Friday 22 February 2013

Start Up Food Event


Yesterday I went to the Start Up Food Event in Kingston held by Start Up Britain. It’s an event designed for people who either have a new start up business or are looking to start up a new business. There were many speakers throughout the day. It was a really great event and it gave a chance for people like me that are interested in getting their business off the ground to talk to each other.
There was some real stand out speakers and one key topic was marketing and social media. It’s amazing what free websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, even blog’s like this one can do for a business. It’s all about keeping things interesting, regular and hitting the right audience. Word of mouth is the best kind of recommendation you can have…it works similar with social media, it’s how people communicate in this day and age.
I honestly believe you don’t need to pay heavily for advertising now; many of the hugely successful business’s I have heard from haven’t used any real expensive marketing. You don’t need to pay over the odds; it’s not about shouting about your business louder than the rest, it’s about doing something different! Standing out is key, being original, unique, true to your brand.
There was so much info during the day. Here are just a few bits of key info I took from the day:
·         Download the useful Evernote App for on the go
·         Have a detailed business plan/route map
·         Don’t ask for help, ask for advice
·        Support others in the business, your competition are not against you, work with them and help others as the door swings both ways
·         Network
·         Be different!
·         Be Yourself!
·         BE AWESOME!
It was a long day…super long tiring day but well worth it. I came away very positive that I am doing the right thing with my bakery business and ideas for the future. I have some hard work to do but I have a plan and more knowledge and I am determined to do this finally!
I am planning a BIG launch for me business once I have everything in place properly. Stay tuned for this as you won’t want to miss it! Appleton Bakery is coming!
If you are interested in starting up a business definitely take a look at the Start Up Britain website. There is a lot of information there and events to attend.

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