Monday 4 April 2016

Interview with Model and Columnist Belle Presley

Photo: V's Anchor Studio
Dress: Glamour Ghoul (without peplum) Pinup Girl Clothing
Roller-skates: V's amazing prop room
As you all know some fabulous models have featured on this blog. I myself have embarked upon a modelling journey which was rudely interrupted by the baby growing inside me! I plan to continue this journey this year. I myself fall in to what is widely known as ‘plus size modelling’. I have recently come across a plus size model who I think is fabulous and want to introduce you to.

Belle Presley is a plus sized model, and writer from the UK. Belle, popped up on the pinup scene late 2015, since then she has amassed and incredible amount of fans. Belle also writes for Delicious Dolls Magazine and has a regular feature with them. In this interview she gives us an insight into her professional and personal life. Keep reading and you will come across 3 photos that are exclusive unseen photos of Belle from her shoot with V's Anchor Studio.

MUAH: Sarah Elliott Mua
Photo: MyBoudoir - Make-Over Boudoir Photography
MUA Sarah Elliott
 My Boudoir - Make-Over Boudoir Photography
How did you come into modelling? 

I was feeling a bit low, and a friend bought me a shoot with MyBoudoir to boost my confidence.
Nicola from MyBoudoir, put the images on her Facebook and they were some of her most ‘liked’. Nicola encouraged me to start my own Facebook page, and within 2 months I had hit 20,000 likes.

Tell us about your portfolio to date…

Mostly Boudoir, and Pin Up. I’ve done some beauty shots, and some darker gothic style images too.

Where will we have seen your photos published?

What is your favourite type of photoshoot to do?

Something that is a proper collaboration, and merging of ideas.

Photo: My Boudoir - Make-Over Boudoir Photography
What preparation do you do before a shoot?

I am ashamed to say I am very low maintenance, apart from getting my roots touched up, there is nothing out of the ordinary I do.

You are being photographed a lot of the time. Looking after yourself must play a big part in your life. What are you favourite beauty products and why?

LoveShea a UK owned company, make the most amazing body scrubs.
Anastasia Dip Brow - good pigment and staying power
Lucas Papaw Ointment – this is amazing, I use it for my lips and any blemish that appears!
Suavecita Argan Silkening Serum – Great shine for my hair

Do you have a set beauty routine?

I cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day. Every third day I exfoliate
What is your biggest beauty tip?

Don’t go to bed with your make up on

Who is your beauty idol?
MUA: Zanett Make Up Artist
Photo: Dollhouse Photography

I love Mattie Roberts (a youtuber); she’s so fabulous, and fun.

What is your diet like?
December 26th I dropped meat, dairy,  and eggs from my diet.
I tend to stick to 3 meals a day with no snacks in between.

You’re well known for your hourglass shape. What’s your secret? Good genes/waist training/healthy lifestyle??

Big hips run in my family, and for a shoot I will often put on a corset or belt to emphasize my shape.

What are your must have pieces of make up?

Liquid eyeliner!

What is your favourite perfume?

This is so tough. I have a few for different seasons, right now  I am wearing Laura Mercier ‘Crème de Pistache’

Photo: V's Anchor Studio
What is your approach to fashion?

Wear what suits you and makes you feel good.

What advice would you give to any woman who wants to look glamorous?

Be different. Don’t be afraid of the stares in the street, it means you’re unique!

Where are you favourite places to shop?

Pin Up Girl Clothing!

Tell us about the column you write for Delicious Dolls Magazine

It’s called ‘A Few of My Favourite Things’ although because it’s an American magazine, they changed the spelling to ‘Favorite’

Every month I tell you about products I have been loving, events I’ve had fun at. It’s all just a bit of girlie talk really.

When you’re not modelling or writing what do you do for fun?

I’m so busy, that when I get down time I love to spend it at home. My favourite thing is to watch old movies, or go out with friends and eat yummy food.

Who are your biggest inspirations both personally and professionally and why?

My best friend, she’s so smart and motivated. We’ve known each other for 13 years and I am constantly in awe of all she continues to achieve.

What is coming up next for Belle Presley? 

Lots more shoots this summer!

I have also been sent some UNSEEN images of Belle Presley from her shoot with Veronika from V's Anchor Studio which are absolutely stunning! Here is an Appleton Pin Up Girl exclusive for you!

All 3 photos seen here first: V's Anchor Studio
I of course would like to thank Belle Presley for her time with this interview. For more on Belle you can find her on Facebook. Stay tuned for more in the near future.


Photo: Dollhouse Photography
MUAH: Zanett Make Up Artist

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