Tuesday 1 October 2013

An Interview with $ Millie Dollar $

Photo provided by Millie Dollar
She’s a burlesque starlet from Liverpool, you may have seen her modelling for Collectif or strutting her stuff on stage in front of a burlesque loving crowd. I had had the opportunity to speak to Millie Dollar to bring you the answers you all want to hear!

A self-made Burlesque Starlet from the back streets of Liverpool, the glisten of glamour awakening a lifelong yearning for the thrill of the stage. With a bump of her hips, a swish of her curls, and a pout she has danced into the hearts of many. With her frantic bump and grind dance moves, and showgirl costumes, she has bought the style of Las Vegas Grind to the stages of the UK, and Europe.

Millie brings an unmistakable charm to the stage, while offering some of the sultriest performances in burlesque; she does so with a cheeky sass that enamours every audience, from Liverpool to LA.

Photo provided by Millie Dollar
You have performed in a huge amount of places. Do you still get nervous about going on stage?
I do when performing a new act, especially if it’s one involving extra skills like my whip or fire acts but after eight years performing is a natural part of my life now. 

Photo provided by Millie Dollar
What do you like to do with your time off from being Millie Dollar?
Time off? What's that?! When I'm not performing I'm usually doing admin, organising various events, rehearsing, making or tending to costumes, going to the gym, and sleeping....as much as I possibly can...! 

You are on stage and being photographed a lot of the time. Looking after yourself must play a big part in your life. What are you favourite beauty products and why?

I'm actually quite easy going when it comes to my beauty regime, I have a few products that I do love though such as lush's dark angels face wash, soap and glory's scrubs, and cocoa butter to moisturise. Apart from that I always make sure to take off my make up even if it is 6am..!

Do you have a set beauty routine?

Clean face, make up, remove make up once it's not needed...!! I always wear lipstick; my favourites are the lime crime velvetines. It's vegan, cruelty free, and is the best red lipstick I have found!

On that note how to you keep yourself in shape for your performances?

I hit the gym a fair amount, but as it’s something that makes me feel a bit more positive, energised, and keeps me healthy while also keeping me toned.

Photo provided by Millie Dollar
What is your diet like? 

I'm a strict vegan so no meat, dairy, eggs or honey so my diet is quite a healthy one. There's plenty of cheat foods though like Jammie dodgers which are now actually dairy free!! 

What are your must have pieces of make up? 

Lime crime red velvet velvetines, soap and glory kick ass concealer as its everything I need for my face in one pot, and of course black eyeliner and some lovely false lashes! I prefer the illamasqua ones which I stock up on when they have sales as they sell for £5 instead of the full whack.

Do you style your own hair yourself? 

I do indeed, and have even written what was a rather well received blog post with step by step instructions of how I style my on stage hair.

You are not only a burlesque performer but a successful model too! Can you share some of your fabulous modeling experiences with us?

I have a lot of fun modelling and have been lucky enough to work with some amazing companies and photographers. I do a lot of photo shoots with my friend Glo Mason and we have so much fun playing with ideas, and experimenting with new ideas and looks! 

Photo provided by Millie Dollar
Do you have any advice for girls who would like to start modeling?

Have fun with your shoots, stay safe, check the photographers work to see if it would suit your personal style rather than take any shoot for the experience, you may pick up bad habits that way. Invest in good shots with great photographers, your portfolio will look better and you will learn some valuable tips. 

How many tattoos do you have and what are they?

I have about 19 and a half! Half because an attempt of having a trumpet tattooed onto my thumb faded after two attempts. I have quite a mix of tattoos all of which represent a different time or moment in my life. Even if the design doesn’t represent it obviously it still reminds me of that particular time frame. 

Do you have plans to get anymore?

I have many more planned, I've slowly been working on my sleeve for nearly ten years now, now I only have a few small gaps to fill before getting them all intertwined. 

What is your approach to fashion?

I don't follow fashions, I wear whatever I feel comfortable in or like at the time. My style probably changes depending on my mood constantly but I like to have fun with it, from cat themed outfits, to Star Wars montage leggings, if I like it I'll wear it! 

What else is coming up for you?
I have a lot more in the works, the plans are large and complex so all I can say is keep your eyes peeled!! 

Photo provided by Millie Dollar
I would like to thank Millie Dollar for her time with this fabulous interview. Stay tuned for more!!


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