Tuesday 5 March 2013

Appleton Bakery Update

There have been lots going on to tell you about over the last few weeks!

First of all an update on the kitchen, I have now had it tiled which of course caused mayhem for a few days but looks awesome now! Also I have had the oven professionally clean so all shiny and new again!
I have been doing lots of preparation for cupcakes for a leaving party that was this weekend. My friends Natalie and Stuart are moving to Canada and I was asked to provide the cupcakes. We went for vanilla sponge and vanilla butter cream and red cases. To decorate I used red sprinkles, handmade red glittery sugar paste maple leaves and rice paper flag and leaf decorations. Of course as always I used a lot of glitter too! I used my square 7 tier clear stand and red and white napkins. Also I handmade red and white maple leaf table decorations for the finishing touch. 75 little beauties in total and they all seem to go down well with everyone. It was the first event I had been to where I could sit back and watch people’s reactions, peoples lovely comments, people taking photos, trying to sneak a taste etc. The party went really well! I really enjoyed myself and was glad the cakes went well too.

As a party snack/table feature they had sweet trees...they looked awesome! They were a hit, bald by the end of the night! A great idea to get if you’re having a party, people can pick throughout the course of the night, they are something different, and very fitting in a room full of tree surgeons! I think I might give one a go to experiment! See if I can get it to work!

I also recently joined a women’s business networking group in London. I went to their meeting and had a great time. I got to share my business, get help and advice, and get ideas off one another! That support is what I really needed. To meet others looking to make a success of something, help and support each other, just others to talk to can be a great help!
I have plans for more kitchen changes and general business planning! Stay tuned for more Appleton Bakery news!

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