Sunday 18 January 2015

Bloody Mary Metal Blogger Event Winterspell Collection

Bloody Mary Metal
Christmas lights at
Carnaby Street
I want to tell you all about an amazing experience I had in December. Almost a month after the launch of the stunning collection Winterspell, I was invited to head up to London for Bloody Mary Metals first ever fashion blogger event, and one of their famous pop-up shops. It was my first ever blogger event I have attended and it was a truly magical evening.
BMM invited a select group of the UK’s top fashion bloggers together for an evening of drinks, jewellery and baubles which I was honored to be a part of. I took my friend Kristy along with me for support.
The event was held in Abandon Ship Apparel Store in Soho, London. The evening was themed around their Winterspell Collection.

Me and Lucy from BMM
We were greeted by Amy from BMM who I had been in contact with leading up to the event who instantly took our coats, put champagne in our hands, a goody bag on our arms and gave a wonderfully warm welcome. Lucy the creator of BMM personally introduced herself and it was a pleasure to meet and talk to during the evening.
My antler cupcake!
There were frosty cupcakes on a gorgeous tier provided by the Tattooed Bakers which were beautiful and delicious. Each had bespoke Winterspell items in icing on the top and I of course chose one with an antler on it! There were wonderful nibbles including macaroons and some gorgeous tasting and presented chocolate amongst other treats. Next to this beautiful display of cakes was the display of wonderful jewellery from the Winterspell Collection so we could all get up close with the pieces.
Cupcakes from
Tattooed Bakers
Amazing, blue, black and silver balloons littered the floor and ceiling and the soft lighting of fairy lights around the room looked enchanting. The Christmas tree in the corner of the room looked fantastic and as a very special touch we were asked to hunt on the tree for a bauble with our name written on as there was a special treat inside, a personalised stack ring! How amazing is that! It was a lovely touch and got you talking to people who were also looking for theirs and was a great bit of fun.
There was a nail bar so everyone could get their dream Christmas nails which of course I got involved in and even had BMM nail deigns. Lucy attacked everyone with BMM metallic tattoos which looked awesome and last a lot longer than you might think! I will certainly be rocking those on nights out! What I noticed first in the room was a banner which BMM had made, placing BMM’s iconic antlers centre stage which of course I had a photo in front of!
What I enjoyed about the night was getting to meet so many other bloggers who shared similar interests and a real passion for the brand. Also learning more detail about the brand and being able to see the products in person was great and gave me a lot more knowledge and appreciation for the brand overall.
Me,  Kate from Dead Things
by Kate and Kristy
My metallic tattoo
& bracelets
The collection is stunning and the jewellery is really well made. There are a lot of styles to suit everyone. Each collection tells a story and the variation if fantastic. A lot of passion and hard work has gone into creating the collection but not only that, the whole business. Lucy is a true inspiration and has come so far with Bloody Mary Metal. A small company in Cornwall is now a huge fashion name worn by people all over the world. A true testament to those who have a dream, work hard and succeed. The event was a real celebration of all her efforts surrounded by people who truly believe in her and the future of BMM. All the staff I came into contact with was so professional, helpful and lovely to work with. Lucy has every reason to be happy and proud of what she had achieved.
My BMM goodies and nails
After a fantastic evening we left the store filled with champers, cakes, a goody bag filled up with treats just in time for my birthday and a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts we went to Carnaby Street to fill up on pizza and gush about how amazing the experience was before the trek back home.
I have since the event worn the wonderful jewellery I was given on the night and it speaks for itself. Every time I wear it people want to know more, where I got it, where they can get it, who it’s made by etc. I get a lot of compliments, questions and interest every time. It really is a head turner and I can literally pair the jewellery with any outfit.
Myself and my friend Kristy had the most fantastic time. I am very thankful to BMM and Lucy for their wonderful gifts and putting on such a great night. I would like to thank, Lucy, Amy, BMM, Abandon Ship Apparel and all I met at the event and made such a wonderful night happen.
Check out the Winterspell Collection for yourself here and browse through all the wonderful pieces available on the website. I am very excited to see what comes next from BMM.
Appleton PUG Notebook
Kristy & Me 
Winterspell Collection

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