Thursday 27 December 2012

Welcome December 2012!


So I have decided to start a blog...All things Appleton, including Appleton Bakery, Appleton Stationary and Appleton!

I thought I would touch on the last year, more so December really and what’s to come in 2013.

Over the last month things have been pretty crazy, I have held the PUG Style websites UK Meet and Greet... (that’s a whole post in itself), my Birthday spent at the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studios, Appleton Bakery had a Golden Wedding to cater for, my partners birthday, mine and my partners 10 year anniversary,'s been busy and it’s not over yet!!

This last year has been a mixture of good and bad to be honest. A few low points, losing my job and being out of work for 3 months is one...being told the contract I am currently working is now at an end 3 days before the Christmas break unexpectedly is another!! Other downers like money problems, house problems etc. But this year I have found my own pin up girl sense of style, been to Paris, met Dita Von Teese, been to the Crazy Horse and seen other Burlesque shows, lost some weight (I won’t speak to much about that now as I haven’t got on the scales after Christmas yet...), had my first proper paid cupcake job for Appleton Bakery and wedding invitations for Appleton Stationary.

It really has been a mixture this year but looking forward to what next year brings! 13 has always been my lucky number, it's the date of my birthday, I had my big 16th birthday party on Friday 13th, both of my homes with my partner have had 13 in the address. It literally crops up everywhere, from cinema seat numbers to table numbers in restaurants, you name it. 2013 just feels good!

2013 is going to be busy...already I have 3 weddings, 2 weddings I am bridesmaid, 3 hen parties, one wedding I am catering cupcakes for, another UK PUG Meet and Greet, hopefully an LA PUG Meet and Greet, my friends coming back from Australia, a concert to see Journey and Whitesnake, a local Burlesque show to go to, my partner in Africa for January exploring Africa's champion trees, 2 holidays to book and as my contract at work has just ended a new job to find....this is just what I know about!! It will only get more hectic!

I hope your looking forward to the New Year and have some plans to celebrate!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All! Keep tuning in!

xoxo :)


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