Friday 12 July 2013

Burlesque Queen Immodesty Blaize Returns To The UK Next Month

Wondering why the posts have been a little slow lately?! Well as you can see, I have been a busy bee! You may have seen my interview with Immodesty Blaize over the last few weeks for This is Cabaret, if you haven’t, click here to check it out! In addition to that interview Immodesty talks to me about Brighton, beauty, fashion and her new show Strictly Burlesque. The only place for all the goss!
I hope you enjoy they carefully selected beautiful photos, the interview...and keep ready for the chance to enter my first ever Appleton Pin Up Girl Competition!

In 2007, British performer Immodesty Blaize was crowned Reigning Queen of Burlesque in June 2007 at the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame, a position seen by many in the industry as the pinnacle of the profession. Since then, she has signed to EMI, produced an internationally-screened documentary and danced across stages in Europe, North America and the Far East. She has debated at the Oxford Union, stripped on prime time TV for Paul O’Grady and written a pair of novels called Ambition and Tease.

On August 2nd Blaize makes her long-awaited return to the UK at the Brighton Emporium. I spoke to her as she prepared for the show.

How did the name Immodesty Blaize come about?

Just a chance comment, the name stuck. If I'd known I would end up having a career in burlesque I think I'd have chosen a shorter easier name.
You have performed in a huge amount of places. Do you still get nervous about going on stage?
After 15 years there's definitely no stage fright, but it's important to have some kind of nervous anticipation as it means you care about the performance. It also gives you the adrenalin to give a great performance and to enjoy it to the full. So the day I have no butterflies I'll have lost the passion so I'll put away the pasties.
Who is your favourite burlesque performer to watch?

I enjoy lots of acts for various reasons 
Your recent injury has meant you had to cancel your tour as you have been unable to perform for 4 months. All your fans have eagerly been awaiting your return. You will be doing your first UK performance since the injury in Brighton this July, tell us a little about this show?

I was asked to headline the ICONS at The Emporium show this year to coincide with Brighton Pride Arts Festival, and I was delighted to accept as I love Brighton, and Pride is something I've always supported - I headlined the London Pride closing party at Astoria in 2005 with the cast of my West End show including our MC, Murray Hill from New York. It was an amazing night, my horse was winched into the building as people queued round the block -  the crowd screamed the house down, the front row were throwing fresh roses and E's at my dance troupe and my pasties nearly slipped off from the heat, the atmosphere was unbelievable. This event for Brighton is a little different as the venue is a bijou renovated theatre. They are planning a very champagne-chic experience for the guests and I am told it's an extremely camp venue. So I'll be filling the stage with something suitably camp too including a number that I've never performed in UK.
What did you do to earn a living before you started burlesque?
I worked in film, producing and directing
What do you like to do with your time off from Immodesty Blaize?
Until I can master astral projection I'm stuck with being me every day!  
You are on stage and being photographed a lot of the time. Looking after yourself must play a big part in your life. What are you favourite beauty products and why?

I use REN Skincare, it's the most natural skin care system I have found. I think it's important to have natural products on our skin underneath all that unnatural and chemical makeup. I also like to smear a little caviar or virgin coconut oil on my face from time to time

Do you have a set beauty routine?

I use the REN skincare system, I also do Eva Fraser's facial workout if I have a spare 5 minutes and no-one is watching! 

Who is your beauty idol?

Sophia Loren

On that note how to you keep yourself in shape for your performances?

I love to sweat it out with a run by the sea when I'm in Monaco, but when I'm in London I do more resistance and flexibility work. Running is not good for my knee so I limit myself, much as I love it. 

What is your diet like? 

I love my food, food is sexy and sensual, and I love putting delicious clean food in my body. I eat organic meat, fish and lots of vegetables, herbs and spices, and natural fats. No wheat, cereal, rice, corn or grains, no milk, no Franken-foods or soy products or hydrogenated oils, and very little sugar except occasionally fruit or sometimes some bitter chocolate or some champagne. I fast one day per week, after having eaten a ketogenic diet.

What are your must have pieces of make up? 

Liner for my cat eyes, Guerlain liquid liner or Shu Uemera gel liner are good. Mac eyebrow pencil. Nars contouring powder to highlight my sharp cheekbones. I can survive with those.  It's all about the eyes for me. I had enough abuse as a small child for having cat-eyes and looking foreign that I'm darn well going to make them work for me now!

Your hair always has such body and style. Do you style your own hair yourself?
Yes I do my own, though I have a great hairstylist who I love to use for any major shoots.

Your hair colour has changed drastically over the years. Is there a particular colour that feels you or do prefer being able to change things up? 

I say if you can pull off more than one look then why not try a few? Life is short, have fun!  I'm a natural dark brunette so that will always be the real me, I imagine I'll stay this colour now for good. I've tried pretty much every other colour; I had great fun as a blonde but roots are such hard work, I'm enjoying my natural hair now.

Do you have any hair tips to share to get your glamorous look? 

I use Bumble and Bumble thickening spray or Tigi Superstar Bedhead on towel dry hair. I then pincurl using a hot rod/tong, followed by generous backcomb at the crown after combing out the curls. I set with Elnett full strength.  I recommend good quality hair masks and treatments from time to time to counteract dry hair from the products, and leave in conditioner or serum is worth using where possible. I also recommend a good quality vitamin supplement, and a good daily diet. Bad diet will show up in your hair straight away.

Everyone no matter what shape or size wants to feel confident and happy about themselves. What advice would you have to feel glamorous and boost your own confidence?  

Beauty starts from within. Respect your body, have gratitude for all the amazing things your body does. It wasn't until I injured my knee that I realised how much I took my mobility for granted. We are all amazing and unique, celebrate how unique and special you really are. There are so many beautiful and extraordinary people in the world, and their beauty does not diminish yours. Confidence comes from accepting who you are, and from being yourself.

What is your favourite perfume? 

Depending on my mood, Chanel No 5, Robert Piguet Visa, and Serge Lutyen's Datura Noir

What is your approach to fashion?

I dress for my body shape and my mood.

Who are your favourite designers and why?

I like archive Yves Saint Laurent and Mugler because the cuts are great on my body, I'm a real vintage YSL girl.  I’m also crazy on Dolce Gabbana because I can't get enough of the Italian chic.  I also love Stephen Jones and Noel Stewart millinery, as hats are a passion for me.

Is it true you used to wear corsets when you were in school? 

I used to wear basques and corselets or cinchers, not full boned corsets as that would be tricky to sit in for 8 hours in lessons! The girls in the changing room would squeal 'she's wearing a corset', with the emphasis on the word 'corrrrr-set' as though it was a really granny-ish uncool thing to wear. I imagine they've probably changed their view by now.

What advice would you give to any woman who wants to look glamorous?

Glamour is a whole presence; it’s a natural attractiveness so feeling good inside is a good place to start. Then tip to toe grooming and a tip to toe look, with attention to accessories, nails, and scent. It's not about money, no amount of that can buy style - just let your natural style come through and dress for your personality as that's when you look most confident. If there's a beauty icon that you like, there's no harm in taking some tips from their style too.

Which staple items of clothing should a woman always have in her wardrobe?

I always think accessories are key - you can ruin a good dress with bad shoes or jewellery but if your shoes, purse and accessories are great, you can easily get away with the simplest of dresses. 

Where are you favourite places to shop, both for burlesque goodies and for yourself?

I travel a lot, so I love to scoop up something from whatever city I'm in as a keepsake. So I always look out for good flea markets. When in London Selfridges is convenient as it's my corner shop, and I can get my show stockings in Wolford and stock up in Agent Provocateur in one go. I also love finding good farmers markets for amazing fresh foods.

What are your biggest inspirations and why?
I’m an art geek, so all kinds of art, cinema, music, literature, travel, all the rich textures of culture… sometimes the oddest things will spark an idea. I love exploring and travelling. There’s a world of raw material out there to make something fabulous and unique

What advice would you give to a girl (or guy) reading this interested in getting into this industry?

 Have commitment, be unique, authenticity shines through. Be prepared to work hard for a long time, and remember to have fun. Also know there’s a difference between the scene and the industry. 
Do you have any other UK shows planned?
Yes, in fact straight after Brighton I am headlining "Strictly Burlesque" the fantastic new show directed by Alan Blackburn.  I am very excited to work with his team, and to perform a few new things I've not done in ticketed shows in UK before. The talent on stage is immense, and one of their specialty acts guest stars a TOWIE cast member! Yes, you heard right, Harry Derbridge is an accomplished tap dancer! Who knew! I'm a big fan of the tap tradition; I had Steve Clark of the World Famous Clark Brothers in my first Tease Show. I feel sometimes it's a dying art so I'm looking forward to seeing Harry's number live on stage. It's quite an extravaganza that the team is working on; a feather filled camp-fest, and I think everyone knows how much I like extravaganzas. I'll certainly be ramping up the voltage for my numbers, I can't wait. This will be for 3 nights only; tickets can be bought here  
What else is coming up for you?
I have back to back projects, pop videos, shows and more, so for all the updates, follow me on, or subscribe to my mailing list at  

I would like to thank Immodesty for her time with this fabulous interview.
Photos provided by Immodesty Blaize. 



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Also appearing in Strictly Burlesque is special guest star Harry Derbidge from the hugely popular ITV hit series “The Only Way Is Essex”…aka TOWIE!

Prepare for an evening of fun, laughs…and plenty of teasing!!

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