Monday 29 April 2013

Interview with Rubyyy Jones!

Photo Credit to Absolut Queer Photography
Here to brighten your Monday is my interview with the ever fabulous, outrageous, oh so talented, Rubyyy Jones! Time to get up close and personal with not only a star, performer, showgirl, entertainer and all round bad ass biatch! Rubyyy is truly a lovely person, brilliant to work with and inspiring! Enjoy!

One third drag queen, one third Broadway baby and one third alien, Rubyyy has performed all her life; a graduate of the illustrious Sheridan College Music Theatre Performance program she has worked with some of the top theatre performers and educators in Canada and some of the sleaziest and sexiest cabaret and burlesque performers in the world. Before attending college, Rubyyy made her professional acting debut at sixteen in The Vagina Monologues and was ranked one of Ontario’s top Triple Threat performers, as she competed in all disciplines of dance (specializing in jazz, contemporary and music theatre) and won a number of titles and awards in her dance career.

After moving to London to discover the sexier side of life, Rubyyy made her burlesque debut at the final Tournament of Tease in 2010 where she shared the stage with her Burly idol, Dirty Martini, received an honourable ToT mention and was nominated for an Erotic Award for Performer of the Year 2011. Since her debut, this neo burlesque beauty has burst on to the scene, sharing her special mix of sweet and shocking performance magic while working hard to hone her personal stripper POV – if you twist her arm to answer, she prefers the title of ‘Burlesque Sex Education Performer’. A few years into her showgirl life Rubyyy has had the pleasure of performing at some of the UK’s top events and stages, branched out into compereing and produces her own monthly neo burlesque and cabaret extravaganza: The Save Rubyyy Jones Revue; which you can catch, the last Friday of every month, starting Feb 2013, at The World’s End Pub, Finsbury Park. Doors at 7:30, Show at 8:30.

Photo by Rubyyy Jones
How did you get into the burlesque industry?

I've been a performer my whole life, mostly live performance and after taking some time off, focusing on other projects, I was really longing to get back on stage and to express myself live. A girl had moved in with me who introduced me to Burlesque, she was looking to make her debut as a classic stripper and had no performance background so I choreographed and rehearsed her first routine with her. It was lots of fun and I started going to events with her and saw lots of different types of performers and decided to play/entertain the last Tournament of Tease - where I shared the stage with one of my Burly idols, Dirty Martini!

Do you have a favourite routine/performance?

Ummmmmm I think I go through phases of loving each one a little bit more but all my acts are an expression of me; an opinion, an idea, an ideology and so each one is joy to perform and practice. I'm always updating my costumes, my look and having fun onstage to keep this fresh and feisty for me and my adoring audience!

What is your most embarrassing moment on stage/that you have witnessed on stage?

Ummmm I dunno! I've had a dress zip break a few times but I was always able to make it work and usually learned something new each time! I don't get embarrassed onstage, I get funny!

What was the worst crowd situation you have ever performed in?

Haven't had many bad ones, but definitely some hilarious challenges: hosting a cabaret in a muddy tent immediately after a drugged up trance DJ, audiences of just the performers for the night and three people who wandered in looking for cocktails, etc...

Photo by Paul Singer
You’re a lady of many talents; I'd love to know about your radio show! What exactly is it you do and how did it come about?

My radio show is called The Save Rubyyy Jones Hour and it's with Shoreditch Radio, an online station. I love the format of radio and use it as an extension for my Rubyyy Jones brand, so one episode we'll be talking about Burlesque, the next about BDSM or Yoga; it really is an experiment and a chance to learn I did several shows last year and I'm looking forward to many more in 2013!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Love, Lust and Light

Everything about you screams fabulous, from your unique hair, your bubbly attitude, wild outfits, how to you manage to be so glamorous and confident all of the time?

Hahaha! Love this! Well I am DEFINITELY not glamorous and confident all the time! But I do really believe in myself, and what I'm creating within Rubyyy Jones, and I have so much fun when I'm performing, attending fabulous events, creating new work and I think my drive and radiance comes from loving what I do, loving learning through what I do and making my personal dreams come true. 

You are on stage and being photographed a lot of the time. Looking after yourself must play a big part in your life. What are you favourite beauty products and why?

I am honestlyyy a bit rubbish with this stuff sometimes HOWEVER perfect timing as I have just discovered some products I absolutely love! Shu Numera Cleansing Beauty Oil is incredible for removing make up and I wear A LOT of make up and usually hairspray my face before a show... Yes, hairspray my face... Must look into a product alternative for that! I'm in LOVE with REN products, all of them, but especially love a beautiful Moroccan Rose Otton set that was gifted to me: body wash, body cream and body oil - heavenly!

Do you have a set beauty routine?

Hahaha Sorta, kinda, not really! Depends on the day! To be honest, I'm hard on my face and hair with my look and so, on the days I'm not performing, I try to wear absolutely minimal or no make up, usually brows if I do AND I don't put any product in my hair on off days and wrap it in a turban to protect it!

On that note how to you keep yourself in shape for your performances?

Ummm whiskey and coke, 3 AM fried chicken, lots of brunches in a naughty phase and yoga, juice and big salads (gin and tonic...) in a healthy one.

 Photo by Rubyyy Jones

Describe your fashion style?

Nineties made seventies set mafia movie, the boss's son's mistress from Jersey.

Black! Textures! Sequins! Turbans! Bows! Leopard Print! 90's!

Where are you favourite places to shop?

Charity Shopsss

What are your 3 must have pieces of make up?

Brow Kit! Gel Eyeliner! Bold Hot Lipstick!

What do you like to do with your time off from being Rubyyy Jones?

Hmmm Not much time off! I'm a workaholic and thank goddess that I love my work! I have several simultaneous careers and Rubyyy Jones, my Revue, my Radio Hour, there are all one. I also work in other creative industries that help me balance my performance needs

Who is your favourite burlesque performer to watch?

Oh GAWD! I'm a huge fan of The Fierce Family Collective: Mr 'Meth' Mistress, Miss Cairo, Lolo Brow, Lady Tena, Lilly Snatchdragon and one of my biggest inspirations is my sister: Aurora Galore! Adore Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muse and Fancy Chance.

Now you know I'm a baker of cupcakes. I have noticed you also make them...well a version...cuntcakes I believe!! How did that come about?!

Hahaha I am NOT a baker, may be one day but I am a cake decorator and, yes, I make Cuntcakes or Ladyyy Love Bites for the corporate crowd *wink* The vulva cake is nothing new, I didn't invent it! I used to have a weekend job where I taught cupcake decorating workshops: taught people how to use different kinds of icing, how to style cakes and how to mould shapes out of sugar paste. But I got fired from that job for making Cuntcakes! How rude! Was very fun and I love expressing my creativity in a tactile way! So I made some for a tea party and they went down a storm; now I do the cakes for events and parties and I team up with an amazing baker.

Who are your biggest inspirations and why?

Anyone who is creating a unique perspective, challenging an ideal, turn ideas, images and ideals on their head through the art of burlesque - and we are blessed with many in London - is an inspiration to me. I adore and admire the legends, the reigning legends and the rising legends.

You recently went to LA, what was that experience like?

Wow... LA was one of the most wonderful adventures of my life. I had an absolute ball and lived it up like a lush! I didn't see nearly enough of LA for my liking and hope to go back soon but I met some absolutely incredible people, who really gave me a bright and fresh perspective on myself and the work I'm doing in London; really switched on people, being brave, bold and deep. I didn't perform while I was there but I have many plans now as I found it a very inspiring city and vibe - I must get back! I want more tattoos! I want to swim in the Chateau Marmont's salt water pool again! I must get to Venice Beach! Having sunshine and champagne every day, fresh fruit each morning for breakfast, long drives in gorgeous convertible with a gorgeous soul, green juices, too may cocktails, so much laughter our sides ached; I came back to London feeling like a new woman.

What can we expect next for you?

I want to be the first Burlesque pop star, a magazine, to run three monthly shows, have a chat show, launch my VLOG, produce more films, return to hot yoga, perform in as many countries as possible, produce the first Save Rubyyy Jones Revue Spectacular: The Wedding Show, designs and see countless costumes made, mentor and collaborate with many incredible performers and maybe get a dog...

What advice would you give to a girl reading this interested in getting into this industry?

Playyy! Enjoyyy! Watch all different kinds of shows, performers and styles of performance outside of the industryyy! Get invooolved!

Reveal your body if you wish but go on stage and reveal your heart and they will love you beyond your wildest dreams xxx

Photo by Rubyyy Jones

A massive thank you to the fabulous
Rubyyy Jones for her time with this interview! I hope you all enjoyed!


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