Tuesday 25 February 2014

Review of RED Burlesque Lipsticks

Wearing Calamity Chang RED Burlesque lipstick and turban from By Frankii
Recently I shared my interview with RED Burlesque CEO Adam Coutts. By speaking with him I got to learn about the brand and more about the man behind the lipsticks!

The RED Burlesque shade team picked out 2 colours for me to try and I eagerly waited for the postman to deliver. As luck would have it on the day of my second burlesque show they arrived! I opened the pack to find Ruby Joule and Calamity Chang to try. They looked absolutely wonderful in the tube.

Now these are both shades of red I wouldn’t have ever selected for myself which I found interesting. I tend to go for very dark matte reds with a strong blue tone. 

Here are my thoughts on the 2 shades I have recently tried:

Calamity Chang

Wearing By Frankii Turban 
I decided to wear the shade Calamity Chang shade out to the show I was producing for the first time. After all, where better than to put a RED Burlesque lipstick into action than at a burlesque show?!

The colour is a vibrant red berry high gloss shade. This lipstick glided on smoothly and felt creamy and moisturising. This was not a matte shade and there was no drying out of the lips at all. I wondered how it would last as I have found myself that matte shades are usually longer lasting. I was pleasantly surprised that the colour pigment was very rich and the colour lasted on my lips. Not being used to this type of lipstick I spent the night whenever I could catch a second to have a look to ensure the lipstick wasn’t coming off and needed topping up as I thought I would need to a lot more often with it being more moisturising but no, the colour held strong!

The one thing I feel is that it needs a lip liner, but I feel this about all lipsticks! As I have quite full lips I always like to draw the outside edge on to help enhance the shape, but the lipstick didn’t bleed out at all.
Overall I loved the feel of this lipstick, it’s a new colour for me I wouldn’t usually pick but love and received lots of comments on the night about the shade and how it looked.

Ruby Joule

The weekend after my show I went to a local vintage fair and decided this would be a great time to wear a classic red lip. I wore Ruby Joule for the first time. The lipstick was matte, very different feel to the last shade I wore. Being matte it’s more difficult to put on as it doesn’t have the glide moisturising ones do. Again the colour was vibrant and stayed very well. I didn’t need to top it out at all during the day, even after food and drink. You can tell that even though it’s a matte lipstick like I am used to it doesn’t dry the lips out in the same way as others have. It moisturising enough to not feel dry and like your lips may crack.

For me personally I love a brand that is cruelty free, 100% allergy tested, fragrance free and enriched with vitamin E to moisturise your lips. The shades had great colour pigment, great staying power and the colours were bold and lovely to wear.

A friend recently asked my opinion on what RED Burlesque shades I would recommend for her, I gave her my thoughts. She also asked the shade team and funnily enough they came back with the exact same choices as me! It’s great to have a team of people you can ask for advice and it made me feel happy that we were totally on the same wave length with colour choices.

I am intrigued what their lip liners are like and have my eye on many other shades including LouLou D’vil, Betsy Rose, Banbury Cross, Kitten Deville…in fact most of them!

The lipsticks are priced at $30 each, to find yours click here

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