Sunday 9 June 2013

Sponge Hair Rollers

This weekend I had a hair tutorial with a friend. Usually if I want my hair to look in a pin-up style I curl with it my GHD’s and brush it out into place. I have tried the ‘Sleep in Rollers’ that all the celebs use however 2 packs used and still not enough to cover my head! Also they are really uncomfortable to sleep in, didn’t not sleep all night! Being Velcro they were horrible to get out with no real results for my, just a very slight bit of volume! Of course I was disappointed. I haven’t tried many pin up styles on my hair and as I didn’t know where to start my friend helped me in the right direction my teaching me a way of doing my hair in rollers.
My hair was freshly washed and dry. I used diluted Bristows hair setting lotion mixed with water in a spray bottle. Each section my friend took was of medium size, not too large but not too small. The ones at the very top and sides can be lightly small than the back for a tighter curl if wanted. Each section was sprayed down until slightly damp with the lotion mix. Usually you would wash your hair, half dry it until damp, comb the setting lotion product through  and then spray each section a little more for extra hold. I used small sponge rollers from Boots at £1.79 per pack. There are 5 in a pack and I bought 30. All 30 were used and as a backup I will probably buy another x2 packs. They should last a long time though so not bad value at all. At the end you will need a scarf to hold them in place, preferably a square silk scarf or bandana. Something that won’t make the hair frizz when it is removed.
You do have to think about what direction you are rolling in and this is the way the curl will form, but you don’t necessarily need a strict neat pattern. We made sure the hair was neatly in the roller flat, ends were smooth and each section was smooth. I used my large Velcro Fringe Roller as this does work well. You don’t really need to sleep in it as the fringe dries quickly and works easily so you can do this is the morning or during the day, sleep without it and put back for a bit in the morning. Once all in place you can make sure they are all damp and product used. Then simply put the head scarf in place. The real test is seeing the results.
Here is a photo of my once all in place!

Later in the evening I had to go to a friend’s house for her birthday. There was going to be quite a few people there so I decided to remove the huge fringe roller and rummaged my wardrobe and found a leopard print neck scarf, not quite big enough but it was quiet long so after a few wraps around it worked into a little turban. It was a little less noticeable than the green bigger one but still everyone was aware I was sitting in rollers but that’s just the price we pay for wanting awesome hair!
My friend had some old skool looking specs I tried on which made me look pretty comedy as you can see. 

The next morning I woke and everything was all in place, scarf still neat and no loose rollers. They were SO much more comfortable to sleep in than the other ones I tried. Not bad at all! I took all the rollers out starting from the bottom.
This is me as I took them out early morning! Excuse the lack of make up!

I started brushing with a wider brush and it went wild! HUGE HAIR! The product definitely worked as it took AGES to flatten the hair down. Great for your arms constant brushing like that! Eventually it started smoothing and I settled on the paddle brush to give the smoothest look. Once I was happy I put a bobby pin one side with a small flower, sprayed with shine spray and used a tiny bit of hair oil to smooth down any frizz/loose hairs. Then sprayed with Bristows Natural Hold Hairspray (which is the stuff my mum has always used and for some reason I love the smell!)

Here is the finished look! 

It stayed just like this all day and night; I was very impressed with the results. I can get a similar look with GHD’s but the hold isn’t as good at all. It does drop a lot with GHD’s and takes more maintenance during the course of the day, this was easy. I have the bug for it now and will certainly be trying again and watching other tutorials to see what other styles I can try.