Monday 22 September 2014

Changing of the Seasons

I love all the different seasons, I can find something special in every one. Autumn is particularly special as it’s the beginning of the build up to Christmas when all the magic happens.

The 22nd September marks the beginning of a very special season and today is the day. I was looking out of the window at work recently on my break and I could see the tops of the trees and already the leaves are turning colour and falling. Once you notice the first tree, you notice more and more. I wanted to share with you some of the reasons I personally love autumn.

Leaves Falling
It’s the start of an awesome season. I love the colours changing beautifully before the fall to make for great scenery for romantic walks, pretty drives, children playing, that crispy feel underneath your feet. The pretty trees make everything so much more atmospheric.

For an old skool game or autumnal table decoration they are cool and you must get some over the season!

Even though the sun may not be as warm, sometimes cosy days in away from the rain can be welcomed. Not only but the crisp air, fog and misty morning and glorious sunshine make for the real autumnal feel.

Something simple as a change of shoe choice can make a big smile appear.

Cute Clothes
From cosy knitted jumpers, pyjamas, slippers, various patterned socks, gorgeous coats, scarves and hats, gloves, the autumn/winter wardrobe is awesome!!

Scary movies are all over the TV and stores this time of year due to Halloween but even if you’re not  ‘scary movie’ fan getting the old classics on like The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, Casper, The Craft all deserve a watch! Also just typical fall films such as When Harry Met Sally, You’ve got Mail are worth re visiting!

Who doesn’t love Halloween?! Dressing up, apple bobbing, trick or treat, sweets, children having fun, adults probably having more fun!! So why do I love Halloween?
  • Its voluntary - Ok, ok, so yes there’s kids banging on the door all night long and we’ve all at one time or another shut the curtains and turned off the lights to pretend were not in or purposely gone out to the cinema or somewhere all night just to avoid the trick or treaters. However the true spirit of Halloween even as an adult is to think of it as one of the best nights out of the year, a time when you can dress up and party with your mates.
  • You can throw a Halloween party with Halloween cakes, vodka jellies and more!
  • Decorate the house, change all the light bulbs to red ones and get a spooky sound track playing.
  • Pumpkin carving. 
  • Traditional kids games like apple bobbing and marshmallow bobbing make for great fun (bob for apples first in water then bob for marshmallows in a bowl of icing sugar and your come out looking like a powdery ghost!) 

It’s the time of year that I wished I lived in America where the whole community really get into the spirit!

Bonfire Night
After Halloween its bonfire night just around the corner. Fireworks  have already been going off night after night and no doubt will do all month. I love the feel of the fresh crisp air, the smell of fireworks lingering in the air, funfair lights, creamy hot chocolate whilst watching the sky light up, mulled wine, sparklers, the pretty colours!

From bonfires to chimeneas nothing beats sitting around the fire toasting marshmallows!

Keeping Warm Part 1
This is the time of year when you shopping list gains the addition of various hot chocolates, from creamy chocolate, Horlicks, white hot chocolate, the low fat versions when it starts becoming more of a regular habit, the whipped cream and marshmallows for when it becomes a treat. If not chocolate isn’t your thing, pumpkin spiced lattes, extra cups of coffee, warm cocktails, hot apple cider all creep in this time of year.

Keeping Warm Part 2
Onsies, duverts, slankets, slippers, hot water bottles all start making an appearance over the course of the season!

Comfort Food
Hot soups, stews, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, ginger cookies, apple crumble/pie….say no more!

Staying In Is the New Going Out
It’s the season when Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor and all the new TV series kick in, candle lit baths, cuddling under the duvet, baking and experimental cooking kicks in!

So we have already had a sweet fest with Halloween, but there are other autumn treats such as toffee apples and chocolate covered apples with sprinkles on top that means you know its autumn!

Thanks Giving
I’m British (with American family) and although not American myself what’s wrong with being thankful for what you have and getting together with those you love??

OK….we have focused on the good…so there must be some things I don’t like about autumn. Well I’ve had a think and the list is considerably small but here goes:

Things I don’t like about autumn:

Say no more…

All for a good cause but really…a whole month with that tash…

These are just a few of my own reasons why autumn is great. Embrace what this season has to offer as before you know it…its Christmas!!


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