Saturday 14 December 2013

My Birthday Week!

Well what a week it has been and it’s not over yet!
My birthday happened to fall on Friday 13th December this year and the week leading up to this has been crazy! You will see why I haven’t had time to post, let alone breath lately! But more posts are on their way!

Sunday – Very early start spending all day in London with my sister hitting up Winter Wonderland, Harrods and Hard Rock CafĂ© before heading to the O2 arena to meet my friend Zoe and see Hanson for the Anthem album world tour. Needless to say another epic gig of theirs and so happy to see them perform a very old dong ‘Weird’ and some more classics. Also made me like some of the new album more. A long day and later night but so much fun and very Christmassy! Even saw the Coca-Cola truck all lit up for Christmas!

Monday – Early start having to go to work all day long – needless to say I was very tired and busy at work. Spent the evening seeing my sister before she had to head back home to Weston-Super-Mere!

Tuesday – Work again in the morning. I finished midday and had to head home to do some prep for the next nights burlesque show and get ready for a concert in London. Headed into London to St John on Bethnal Green to see James Arthur perform a one off acoustic gig for Charity Crisis. Really unique setting in a church, amazing voice live and got to see some live lounge style songs performed including ‘Let’s Get It On’, ‘Mr Writer’, ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘All I Want For Christmas’. Another late night!

Wednesday – The next day I was off work and managed to sleep until 7am then a busy day with show preparation including in contact with all my performers, printing of best dressed comp flyers, hair colour and style, meeting girls etc.  Then show time, from 6pm until midnight I was at The Tea Bar for my first show as Appleton Productions – The Tease Bar. A whole post due to come on this amazing night!

Thursday – I got to sleep in after a very late night and busy day again until 8am…a treat this week! Then up and ready to take the girls to the station. Then back home to sort some stuff out before heading to work at 12 for the rest of the day. I then had my mum and grandparents came over to see me before my birthday.

Friday – It was Friday 13th, my birthday and guess what…ANOTHER early start! Up early getting ready to go to The Harry Potter Studio Tour. The ultimate geek’s day out spent at the studios. I have done this before, for my birthday last year actually but I love it! Lots of fun! Then stopped for dinner on the way home, went to see my parents and then headed into town to see The Hobbit! Got home around midnight and was needless to say shattered but had a great geeky birthday!

Saturday – NO EARLY START!! Thankfully! However sleeping in I think made me feel more tired!! Got showered and sorted for the day. Today a bit of Christmas shopping is on the cards and heading out for some drinks with friends for my birthday is planned. 

Next week I have a full week at work. My last day at work is Friday before breaking up for the Christmas period. I am intending on having a drink to celebrate at my works party starting the Christmas celebrations as the next day I head to Dublin until Christmas eve! Then Christmas day and then I can relax/party/etc until next year! And breath! One hectic year over!!

This week has been busy but a lot of fun, 2 concerts, day in London, ultimate geeks day out, burlesque show, drinks with friends…what a birthday week! Another year older…eek!

I have some great posts coming up, The Tease Bar first show, an interview with a wonderful fashion designer and much more. Stay tuned!


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