Friday 3 May 2013

My UK Exclusive Interview with Perle Noire for This is Cabaret!

Photo by Kaylin Idora
You have all seen my first interview with Perle Noire, US Burlesque Extraordinaire! Well you may be wondering why round two is coming up so quickly?! This is because I am sharing with you the UK exclusive first interview about Perle’s trip to the UK this May! This interview was my exclusive for This is Cabaret, my debut piece for them, you can read the full piece at here.
Photo by Kaylin Idora
So Perle how exciting is this, your touring and doing a show in London! I was only saying recently to you how I would LOVE to see you perform live one day, now it’s here sooner than I imagined!
I’m beyond elated to return to London to perform.  I’m looking forward to performing with the gems at the Sublime Boudoir cabaret show on May 25.
Will you be doing any other shows outside of London?
Due to my intense travel schedule, I will only make one appearance at the Sublime Boudoir cabaret.
What can we expect from a Perle Noire show?
I’m excited to present my African Goddess act, Exotique Mystere. This is a high energy act inspired by the African Goddess, Oshun. She is the goddess of drums, dance, and love. The audience will join me on a journey of seduction, fire, and praise.
Where will the UK show be held?
I pleased to join the lovely artists of Sublime Boudoir at the Old Vic Tunnels.
Will you be the only performer or will you have others?
The show will feature Dirty Martini and Ms. Polly Rae. I’m really overjoyed because I adore these ladies, and we happen to be friends. I travel a great deal, and although it’s very glamorous, I’m usually alone or surrounded by strangers, so this is a wonderful treat.
How long will you be in the UK for?
Unfortunately, this will only be a three day trip. I have to return to the states to perform my Toni Elling tribute at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. After that, I kick off my Aussie-New Zealand tour!
How many times have you visited the UK before?

I came to London in 2009 to work with Kalani Kokonuts, Kitten Deville, and Immodesty Blaize  a  burlesque spectacle featured at the KoKo in Camden Lock. I’ve been patiently waiting on an opportunity to return to your great city. I can’t believe that it’s finally here!

Do you have anything else planned for your UK trip?

Yes, I’m having tea with a beautiful woman named Leanna B.

Photo by Kaylin Idora
I may have screamed at the answer to the last question!! J

May 25th Sublime Boudoir, The Old Vic Tunnels, London is the date for your diaries! Make a note, book your tickets and I’ll see you all there! Not one to be missed!
To book tickets with Sublime Boudoir please visit

Thanks to Perle for this fabulous UK exclusive interview for This is Cabaret with me! Make sure you check out their other awesome features!


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