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UK PUG Style Meet and Greet 9th December 2012!

UK PUG Style Meet and Greet 9th December 2012!

I thought I would share with you all how the recent UK PUG Meet and Greet went! I am a member on Pin Up Girl Style website – a social spin off site from Pin Up Girl Clothing. I decided to set up a UK Meet and Greet to get together ladies who all share of love of 30’s/40’s/50’s style, all things vintage and retro. I don’t know many people who like this kind of thing so thought there must be other girls around the country who also would like to meet people with the same interests and make new friends.

It took place on Sunday 9th December. I met one of the other Pugseters at Kings Cross Station... Platform 9 3/4 to tell you the truth for all you fellow Harry Potter Geeks out there!!

The day started at Viviene of Holloway. We had a pretty good turn out all things considered, so close to Christmas, on a Sunday, not the best weather...but thankfully you girls still came!! So we had me from Hampshire, Claire from Northamptonshire, Mel and her sister from Swindon, Zoe from Sheffield, Sarah from Essex and Betty from Hampshire met us in the evening.

We started by having homemade cupcakes from one of the girls who could not attend the day and a bottle of bubbly I bought along for everyone. Then we all got measured and started to try on all the gorgeous dresses. The staff were brilliant and all the girls made use of their discounts and got their goody bags as promised. I came away with a gorgeous leopard print 50's circle dress, red petticoat and red belt. It made a real difference having the place to ourselves and the chance to shop without the crowds, use of the changing rooms and staff support. We had a real good laugh all together and once we had finished our shopping session we went all together on to the next place. 

We then headed over to Liverpool Street to Old Spitalfields Market where we had our next shopping stop at Collectif. Zoe had to leave us at this point to get her train back to Sheffield. We had a real good time there. We again got started rummaging the racks trying to find some outfits. I went for a Dolores dress in red riding hood print, some red and white polka dot hair bows and red rose earings. As you can see from the photo of Claire below we had fun looking at all the hats, clothes etc. 

The store was in a great location, right in the middle of the vintage market. Walking back through the market we were stopped for chocolate tasting and saw some interesting sights, the gorgeous car below and some very pretty clothes and umbrellas that nearly got me running off into the shops.

We then headed off to Camden Market. By this point in the day we were very glad to get a seat on the tube as out feet were killing us!! They were so sore!! Shopping is super hard work! We got to Camden and as expected it was very busy and getting very chilly outside! We managed a quick look around the vintage market held in the Electric Ballroom, looked around a few quirky stores then decided to give in for the day and headed to a pub! We went there for an hour or so, rest our feet, few drinks and got out of the cold. Then we all headed together to the restaurant. 

We all went to Hache, a gorgeous little restaurant. It was very pretty inside, fairy lights, chandeliers and Christmas decorations. At this point Sarah had to leave to get her train back home. Betty came to join us fr the meal and cocktails though.  The food was excellent, great sized portions and really tasty, I think everyone loved it! Started with Oreo Cookie milkshakes, huge burgers, great side dishes, then me and Betty shared a huge piece of Banoffee pie! :) It was really nice to chill out, rest our feet and have a chance to get to know each other properly. 

After the meal we walked just a few minutes down the road to Fifty Five cocktail bar for 2-4-1 drinks. We found ourselves a little table upstairs and got the drinks in. More girly gossiping drinks in hand, great way to end the night.

At the end of the night we all departed, heading back home with our goody bags, shopping bags and pretty tired feet but very happy! Between Elin at Viviene of Holloway, Betty Hobcraft of Betty Blues Loungerie

had come to the decision that Melanie was our winner of the best dressed competition and was sent out in the post £65 Collectif online voucher to spend! Congratulations Melanie! :) 

All in all I think a very successful first UK meet and greet! Hard work organising places to go when you don't know the areas, organising people you don't know and based all over the country is never easy too but we got there and I know I would love to do it again in the New Year! I met some lovely people and made some new friends I will definitely be meeting again! 

I hope you all had a great time! See you in the New Year! :) xoxox

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