Saturday 29 December 2012

Highlights of 2012

As you have now seen I have shared a few highlights so far, the burlesque shows, the glittering cupcakes and pin up girl events. There have been some real amazing times this last year, best not to dwell on the bad points!

Heres's a few of my top favourite times, in addition to the ones you have already seen so far!

My trip with my partner to visit a friend in Paris, we had our own personal tour guide in our friend Ben, stayed at his apartment in a fantastic location, amazing food, all the sights, Paris is my new most favourite city I have fallen in love with and cannot wait to get back there!!

Dita Von Teese
In May I had the chance to meet Dita Von Teese at her perfume launch in London. It was a fabulous experience. She looked like a china doll as I got closer and closer. I real experience to meet someone you admire so much. I had baked her cupcakes for her launch too, black and red to meet the theme, all in flavours I found our she likes from her sister Jena. All with appropriate decorations, little red hearts, gemstones made of jellies, lots of glitter and sparkle as you can imagine. I emailed her the photos after and she told me how she really liked them which was great to hear! A great experience topped off by a visit to the Fumoir cocktail bar at Claridges, somewhere I had been meaning to visit and was just as fabulous as I thought it would be...expensive as you would expect but fabulous.

Afternoon Tea
I had never been to a proper afternoon tea before. I made cakes and treats all the time for others and had never had the chance to go to afternoon tea myself at a fancy hotel. With one of my close friends I had the chance to and had a great time! I remeber the day well as I got to meet her new puppy afterwards too!

Looking back at both the good and the bad has made me think about 2013, what it could bring and the dreaded New Years Resolutions we all come to make and usually never achieve! New Year is nearly here now. Along with the lists I'm going to make, the bucket list, things to do before I'm 30...theres the New Years Resolution list, the things I would love to achieve next year, things I'll set my mind to! There will bw alot of thought into what I'd like to do, people usually just go for the standard, they promise to quit smoking (until the next night out when everyone around them is smoking and they think 'what the hell'), promise to loose weight (until that next night out when cheesy chips and kebab sound like heaven)! Boring and never actually achieved! Like I said is a previous post, I am looking forward to 2013, I have so much planned already I am looking forward to, it's time to make some changes and make some dreams come true!

Stay tuned for my list! I'm keen to hear yours!

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