Saturday 16 February 2013

Beauty Favourites

I have recently been getting burlesque performer interviews together; I personally find it very interesting to learn how these fabulous ladies take care of themselves. It got me thinking about my own beauty routine. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite products and tips you may find useful.
These are some of my favourite products.

Cleanser – Garnier Fresh Essentials Gel Wash Normal/Combination Skin.
This is very light weight and easy to use. Cheap and cheerful. Now and again as a treat I might get myself Estee Lauder foaming cleanser also for normal/combination skin that really feels like its removed all dirt and leaves skin lovely and clean.
Exfoliator – Origins Modern Friction.
This is their microdermabrasion product. It smells lovely, used once or twice a week really gives a deeper clean. It also lasts forever as you only need a tiny amount.
Face Mask – Queen Helene The Orginal Mint Julep Masque
My cousin bought this over from America for me the last time she came to visit. This was a product I read about on Pin Up Girl Style website when I posted a thread about peoples favourite products. Thought I’d give it a go. It’s a standard type mud mask, real fresh smell of mint and leaves skin feeling great afterwards. It’s a cheap and cheerful product you can pick up at most drug stores out there. Kat Dennings (Max from 2 Broke Girls) also had a photo of this on her Instagram recently showing off her beauty must haves!
Body Butter – Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula
This is another staple product. I have really got into moisturising head to toe after baths or showers. I remember my mother always going through the routine every bath or shower and still does to this day, she gets through an insane amount of moisturiser! This product smells really nice and is another of Kat Dennings (Max from 2 Broke Girls) favourites.
Body Shop Body Butters
This is the tub on its side in the photo. I have been using this one a lot recently. The Spa Wisdom range but any of their butters are great, I have a few! Really moisturising and intense!
Lip Balm – Vaseline
Not just this product particularly – any good lip balm really! I think it’s important to look after your lips too! Something like Vaseline is good to stick on before bed to help over night or Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

Hair Care
I am very particular about looking after my hair. I like to change the colour regularly. I’m not really outrageous with the cut, it’s always very similar, sometimes longer or a bit shorter and I change the fringe up but that’s about it really. As I like to colour my hair regularly I think it’s important to look after it. I don’t blow dry and straighten or curl it too often to limit heat damage. I always use good products too, L’Oreal Professional Colour Vitamino Shampoo and Absolute Repair Hair Masque as a conditioner. Now and again I use a Coconut Oil Masque too. I also love Moroccan Oil – This product I put a few pumps into wet hair before combing through and drying. It helps to soften the hair, make it shiny and healthy looking.
I came across this product recently in an interview with Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter), she was raving about a hair brush called Tangle Teezer. I had never heard of it before, when I saw one in Shear Beauty I thought I’d give it a try. My hair can get really very knotty, especially when wet. I use a wide tooth comb to comb through my intensive conditioner, once rinsed it then can take a lot of combing before I can start blow drying it! I used the Tangle Teezer once I got out of the shower and WOW…it’s amazing! Just glided through my hair with ease! Really amazing! These aren’t well known, only really bought from word of mouth. It goes to show that info you can come across in interviews can prove really very useful and hints and tips from others should be considered. Without that I would never have found this brilliant new product! I’ve found you can also get these from Boots and Sally’s Hair and Beauty Supplies.
Some of my main tips:

§  ALWAYS take off make up before going to bed! Even if it’s just with face wipes (I use the Garnier Fresh Essentials ones to match the face wash). Nothing worse than waking up with a face full of old make-up and clogged pores!
§  Use a face mask once a week – whatever type you choose it’s good to refresh your skin weekly!
§  Moisturise skin well – face  and body
§  I regularly go to get my eyebrows tinted and waxed by a professional as they frame your face and really play a key part in 40s/50’s make-up styling.
§  Use sunscreen – every single day on my face regardless of weather and body in summer. Keep covered and out of the mid-day heat. There has been skin cancer a number of times in my family and I think it’s very important to look after yourself this way.
§  Keep nice nails – I regularly have pedicures and try to take care of my nails too.
§  Drink lots of water!
So here’s a little from me! I’ll keep you updated regularly with any new info I find and be sure to check out more interviews that are coming for further advice!

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