Wednesday 26 April 2023

Interview With Artist Esther Jojart


I first came across Esther Jojart when I was searching for Outlander memorabilia. I found it such a rare find to see such amazing Outlander artwork I had to see more of her work! I then tracked down her Instagram to see more. I can tell you now, it doesn’t disappoint!

Esther Jojart is digital artist/illustrator from Hungary, Europe. Ever since childhood, drawing and crafting have been her favourite hobbies. Growing up in the 90’s she developed a great love for Walt Disney animation and classic fairy tales. The songs, colours and wonderful characters which were brought to life in those movies are still a major source on inspiration. Her artworks are based on current inspirations, stories, music, people. She loves colour and uses as much as possible. Her greatest passion is to illustrate movie scenes and giving actors a ‘storybook look’.

Esther is not a full-time artist; her main occupation is a corporate lawyer. Esther opened her Etsy shop in 2020 selling collectable art prints, decorated bookmarks, greeting cards, stickers, and pins.

How long have you been an artist and how did it come about?

Ever since I was a child, drawing has been my favorite thing to do. It is my escape world, where I can express myself the most and it is giving me great joy. During my teenage years I started painting with watercolors as a hobby and a bit later I tried acrylic paints, that is when I started creating my first big canvas paintings. Unfortunately, throughout the years I developed an allergy against paint, which led me to discover digital art. I opened my Etsy shop in 2020 to share my art with the world.

What do you like to do outside of creating beautiful art?

I guess I could say that I am a big movie lover. I get a lot of inspiration from different movies and series.

I love traveling to my favorite places, like Scotland and Austria. Also, I have a new-born now, and caring about her is the greatest joy. 

What are your most popular pieces? 

It was the Outlander fanart which really started it all for me. Posting my first illustration on social media has led many lovely people to my page. My Outlander art prints, cards and bookmarks are my most popular pieces always.

What are your personal favourite pieces and why?

This is a tricky one, because all my illustrations were inspired by something else which was special to me. 

I would say the 'Sassenach Kiss' is one of them, because it was inspired by Klimt's painting after I visited Vienna. Another one is the 'Through the stones' illustration, which I was drawing while being in Scotland. So, two wonderful trips resulted in my two most favorite illustrations :)

What style of art do you like to do the most?

I still miss to paint with real paints, but digital art has opened so many doors for me regarding art styles. That is the fun about it, I can experiment with different styles each day. What I really love to do is illustrating live characters in storybook style.

What variety of artwork have you drawn?

Digital illustrations which are inspired by movies, books, and music.

You’re inspired heavily by Disney characters, what is your favourite Disney film and who are your favourite characters?

My favorite Disney films are The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules. Both movies are full of unique characters which inspire me in different ways. The beautiful ladies like Esmeralda and Megara, Hercules and Quasimodo who have golden hearts and the villains which are complex and exciting. I also love the classic princesses and their princes as well.

You have created a lot of Outlander artwork. Tell us about your love affair with Outlander…

Where do I begin with Outlander… The funny thing is that a few years ago I visited Scotland for the first time in my life. I always wanted to go, and it was love at first sight when I got there. I didn’t know Outlander at this time, just saw some merchandise in the Scottish gift shops. Shortly after we got home, the series popped up for me on tv and we started watching it with my husband. From this moment on we were both hooked. We couldn’t stop watching it and I fell totally in love with the whole story, music, and characters. Of course, Jamie Fraser is an absolute dream man for many of us, but this is not the only thing for me, it’s so much more… I fell in love with the colors, the beautiful landscapes, the whole Scottish feeling… to this day my love is going strong, I think of Outlander every single day and it’s my favorite thing to draw. Last year I went back to Scotland- this time with a complete other view. I have visited a few movie locations and it was a wonderful experience.

Which characters do you love the most and why?

I guess I don’t have to explain Jamie, he is number one for endless reasons. Claire is so magnificent as well; I love her storytelling and character development. Dougal was also a favorite of mine in season 1, such a dominant, yet charming character.

What are your other favourite fandoms?

Disney for sure! The classic movies were my number one inspiration as a child and they follow me to this day.

I love Downton Abbey too.

What other artists do you admire?

I love Marc Chagall and his dream world but also many impressionist painters. And of course, I am following many wonderful artists on Instagram.

What other advice would you give to budding artists out there?

I would advise to always draw what you feel like, never let anyone tell you what to draw. Also, patience is key. You will get there, and the road is so exciting.

Do you take commissions at all?

I do take commissions. I’m open to new projects. You can always contact me via Instagram or through my Etsy shop.

What artwork do you have in the pipeline??

Now that I have a new-born baby, I have a little less time for illustrating. However, I’m curious what the future holds for me.

How can people purchase your work?

I have an Etsy shop but people can also reach out via private message if they are interested in purchasing my art.

Will you be attending any events/conventions at all?

Would love to, but where I am living in Europe, there are no such things. Sadly, all I have are the online platforms for now.

Thank you so much to Esther for her time with this interview. Make sure you check out Esther's website and Instagram see more of her work and shop her Etsy page here!

All images are provided by Esther Jojart

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