Sunday 12 October 2014

Pin Up Belles October Competition 
Welcome to Pin Up Belles, the monthly pin up girl competition from Appleton Pin Up Girl.

Each month the competition will be announced with any relevant theme and you can enter by following the instruction below.

Photo entries do not have to be professional photos at all.

Please send your photo entry (just one photo or if you send a couple only one will be chosen). Please send the below information along with the picture in the method written for your entry to be counted: 
Full name
A sentence or two about you
Please include the photo credit.

All entries will be posted on our Facebook page. I won’t judge the pictures by number of ‘likes’ each picture receives as that can be an unfair way for some people however the number of shares and likes will be a judging factor to know you have been promoting and getting support on social media so please get your friends involved. At the end of the month a winner will be chosen and that winner will have a write up done about them on the blog. There may be the odd prize to win too. At the end of the year I will do a write up of all our winners and check in with you all to receive an updated photo and write a piece to let the readers check in and see how great your looking!

Although October has started let’s try and get a competition going anyhow for the remainder of this month!

Its autumn and Halloween is coming. Get your pics to represent this month in to me by emailing as per above and let’s get the competition underway on our Facebook page. Myself and top model Romanie Smith will be judging the October competition and Romanie will also be offering a signed picture for the winner to go along with your feature on the blog! What are you waiting for?!

Our October Pin Up Belle will be announced at the beginning of November!

Get involved beauts and best of luck!


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