Wednesday 1 January 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014!

Well it’s here, 2014!! Happy New Year!

How did you spend the New Year? Was yours the disappointment people always dread? Did you party the night away or watch the festivities from the comfort of your sofa on the TV?

Personally my New Year’s Eve was spent at home on my own. This year I pampered myself, chilled out, bath, face mask, painted my nails and watched TV curled up on my sofa before climbing in to my big empty bed with my new pillows and duvet and fresh clean sheets! Sounds a little sad, old and lonely but for me…this was fine!

It was nice to have a very chilled New Years. I knew the next day would be a busy one taking down the Christmas decorations, spring clean to get things back in order.

Last year I made a long list of resolutions which is very cliché and of course some went astray!

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2013:

Have my dream trip to New York
I didn’t make it to New York unfortunately…however there is always next year!

Get my kitchen finished ready to officially launch Appleton Bakery
Not completely sorted…its half way. New cupboard and work top fitted, tiling, new appliances and cooker all cleaned etc. I have another cupboard to have fitted and decorating and then good to go! This will easily be accomplished in 2014!

Loose weight (it had to be in the list – I made a start last year and now festive season is officially over I need to get back on track and get the body I want for summer!)
Well this didn’t happen! Seems to be the standard one everyone makes that not a lot of people stick to! For me I think I’ve put weight on rather than loose….but again…always next year to MAKE this happen!

Get healthy – more of an active lifestyle
Again links with the above!

Read all the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Twilight Saga books finally!
Ok so again, this one is incomplete! I’ve read the first 2 Harry Potter books and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I am pleased I’ve managed to read 3 books though! Next year isn’t about an exact number, it’s just finding the time to read more (books not the ten tonne of magazines I get through!) Just finding peace and quiet where I can get lost in a book for a while.

Have a photo shoot done
This hasn’t happened! Who knows if/when it may! But it’s an option should I wish to do it at some point in the future!

Leave the country as many times as possible
I managed to escape once – to Dublin in December! It was a great trip just before Christmas returning on Christmas Eve. One I would recommend to anyone!

Have my first ever girls holiday
This didn’t happen…the closest was a trip to Essex with a girl friend of mine! A lot can be said for a break away with a girly mate though! Sometimes no boys allowed!

Do more with my friends/family and make to most of my time off outside of work! I know this one will be hard to measure but I think it’s very important to do more fun things as often as possible!
This has happened. I have seen more of my family and friends and make a lot of new friends this year. I can always work on trying to find more time for people, it’s hard to balance everything but done a better job this year.

Keep a job…ha ha! Would be nice to have some luck in the job department this year!
I am currently employed full time! Hurrah! 

The interesting part is looking back and seeing what you actually do from the list! Not a lot I’ve learnt! So this year rather than making resolutions that go untouched I am more so making goals I want to achieve in my life, whether they happen today, tomorrow, next year or the year after it doesn’t matter. As long as I am working towards the things I personally want to achieve that’s all that matters. 

In reflection 2013 has been an interesting year. In terms of my blog, pretty darn fantastic! I never thought writing the post this time last year I would end up interviewing some of the biggest burlesque performers, models, and fashion designers in the business. I’ve met some wonderful business owners and great pin up enthusiasts. My blog has reached heights of 51k views and I have managed to start a burly sale group and a production arm called ‘Appleton Productions’ and put on my first show which was a success. I have done many interviews, reviews etc and have plans to expand my remit. I am proud to be at least from what I am aware the first website to focus on baking (Appleton Bakery my cupcake company) and to bring cupcakes and burlesque together. I going to be bringing more fashion based posts, continue to introduce more fantastic company showcases, hair and make-up, tutorials and more.

I have also worked with ‘This is Cabaret’ to produce some interesting posts (which can be viewed again here) and had a double page interview in Burlesque Bible Magazine and online for them with my first recorded live interview. 

As you all may be aware, I have also this year made some great friends through Pin Up Girl Clothing's social website called Pin Up Girl Style. I started the group on the site called PUG Pals which has become very active. The purpose is to connect in a more old fashioned way than online, to post things to one another! This can be letters, cards, presents, gifts, care packages, whatever you feel! I have sent packages around the globe and received some awesome things through the post. Its really helped people connect and become better friends, make new ones etc. I have made some great friends here and via the meet and greet i put together in the UK. I a still hoping to set up a US meet and greet to attend. Unfortunately I was unable to make it over in 2013 to LA due to finances but fingers crossed for 2014!

Personally career wise things have been a struggle and I haven’t managed to achieve travel goals etc due to this mainly. However I am keeping things ‘glass half full’ as I am here, healthy, happy and determined to make things happen moving forward!

As mentioned, I am not doing resolutions this year as they can get broken as you never know what may happen however I will be continually setting life goals to achieve at some point. And perhaps in the future I'll put together a list of things to do before I am 30....some other more specific goals over the next few years!


Travel…no matter where to or who with I want to see more of the world!

Healthy lifestyle – not just a diet or quick fix, but long term healthy eating, exercise in my routine and for good!

Continue to build of my website and cakes and see where it takes me!

Live for now. Have as many experiences as possible, do more, see more, meet more people and make new friends!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Would love to hear what you aim to achieve!

So that’s it people, 2013 over and done with and on to 2014. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for the last time and move forward with January and see what this year brings!


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