Friday 28 December 2012

Burlesque Shows!

At the end of November I went to two local burlesque shows, one at 100 Watt Club in Aldershot and one at the Anvil in Basingstoke. They were both fantastic and wanted to share my experience with you all.

The 100 Watt Club

Booked tickets to go along to support a friend who was performing that night. It was a fantastic night out, some reall great and well known acts, cheap tickets and local which is always great to find a local show outside of London. My other half got picked on by one of the acts and ended up on stage which was very funny. I ended up on stage too! I got pulled up as an entry for their 'Best Dressed' competition...and won!! This has genuinely been a highlight of my year as I've never won anything like this!! Here's a pic of my winning outfit!

An Evening of Burlesque

We booked tickets for a friends birthday, the night after the 100 Watt Club. This was a much bigger production, a completely different type of show. Almost more targeted at a family audience. This was something everyone could enjoy and get involved with. All the different acts worked really well and you could appreciate each type for what they are. It's definitly more of a production than the smaller more intimate venues. It was really good how the cast came out to see the fans at the end of the night and sign autographs and take photos. Here is some of me with the cast!

I would recommend both shows to anyone, well worth it!! :)

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