years.

What’s different about your range to others?

Mine last up to 1 year, contain 40% more water making them really comfortable, most of the time I can’t even feel that I’ve got them in. They also come in a large range of colours.

When would you typically wear cosmetic lenses?

I like to wear them on nights out to change my look. I get a lot of people complimenting me when I wear them.

How comfortable are they to wear?

Very. I hardly notice them.

What’s your favourite colour of lenses to wear?

I like the Pure Blue as I love how they look with my dark hair. 
Do you see wearing cosmetic lenses as an accessory in the same way people wear strip eyelashes, change colour of their lipstick, wear fashion jewellery etc?

Exactly! That’s just what I see it as. Think of wearing them like changing your lipstick colour. They make a subtle but noticeable difference to your face.

When you watch Geordie Shore and you see the cast intro you hear Marnie say, “I'm a natural beauty; real boobs, real hair.” Now we know about the eye colour not being so natural…what about those lips?? The newest female addition to the Geordie Shore house, Marnie Simpson, hasn’t exactly had time for a style transformation – she only arrived in Season Seven! However, she has managed to fit in a few lip fillers along the way or so it seems! Marnie, have you had lip fillers?

Yes, I’ve had a small enhancement on my lips, but I like to keep them looking as natural as possible. I love that whole Rosie Huntington-Whiteley look, she’s so naturally pretty with plump lips.

Why did you choose to have this enhancement?

That’s just the look I wanted to go for, just to enhance my nautral lips.

Ocean Blue Lenses 
Can we expect any more changes from your natural look?

Not for the moment, I don’t have any plans to. 

How would you describe your own personal style?

I like to keep things quite minimal. I love the laidback casual look for the day, but mixing it up with a simple black bowler hat. I’m not one for glitz, glamour and sequins, I usually opt for something classic and chic.

Who is your fashion/style icon?

I love Sienna Miller, Mollie King, Audrina Partridge. They’re effortlessly cool.

What do you typically eat in a day compared with what we have seen in the Geordie Shore house?

I do think I eat quite a lot. Although, I’m watching the carbs so I try to cut down on bread. I’ll pretty much eat anything though.

What is your exercise routine like/how do you stay in such great shape?

I work out with a personal trainer when I can, so I do like to keep fit. I go to the gym twice a week doing a mixture of cardio and weight training.
Green Lenses 

You are on TV and being photographed a lot of the time. Looking after yourself must play a big part in your life. What are you favourite beauty products and why?

I couldn’t live without Vaseline/lip balm or mascara. Those are my top beauty products as I’m not one to wear huge amounts of face makeup in the day. I also couldn’t do without my eyebrows being done.

Do you have a set beauty routine?

I pretty much stick to a basic day time look, with minimal makeup, then for a nightout I just do a quick smokey eye.

What kind of maintenance does it take to keep your look?

I wouldn’t have said much?! Day time, I’m not too bothered about wearing much makeup.

For the Geordie Shore fan who wants to visit the toon, what would you recommend they do and where are they places they should visit?

A lot of people go to the Geordie Shore house, but I’m not sure why?! For a night out, head to the Diamond strip where all the bars and clubs you see on Geordie Shore are.

Finally, what else is coming up for you?

I’m working on my very own fashion range, I’ll let you know more on this when I can! 
I would like to thank Marnie for her time with this interview. I look forward to seeing Marnie in the next season of Geordie Shore!

Don’t forget you can keep up to date with what’s happening with Marnie by following her on:

Stay tuned for more amazing interviews coming soon!


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