Monday 18 February 2013

Hundred Watt Club Review February 2013

For lovers of vaudeville, striptease, all things weird and all things wonderful, Hundred Watt Club is the event for you! This sell-out show is back, with another gorgeous cast ready to dazzle you with vintage allure, gruesome melodies and some very wicked comedy! Dress up to the nines and let your hair down in the intimate company of the Hundred Watt Club. Ages 18+
I first went to see Hundred Watt Club back in November last year. My friend Jenni Fleur Silver was in the show, she was the newbie performer of the night. I wanted to go and support her as I hadn’t yet had the chance to see her perform live. I went with my other half and had a really great time. I decided to come back for the February show (that I saw this weekend) due to the experience I had at the last one and this time bring my friend a burlesque virgin along with me.
My friend didn’t know what to expect. Her first thoughts were that it would be general strip tease one after the other, in typical burlesque outfits such as frilly corsets etc like something from Moulin Rouge. I explained what would happen, that burlesque is more that, and the Hundred Watt Club is more than that! I told her to expect burlesque performers with a range of acts, costumes, music and style of performance, a wonderful host, singing, comedy, dance, acrobatics, competition, and everyone dressed the part looking to have a great time…and that’s exactly what she got! In fact she even ended up on stage herself as the winner of the ‘Best Dressed’ competition too!

 Me and my friend Mel enjoying ourselves at the show
My partner who came in November and my friend who came with me this weekend both thoroughly enjoyed the show. It opened their eyes to the world of burlesque; they were both quite surprised with the amount of comedy and how much acts can vary. Pleased to give a massive thumbs up from the burlesque virgins J 
When I go to a show I like to see new acts I haven’t seen before. I enjoy a real mixture of different types of performances. I love comedy acts, I love traditional burlesque, fan dancing, I like a lot of dance too…I’m open to most things really however as I have now seen a few shows I do have a lot in my head to compare to and as we all do I judge and make a decision whether I like what I see! There may be acts you prefer over others by overall as long as the quality is high and there is a real mixture to keep things interesting you can really enjoy the night as a whole.
For me being a Hampshire girl I find it really great to have a regular show that is local to save having to trek into London. I have only been to one other show that was local and it’s a huge plus for me to have such a good show so close to home! The tickets are very reasonable considering the high quality acts you see each time. The venue itself is great, small and intimate, you get a great view of the stage no matter where you are as there is a mixture of tables and tiered seating. There is an interval to allow time for more drinks. The venue is easy to find and free car parking at the back which is very handy. I have loved both shows and introduced burlesque virgins who also really enjoyed them so much they would both come again.

Review of my Top Performers:

Tabitha Taboo –
I thought this
Kitsch striptease starlet was brilliant! She performed twice during the night and both were fun, lively and different! I haven’t seen acts like that – it was original and well thought out! Her costumes and props were great! I think it’s important if a performer is going to do 2 acts that they are very different in terms of costume and act in general, the audience want something diverse to keep them interested. The three things I will remember about her performance, cute, animated, fun!
Abigail Collins –
Abigail truly stole the show! She is an acrobat extraordinaire! Her acts were hilarious and SO entertaining; the audience was fixated on her. The great thing about being a critique n the audience is that you get to hear people’s reactions, comments and opinions! Everyone was saying how great they thought she was and how shocked they were (I won’t give anything away for those that haven’t yet seen her performances). I also thought it was great how she stayed in character during the interval and got involved with the audience both on and off stage. The three things I will remember about her comical, crude, and skilled!
Lena Mae –
I have now seen 3 of Lena’s acts performed live and loved every one! She has a body to die for and always looks incredible in her costumes. The performances flow well and always classy. Something about her style reminds me of Dita…the elegance and way the performance all comes together. The three things I will remember about her performance, infectious smile, class, glitter!

I have also asked Lena Mae the founder of Hundred Watt Club a few questions:
What is the Hundred Watt Club?
It's (probably) the finest burlesque and cabaret showcase in Hampshire!
How did the Hundred Watt Club come about?
I have been good friends with the manager of the West End Centre for quite a few years now, and when he asked me if I'd be interested in producing a burlesque show for them I threw myself right in there! I thought it'd be a one off, but three years later we're still going strong.
How did you decide on the name?
Tank girl! I'm a big fan. She wore a shirt in one of my books, since I was 17 I always thought it was the coolest, it said '40 Watt Club'. I wanted to name my show after it, but nobody would come see such a badly lit affair! So I just upped the Wattage a little.

What do you want from each show for the audience?
I want to and hope I do, produce a high quality variety event. I want the audience to laugh, to be enthralled, to get excited, to scream, gasp and maybe even cry! Really, just for them to have a brilliant night out with awesome entertainment.  
How many shows per year does the Hundred Watt Club put on?
At the West End Centre: 3-4. However I also produce various pop-up shows at other venues and events too.
How do you choose your acts for the shows?
Mostly its acts that I have seen and loved, other times I've gone on recommendations from other performers/promoters. Sometimes I choose acts because I've been asked by an audience member to book someone specific! Someone you'd like to see on the bill? Get in touch!

How can people keep up to date with latest events?
Visit and 'like' our Facebook page, it's kept updated with info on upcoming shows…see you there!

I give the Hundred Watt Club a 5 star rating! 
Make your way to the next show on 13th July to check it out for yourself. I already have my tickets booked!
To buy tickets please visit or call the box office on 01252 330040

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