Monday 11 February 2013

Appleton Bakery Update

As you know I am in the process of getting my business prepared to officially launch! I have had a new kitchen unit added and I am in the process of sorting the rest of my kitchen out to accommodate for all my cupcake goodies!

I thought I’d share with my latest project… Canada Cupcakes! I am making 70 cupcakes for my friends leaving celebrations in March. I will be attending my friends leaving party as they set off on an adventure moving to Canada. To celebrate their departure I am making vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing with some interesting and fitting edible toppings, in red cases of course. Photos will follow after the party takes place!
I also have a wedding to cater for in September that I am looking forward to. I am pleased that things are picking up and I get to create different cupcakes to suit all different styles.

I have also decided to attend the Start-up Britain, Start-up Food Event on 21st February in Kingston. I thought this could really help give an insight into the business and help me move things forward. I’ll be sure to let you all know hoe that goes! J
I have booked a few courses to help my skills improve. I feel I am very good at what I do, however I believe everyone can always find room for improvement. I have had one lesson on how to bake a cake from my mother’s friend many years ago…and I caught the baking bug from then on. I have taught myself everything since. I do believe you can learn a lot from other people, whether it be new skills, ideas, inspiration, food for thought! I feel you should regularly refresh your skills and open your mind to new ideas, especially with something as creative as baking.

Stay tuned for further updates on Appleton Bakery! Lots of plans and exciting stuff to come!


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